RC Planes for Beginners in the UK

Time to get learn about the range of RC plane arena for beginners. I must admit until now, we haven’t had any experience of RC Planes in the UK so we are beginners hands down.

Here’s a range of RC Planes we will be purchasing, flying and testing over the coming months so by the time you read this we could have well grown in experience and found what fun flying a remote control plane of glider is like.

We will also look at the safety aspects as we are sure flying a radio control planned in public is something to take into consideration to avoid people both adults and children, animals and as important, phone and power lines.

So lets get learning about the RC Plane hobby

Sky King 3 Channel Radio Controlled Glider

This looks like a terrific model to get started flying an RC model, being aimed at beginners and a glider rather than a fully-fledged plane. It has a 740mm wingspan which we hear is great for giving it a stable flight.

It has a rear facing push motor and the propeller is folding which means if you were to fly into an obstacle and crash, it can take a little hammering before it would break, touch wood.

Inside the planes fuselage you have a gyro which assists in giving it excellent flight stability and makes it easier to control for beginners. As the gyro gives it stability it’s like having its own auto pilot which helps keeping the plane stable when in the air.

A much quieter hobby that remote control cars, flying a Sky King glider is a total thrill. In no time at all you will find this glider fly’s through the air in a smooth fashion, using the thermals to keep it from falling to the ground.

Inside the Sky King there is a 7.4v 300mah 25c Li-Po battery which provides sufficient power for this glider to rise up to a great height and when in flight gives approximately 15 minutes of flying time. To recharge the glider takes a minimum of 30 minutes with 40 being around the maximum.

This RC Glide has been well thought out with an intelligent system to hunt out possible lifts in the air to rise it further into the sky. Once it finds an appropriate lift for its weight, it produces a change in the flaps which produces an increase in height with no additional power from the battery required.

When you are on the ground, using the 2.4Ghz radio controller you have around 200meters of distance before running out of signal. Within range you have full 3 dimensional controls over this aircraft.

This 3D control gives you the ability to move the Sky King up and down, left and right, forward and a spiralling ability. If you wish, you can add a camera as the radio transmitter has the prebuilt function to link to the camera you may wish to add.

A very light glider at 100grams and made from an impact resistance EPO. All you need to get up and running when you receive this excellent Sky King RC Glider is 4 x AA batteries for the radio controller.

WL Toys F949 Remote Controlled Plane

Now are stepping up the mark in the RC Plane niche. Really exciting as we are beginning to learn about this hobby that to be honest, seems very specific but has caught our attention.

The F949 Is under $50 which to us is incredible, the value for money in the RC industry is terrific in being able to move to a hobby and not pay through the nose.

Low prices and designed to be easy to fly so great for us as we learn and great for you and you. The plane itself has been made from EPP composite foam which is so cool, we thought it would be plastic but foam gives you a great opportunity to grow your flying skills with a RC model that’s lightweight and very durable. What’s the worst that could happen?

Inside this F949 is a coreless motor which gives a much higher flying time than the glider we have mentioned with this giving 25 minutes so a much longer flying experience. The motor itself is powerful and drives the 500mm wing span model through the air.

WL Toys have made the rudder adjustable which allows you to create movements including a 360 rotation, spirals and loops all achieved on the rudder setting its set to. As with the glider available, there is an awesome gyro in this which gives the flight of the F494 stability and easy to control for beginners.

The A100 SU-27 RC Jet Review

The A100 SU-27 3 channel RC Plane looks incredible don’t you think?

This is a replica of the real life SU-27 and we are really looking forward to flying this. It comes with twin push motors along with a 6 axis gyro which is very important when you are a beginner in flying an RC aircraft to be able to keep control whilst this and other planes are in the air.

This very fast Radio controlled Jet is driven by twin push motors that work in conjunction with the gyro scope to give fast but stable flying. Out of the box it’s not fully built with a small amount of assembling required which should only take you a few minutes.

Reminds us to be honest of the days of air fix models as a kid, who remembers those? Or making a building out of matchsticks.

Anyway, powering the electronics is a LiPo battery which provides a significant amount of power and a flying time of a little under 10 minutes. As with a vast range of RC models supplied by Nitrotek, this comes with the popular 2.4Ghz radio transmitter which allows you to fly your aircraft in the area without interference from other models, not just Planets, Jets but also Remote controlled cars, helicopters and drones.

When you start your flying experience with the RC Jet, it can either take off from your hand or from the ground. Normally such a significant model would require experience and some skill but due to this coming with the 6 axis gyro, this can be purchased and flown by beginners.

Due to the lightweight but vast power this RC Jet can perform a range of stunts in the air to wow you and your friend with its acrobatics.

Inside the box you receive the Jet itself, Radio controller, USB cable to recharge the battery and a range of spare parts but also some superb looking cosmetic stickers to apple to your model jet.

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