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Top 3 Remote Control Truck Models at Nitrotek

Electric Bug Crusher RC Truck

The Bug Crusher is one of the best sellers in the remote control truck range at Nitrotek as an example. This is one powerful looking RC truck as you can see and comes with the very reliable 2.4Ghz radio equipment which has become a high standard in the RC model industry.

Considering on the speed and overall high quality of this radio controlled truck, the price is amazing and also it comes with a spare battery so all included in the price.

There are so many remote control cars on the market that have a much higher price but the Bug Crusher has shown so many racers you don’t need to pay through the nose to race a superb electric based truck especially one that comes with pro features as standard.

This is classed as a hobby racing Bug Crusher but with awesome features such as the aluminium drift shaft, waterproof electronics as no doubt you will be racing this through water and wet tracks at some point. Additionally you have the professional based oil filled shock absorbers so no spring shocks in this monster.

On top, you also have performance differentials and an aluminium radio tray but all together with a bodyshell that looks fantastic.

Driving the whole vehicle you have the high performance 540 motor combined with a 7.2V 1800mah Tamiya type battery pack. The power produced is excellent and great for any electric RC racer and already has experience from the electric RC racing hobby.

If you do wish to, this can be upgraded to a brushless motor with a brushless kit that Nitrotek have available, you can do this once purchased and not as part of the package. When upgrading to a brushless motor along with the ESC and a Li-po battery you have a significant amount of additional speed and power compared to the standard parts inside the RC Bug Crusher.

If you do chose to upgrade this rc truck then the brushless kit includes a high power brushless motor to replace the current 540, 1 brushless electronic speed controller (ESC), a 11.1v 220mah Lipo Battery and the charger to charge the battery.

Dimensions wise you have a 1/10th scale RC model that’s 40cm in length, 30cm in width and 16cm in height. The Electronic Speed controller does allow forward as well as reverse racing and both directions being full proportional controlled.

Blue Ice RC Monster Truck

We have talked about the most popular Bug Crusher RC Truck, here we have the magnificent looking Blue Ice Bug Crusher from Nitrotek along with a spare battery so a great deal.

You may already have a range of electric remote control trucks but here’s one to add to your collection to take your electric radio controlled racing to the next level. As you can tell by looking at the main page at Nitrotek which you can view HERE – you can see it’s a fantastic truck with a very affordable price.

This is a high specification monster truck with a range of professional features included as standard compare to lower spec standard models. The excellent looking Blue Ice bodyshell gives this a superb high speed feel even before you start racing. Even inside the cabin it has a replicate RC driver for that finished off look.

Even though this truck comes with a range of features built it, it’s still a highly customable vehicle but inside out of the box you have an aluminium centre drive shaft, electronics that have been given a waterproof cover such as the electronic speed controller, twin aluminium capped shock absorbers designed to take on the most varied and savage terrain.

The front and rear differentials, aluminium radio tray finish off one amazing RC Model that’s waiting to get going. All this is driven by a powerful 540 motor with a HSP ESC and 7.2v 2000mah battery. If you wish down the line, this can be upgraded from a brushed motor to a brushless motor and related battery for the extra power.

This can be accomplished by a brushless kit that can be purchased separately and will take the torque and acceleration to an even high level.

This is a 1/10th sized model with measurements coming in at 16cm in height, 30cm in width and a great 40cm in length

The Electric Beetle Radio Controlled Monster Truck

This awesome Beetle Truck at the time of writing with a free £14.99 battery so a great addition to get charged up when you are out and about racing this model.

This is based on the original bug crusher but now given the addition of this quirky bodyshell but still at a great price. As with the other models featured on this page, this is also a high spec RC model but add on top of that, still highly upgradable to.

If you have had a range of basic or beginner electric rc models before then this is a great option to advance in your radio controlled hobby. The Beetle Bug Crusher is classed as above entry level RCs and one superb hobby racing monster.

Its controlled by the ever popular 2.4Ghz radio equipment so you are able to race this in an open area without the interference of other hobbyists with their models.

As other Bug Crusher family members this also encompasses a centre aluminium drive shaft for balance, a waterproof range of electronics, twin aluminium capped shock absorbers which do a superb job in taking on the terrain compared to lower quality spring shocks.

Inside you have the very popular 540 motor along with the HSP manufactured speed controller all working together with the 7.2v 2000mah battery. These components and a little bit of work can also be upgraded with a brushless motor conversion kit that Nitrotek also have available.

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