Powerful ShengQI Petrol Remote Control Cars off Road

ShengQi 1/5 th Scale Petrol Radio Control Baja Buggy

This is the all new ShengQi Petrol RC Baja which is an awesome model with an impressive features list.

Petrol Remote Control Cars Off Road ShengQI Edition

It is a model with lots of power as a result of the DZY 23cc engine with the Japanese Waibro Carburettor and NGK Spark Plug. All together it gives it a top speed of 80

Petrol Remote Control Cars Off Road Hummer Info

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the parts as they superb. This model cannot be beaten on value for money by any other car. Many retailers will be asking for double our value.

When you first open the box you will be impressed with the size of the carbon shell which is
huge. These models have a glossy finish to the shell which looks impressive.

This model is petrol powered so unlike many of the other cars on the market which require fuel from hobby shops this one can be fuelled with petrol from your local petrol station.

It runs with a mix of petrol and 2 stroke oil which should be added. You will require 5 litres of petrol to 125ml of 2 stroke oil. The oil is normally found inside a petrol station.

This makes it easier and cheaper to run. If you look at similar 1:5 scale petrol RC Cars on today’s market you will fail to find one as competitively priced while still offering all you will need to run your buggy.

It comes with it all right down to the electronics battery pack and charger and the tools to maintain it. The radio equipment and servo are made in a Futaba factory so you can be sure they are of the standard you desire.

If you are after a top quality petrol RC buggy then this is the one for you. It is simply the best of packages which includes a very competitive price.

It comes with a hard aluminium chassis, helical toothed differential, centrifugal clutch, central gearbox, large fuel tank and over length oil filled shocks. This buggy has it all.

Required To Use
A mix of normal unleaded petrol and 2 stroke oil – Available from petrol stations
8 x AA Batteries

Fast Off Road Petrol RC Cars

If you want your remote control car to perform at its peak it is important to maintain it just as you would with a full sized car.

Maintaining your car in the correct way will protect your investment and ensure that your car will last longer. It does not matter if your RC vehicle is cheap or expensive, it pays dividends to take care and perform regular maintenance.

Let’s start with the basics, check your car for any damage on both the main structure and the tires, and also check that all the screws are tightened. Doing these little checks can save you a lot of hassle.

You should also ensure that all the wires are connected correctly especially where the batteries meet them. If your remote control car has adjustable shocks always adjust it according to the type of terrain your car will be driving on.

Remember that off road and pavement driving will need heavy tires, so it’s always a good idea to have a choice. If you find your tires have become loose take the time to ensure they are re-glued well.

The alignment of the motor and slipper gear should be correct as this will prevent excess wear occurring. This should be check on a regular basis. If you find that the motor and slipper gear are loose carefully tighten them.

Remote control cars main function is to provide fun and entertainment but remember if you have a specific type of car, for example an off road car then it will not work as well on carpet.

If you want to perform jumps with your car take them straight and at am appropriate speed otherwise you may end up with major damage. If your car crashes a lot expect to see a lot of wear and tear.

If you can smell burning coming from your car this means that the motor is being overworked and the electrical components are over heating resulting in damage to your car.

Ensure that the RC car driven by petrol or nitro, doesn’t get to wet as this may cause damage and corrosion of the electrical parts.

Make sure your batteries are discharged before recharging unless the
instructions state otherwise.

If you have a gas engine in your car take time to read the manufacturers
instructions on storage and maintenance.

After each use wipe your vehicle down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris, make a note of anything that is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Any broken parts should be replaced before you can use your car again. Using bad replacement parts can cause more damage so always get the parts that you want. Finally never leave the batteries in the car or controller when it is not in use.

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