SIMREX X300C RC Drone Review

The SIMREX RC Drone X300C Model

Welcome to our review of the SIMREX RC Drone X300C with inbuilt camera. The world has taken off big time with drone’s, here’s one of the most beginner friendly drone’s available in the UK ath the moment.

SIMREX X300 RC Drone Information

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Who doesn’t love flying a drone? If you are looking for your first drone then the SIMRAX X300C is worth a look. It comes with an inbuilt camera and connects to the camera via your home wifi.

A folding RC drone with 2.4 Ghz radio equipment and at the time of writing, has over 4000 reviews at Amazon with 4 out of 5 being the overall score so very popular indeed.

You can control this drone using your mobile phone by downloading the manufacturer’s app which is available for both Apples iOS and Andriod.

As well as being able to fly in any direction, it can also perform a range of maneuverers and stunts which include a 360 degree flip on its axis, rolls as well as being able to flip in one of four directions. Adding to that, it also has a continuous roll which keeps going and going for a superb show.

What we found tricky when first flying drones was figuring out what direction the head was when not using the camera connected to a phone. With the SIMRAX foldable drone it has a Headless Security Mode.

This means when you can’t see the direction and get disorientated, the headless mode assists you in control so you don’t lose the direction.

To give a much stable flying experience, this comes with an inbuilt Gyrp which acts as a kind of autopilot, without it it would be much harder to control in the air. The Gyro works over 6 axis and as well as making it easier to control, it means it’s much safer to.

When in the air, the radio control range is between 30-45 meters so make sure you keep your drone within that distance so you don’t risk losing control. The battery requires an hours charge and total flying time is around 8-10 minutes.

This may not seem a long time especially when you are having fun but in time, battery technology will progress but for now this is a superb radio controlled drone to begin your flying journey.

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