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The HSP On and Off Road RC Buggy

The HSP Electric Remote Control Buggy

HSP 1:12 Scale Electric RC Desert Buggy RTR – Brushless (

This quirky looking RC Buggy is driven by a brushless motor and a low cost entry into the RC hobby scene but still really fast indeed. If you are new to electric rc cars then the electric fuelled models are the way to go with this being a good option.

The size is 1:12 and comes from the company HSP which are a very well-known and respected RC Model manufacturer. There’s two colours available which are blue and yellow or black and yellow. There is a brushed version also available which has been popular but this brushless upgraded buggy is even faster.

To give it this speed it has a 3800kv brushless motor with the electronic speed controller being protected from water which pretty much means splash proof, not to be driven through deep puddles. You will find it you compete against friends with alternative RC models that this can actually be faster compared to those with higher price and larger radio controlled models.

As you can see from the design it has been finished off with its own replica driver and great for on and off road racing so a great little starter if you are looking for an introduction to RC racing.

The 1:12 scale size means it’s a good buggy for off road racing but you can carry it around with you if you wish to.

Its dimensions are 11.5cm in height and 34cm in length with strong countersunk screws which give a smooth finish rather than catching screw head finishes. As this is an entry level remote control buggy it as spring coil based suspension and not oil filled which still gives it a good foundation for the terrain you are going to race over.

As standard for many models now, this comes with a popular 2.4ghz radio equipment which allows yourselves and other models to race around in the same area without interfering with the different radio frequencies of the other models near you.

The tyres are soft and you can hear the air escape as you squeeze them. The front and rear suspension is soft, it takes a soft amount of pressure for the rear of the vehicle to touch the ground whereas the front suspension is harder.

The whole chassis is plastic including the wishbones, it will be interesting how much pressure the whole buggy can take when racing around and accidently crashes into something hard.

The bodyshell has 3 clips you take off which enables you to access the electronic speed controller, Ni-MH battery as well as the on off switch.

Fire Wolf Electric RC Buggy

Fire Wolf Brushless Electric Motor RC Buggy | Nitrotek

The next option is the slick looking Fire Wolf brushless electric Radio Controlled buggy that has immense speed. This amazing Fire Wolf buggy rans at over 40mph without any prerequisite configuration so unbox it and away it goes.

The speed is due to its brushless motor which are significantly faster than a brushed motor and runs on a high performance 11.1v Li-Polymer batter pack. This means the speed is excellent in comparison to a brushed motor and this RC model comes prebuilt to.

Due to the high power and speed this Fire Wolf gives off, the parts of this buggy are stronger than a standard electric RC buggy so very similar to the parts that would be used for a nitro remote controlled buggy. These include an aluminium chassis so no plastic here, a high torque service and again an aluminium drive shaft but also oil filled shock absorbers than are extra thick. The whole design uses a range of metal and plastics rather than just plastic which means If you did happen to crash into something, this buggy is more likely to survive rather than fall apart however bear in mind it’s not an indestructible model.

Again as with many high quality models from Nitrotek, this has a wide aluminium chassis but uses countersunk screws which give a smooth finish. This is a 1/16th scale design so quite small with dimensions being 10.8cm in height and 23.2cm in length.

Lastly this Fire Wolf has front and rear differentials which gives this buggy great handling especially as the suspension can be adjusted to your requirements in both the shock absorber angles being altered and the tension to.

All you need to get up and running with this 40mph model buggy are 8 x AA batteries for the controller and receiver. An amazing model and look out for our full review and video to come. Have amazing fun with this and see it wheelie away the first time you race this due to its immense speed of the lights.

The Trojan 1:16 RC Buggy Professional with Brushless and 4WD

Trojan 1:16 RC Racing Buggy 2.4G – PRO Brushless 4WD Version (

How amazing does this Trojan RC Buggy look? This is the professional version and comes with its 4 wheel drive system and brushless motor so exceedingly fast compared to lower spec brushed motors.

Using a brushless motor has major advantages, they use magnetics much more than a brushed motor. Brushed motors can wear out easily over time and can cause sparks, whereas a brushless motor uses a permanent magnet and controlled by the Electronic Speed Controller.

This in itself means a huge amount of speed and torque compared to a brushed motor so when used in a RC buggy such as the Trojan you get a very fast motor to race.

Inside this buggy the above is run by the 4450KV brushless motor and long with the 25A ESC and the 7.2 1500mAh NiMH battery which for this price is fantastic as to upgrade from brushed to brushless would cost you  much more than when included with this RC vehicle and overall, very fast indeed.

Additional features include aluminium oil filled shock absorbers as well as fully working differentials as well as a slipper clutch and advanced servo saver so a feature packed buggy. If you wish to do so, you will also be pleased to hear the push rods are adjustable as well as upgraded bulkheads but finally a steel pinion and spur gears. All this at a price that would push you might higher for your wallet from other RC manufactures.

As you can see, this is all finished off with a amazing looking body shell that comes pre painted with orange chrome rimmed wheels. You will need 8 x AA batteries to run the 2.4 Ghz radio equipment and once installed, you are ready to race this incredibly fast radio controlled model.

The HSP XSTR Electric Remote Control Buggy with Brushless Motor

HSP XSTR Electric Radio Controlled Buggy 2.4Ghz – Pro Brushless Ver. (

A fantastic looking buggy, the XSTR from HSP is a very popular model and has been for quite some time and continues to be without a doubt. This has a brushless motor which means its incredibly fast compared to a brush motor.

Brushed motors work on a more magnetic basis without the brushes which can cause sparks and in time to wear out compared to a brushless motor which rotate at a significantly faster speed the brushed versions.

This RC Buggy won the Auto Express Best Buy RC Car in 2016 and even though that was a few years ago, continues to be a best seller and fantastic fun to.

There is a standard version of this XSTR buggy but what you have here is the PRO version. This means it comes with a range of upgrades pre installed so you do not need to invest money and upgrade yourself. Included as standard are a FSD 3300KV brushless motor along with a Hobbywing 50A brushless Electronic Speed Controller and a Fullymax 7.4v 3500mAh Lipo battery and charger.

Very fast indeed the XSTR has a number of factors you can adjust on the PRO setup. This buggy comes with aluminium shock absorbers and not springs you would find in toy RC models, working differentials and aluminium parts compared to plastic in lower cost models. It also has an aluminium drift shaft, slipper clutch and an advanced servo saver

Out of the box this is ready to run once you installed the 8 x AA batteries for the 2.4Ghz radio receiver and controller and some extremely fast racing indeed to have.

The full dimensions of this awesome radio controlled buggy are 40cm in length and 16cm in height.

This is a 4 wheel drive buggy working in conjunction with its strong aluminium drift shaft with the servo and ESC being waterproof which really means splash proof so wet tracks are fine, deep puddles not so much.

The Electronics Speed Controller talks to the brushless motor and keeps it operating

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