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What Remote Control Cars are There?

Remote Control cars come in a variety of power which are electric RC cars, nitro and petrol powered vehicles.

When most people search for remote or radio controlled cars it’s more significant to be looking for what electric RC cars there are available. These can range from such lower prices but we recommend you look to spend around £30 on your first vehicle if you have not purchased before.

You can then upgrade to a more expensive electric RC model as time goes on from £100 to say £300-400 in price.

You then have the nitro varieties which are fuelled by nitro fuel and purchased from the same retailer or if you have a local model shop, very easy to pop along and grab some nitro fuel there.

Nitro remote control cars are extremely fast, very noisy and recommended for those who have some experience of electric RC racing and would like to expand their experience to the next level.

Finally we have petrol RC cars which run on unleaded fuel and 2 stroke oil, so the same fuel you would run your family car on, unless you of course have upgrade your family car to an electric vehicle in itself.
So at SimplyFun we are reviewing all ranges of RC vehicles with many pages covering many ranges.

Remote Control Cars Under £100


Starting below we have one of the low cost RC models being the ANTAPRCIS 4WD (Four Wheel Drive) RC Crawler.

As you can see even before we unboxed it Alfie was thrilled to get ready to race this RC crawler.
When you unbox this RC you actually get the impression its pretty good quality indeed considering it was under £30 at the time of writing.

It comes with 2 x internal battery for the vehicle itself but we found you need 2 x AA batteries for the controller which we were surprised about to be honest.

The battery compartment on the Crawley was easy to open but we found the compartment for the controller itself was a bit awkward we will leave a photo of it opened so you can see how the seal comes off and the controller batteries go in.

The battery for the RC Crawler itself came charges so even though we thought we may need to charge it, it has charge and Alfie was using it for a good hour before we packed the RC away for the day.

You will find the ON/OFF switch on the radio controller and also on the underside of the crawler itself.

You are then ready to get running, being a low cost radio controller crawler, the speed is not that fast at all but then again the battery may not be fully charged so will report once it has been given some AC juice for a while.


VATOS Remote Control Car 1/16th Scale and 4 Wheel Drive

The next Remote control car we have is up in the price range but still a model in the £50-100 price range. This has over 1000 reviews on Amazon and we love it to.

As we are rising in price now, you start to get to hear of the scale model size with this being a 1/16th scale model with a superb 36km/h speed which is equivalent to 22mph so pretty awesome for such a low price.

So here we have the VATOS RC Truck. What we found as a feature at first sight was the fact this is not just a 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) model but the fact that this is using the 2.4Ghz radio equipment you find on more expensive models such as PRO level RC Cars whereas this is classed as a Hobby level variety.

This RC Radio equipment allows you to control your new vehicle without other RC vehicles in the area being effected or their radio controllers effecting your fun and racing antics.

Advertises as a high speed model in caps on the Amazon page, it’s a little over marketed to us but hey ho so read on for our indepth review rather than being told what is what on their VATOS Buggy page.

The design has been thought out so be based around off road so using the 4WD system along with the suspension system for each wheel. The suspension on this uses springs with one suspension spring on each wheel whereas on higher spec models you can find them to have oil filled shock absorbers.

Areas of the RC Vehicle underneath has been looked at and given a level of waterproof protection so you can enjoy racing with the peace of mind it will be protected as best it can from water and puddles, dirt and dust.

As you can imagine this controls to this radio controlled truck allow you to go forward, reverse, left and right and due to the nature, you can perform stunts on skateboards and steps with some added in RC drifting.

As with the low cost range of RC models on this page these are electric so you will find the batteries in the model they can come charged but may need a full charge to get the full racing experience.

Depending on how new you are to the RC hobby scene, this maybe your first truck so if so, you will easily find how much fun radio controlled cars are so have a look at this and If you love racing, we have a great number of other remote control cars, buggies and trucks throughout Simplyfun for you to view in our RC reviews.

LUKAT 4WD Electric Radio Controlled RC Truck

Our first remote control car on this page is a lovely little RC but very slow overall so let’s move onto something with a little mph for your money and fun.

This is the LUKAT 4 wheel drive remote control Monster Truck that’s classed as toy grade and comes with the reliable and great range 2.4Ghz radio equipment. Aimed at both adults and children, this is a great truck as your beginner RC vehicle if you are looking to spend something in the range of £50-100 for your first racing fun.

This has a brushed motor with the engine model being RC390 and provides great acceleration and high speeds of 26kmh with is around 16 miles per hour. This is faster than the very first radio controlled car we reviewed so more speed thrills with this model than the ANTAPRCIS Crawler at the top of this page.

Due to its increase speed it gives awesome off-road acceleration and exhilaration fun for beginners. Being a 4×4 Truck this provides suspension on each wheel giving cushioning from mud, sane, dirt, dust, concrete, grass whatever is in this trucks way. Bring it on!

LUKAT have also give this trucks suspension shocks more travel for when there maybe collisions or a drive from a slight altitude.

A little more on the suspension, the strength of the shock absorbers is ideal with an anti-shock suspension system that works with great grip. The system has hollow rubber tire with shockproof gaskets so give this truck any terrain you wish and the absorbers will do their job to a high degree indeed.

With the 2.4Ghz radio, you have a radio controlled distance of 50 meters which when you are racing, is extremely sufficient and feels like the truck goes on forever before you may need to move towards it yourself to lower the distance under 50 feet and gain control of your RC vehicle.

The ESC which stands for electronic speed controller has protection on this toy grade controller with IPX4 water resistance, low battery cut off, over-current protection. Please do make sure the vehicle is kept to a good condition so not left wet and make sure it is cleaned after each use so give the likelihood of a long life for this great truck.

If you are a beginner then this is recommended, we had a look at what’s available and chose to buy and review this for you and it hasn’t disappointed us. As you can see we have a few under £100 but if you are going to move from being a beginner in the RC Car scene then scroll down for more RC Cars over £100 and upwards towards £100-200 in cost such as Nitro RC Cars to.

Remote control cars are such good fun, more videos and reviews to come but if you have a favourite, let us know and we can review it.

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