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HSP RC Crawler Review

We recently purchased a UK RC Crawler from Amazon, here we have the HSP Crawler that comes in at a 1/8th scale and the recommended 2.4Ghz radio controller and receiver.

When it comes to racing, speed is the key as you know but when to crawling, having an RC model such as this dedicated HSP vehicle is where it is at. Give it a high gradient based terrain and it will crawl up with easy with its huge gripped tyres giving it the superb capabilities to take that rugged terrain as though it was flat.

The motor of this HSP Crawler is specially designed to provide to power to the wheels to move the complete vehicle with many parts of this crawler being made from metal which gives you one high quality construction and performance.

This crawler has an excellent electronics speed controller (ESC) which when controlled by the 2.4Ghz controller gives some fantastic fun up and down terrains of hills and slopes. The range of a 2.4Ghz is vast you can crawl up to you hearts worth and not lose when you least expect it.

The full dimensions of this excellent radio controller crawler is 64.5cm in length, 22.5cm in height and 37.5cm In width so becoming a significant sized vehicle to have some immense fun with.

The wheels are driven by not one, but two powerful 540 brushed motors along with not spring shock absorbers but professional oil filled shock absorbers that have been angled to provide added length to give extra support.

Little design additions give RC models like this a great overall construction finish including a total of 18 screws provided to the chrome plated beadlock which assists in prevention in the tyre and rim from becoming separated.

In addition to the two powerful motors the HSP Crawler has an independent gearbox for the front and rear wheels which gives even more torque and power for climbing hills, slopes and difficult rocks.

As you are looking at this radio controller Crawler you are probably aware but if not, it’s worth knowing the 2.4Ghz equipment used by this RC Car and many other ranges from Nitrotek and other retailers prevents interference.

This means you can control more than one of your models in the same area but also the same for other hobbyists racing or flying their vehicles due to the bandwirth of the latest 2.4Ghz radio frequencies.

There are a few reviews at Nitrotek, good feedback from a current RC enthusiasts advising this is best to be invested in by someone or those who have experience with other RC models. This is down to the complexity of the gearbox’s which may require maintenance as time goes on.

This is in addition to other maintenance tasks you may need to perform. What we suggest is to look at a RC build kit if you are looking to advance in the remote control arena to gain some excellent experience on RC parts and internal workings.

RC Crawlers from UK Retailers

We have had a good look around at other RC Crawlers available in the UK and there are two significant RC retailers. These are RCGeeks.co.uk and cmldistribution.co.uk, both have been around for a number of years with extremely high experience.

Here’s the current top 3 Best Selling Remote Control Crawlers from RCGeeks –

High Torque FXT Trail Crawler

The first is the powerful FTX Kanyon 4 Wheel Drive 1/10th Scale RC Trail Crawler that at the time of writing has 10 reviews and a 5 out of 5 rating.

The FTX comes with pre fitted LED lights with the battery and charger included although you would hope this was the case with most RC models but they list it as a feature. What is important is the Electronics Speed Controller is built into a waterproof compartment with the FTX being a 4WD drive vehicle and ready to drive out of the box.

Being a Trail Crawler this powerful RC comes with exceptional torque and can take on a wide variety of terrains with its multi-link suspension that works together with its oil filled shock absorbers which are also adjustable and designed to give fantastic absorption of the terrain under its thick tyres.

We mentioned the torque being high, this infact has a rating of 60T and produced by the FXT’s brushed motor as well as the all mental output pinion and the high quality long lasting crown and transmission gears.

As you can see the bodyshell is terrific and looks the part, it’s also been given great thought in its design with added bodywork features such as the wheel arch, luggage tray and roll cage. At the front you have the front grill, headlights, taillights and spotlight.

Finally you have fully working LED Laptops which are fully functional and give excellent illumination for when you are out and about and the sun is setting.

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