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We thought we would produce a page on remote control cars for kids, it’s a shame rc vehicles are not more popular as they are such great fun.

I remember the first time I saw a remote controlled buggy when I was in infant school (now that was along time ago).

We know full well children of all ages love the latest toy advertised on tv or online when they are browsing YouTube and adverts come in but remote control cars for kids don’t get the recognition they deserve.

We see them as a healthy toy, being able to race many of the models available outdoors even if its on your drive, being on the receiving end of fresh air.

Once your children are up to speed with the low cost models available, we recommended going that little bit further for a RC car buggy or truck that can run down your local park.

So many children are spending more time indoors than when we were kids, maybe you reading this remember playing out in the back garden with a range of toys that todays children would not appreciate.
Swingball? Playhouses? Or just to kick a football about.

Today children love the technology of the mobile phone and sophisticated tv programs from Peppa Pig to Pawpatrol but lets get the littlens racing their own rc car for children.

Where to Buy RC Cars for Kids?

There are a wide range of retailers to look whats available from Amazon as we know well but there are so many independent retailers please have a browse of their websites as the large retailer are taking so much of the pie.

Here are some great examples of where you can find a great range of RC Vehicles


At the time of writing, Nitroteks Best Seller is the 1/24th Scale Bigfoot 1/24 Electrick RC Truck 2.4GHZ Spirit.

As mentioned, being outdoors is soo good for our children so you will be pleased to hear that this rc monster truck can be run indoors and outdoors to.

Build to be good for younger racers but with superb quality features such as front and rear differentials, fully proportional steering and acceleration.

Additionally a 2.4ghz radio equipment which when put altogether, makes this remote control truck much more fun to race than low cost toy shop model trucks.

This truck is a great size to get started, being 165mm in length and 4WD capable so good for off road and different types of terrain so will handle grass just fine.

The suspension is superior compared to models from many different retailers with the suspension being independent on each wheel for both front and rear wheels.

Remote Control Cars for Kids Make Great Gifts

No matter what your age if you are looking to get into the world of remote controlled cars then the electric RC car is definitely the place to start.

It is in fact a perfect place to start giving you the opportunity to learn about the hobby without needing the skills you may need with other versions such as the petrol models.

With a variety of models offering a real range of options it is a great hobby for a number of reasons.

  1. The first benefit is particularly for kids. The electric RC Car is a perfect beginning because it gives you a quick and easy chance to get going in a safe way. The cars are easy to charge up with an included adapter so that the fun can begin straight away.
  2. The electric Car can be used in almost any location. You may not like to run the petrol version through your house but with no fumes from the electric RC version you will have no qualms.
  3. Last but not least you will find that electric RC Cars are often the most affordable which again makes it a great option for anyone but in particular children. With any hobby you want to ease yourself in gently so the affordability of these models is perfect.

LUKAT 4 Wheel Drive RC Truck

One of the first RC Cars for kids we recommend is the LUKAT 4×4 so wheel drive, RC Truck that’s extremely fast considering it looks very stocky.

This is a 1:20 scale RC model and as you can see from the video below races very well on grass so even better on a flat surface. It comes controlled by the popular 2.4Ghz controller and very responsive.

Its great for both children and adults with the speed trim that can be adjusted so slow it down while kids get used to racing it without it wheel spinning and flipping upside down or gaining skill in incremental speed variations while it whizzes off on its journey.

Its classed as hobby grade so it has spring based shock absorbers where as high spec radio controlled cars that are twice the price tend to come with oil filled shock absorbers.

The engine is a RC390 brushed motor and gives top notch acceleration that can give a speed of 26 km/h or more. When racing, it turns extremely quickly and looks awesome on an off road terrain so it can take on sand, mud with the large bulky wheels you can see in our photos.

The range of the RC LUKAT is excellent and can easy race over 50 meters away from you so 164 feet. What we found was fun was to turn very quickly or speed off quick and it would perform all sorts of stunts.

The controller is good quality and has a allow wheel looking control wheel on the right hand side which is an added touch to the eye.

Under the bodyshell or hood as they say, you have a red cable which connects the battery to the vehicle which needs to be connected before use. To charge the monster truck, there is a separate white cable and takes around 40 minutes to charge.

The bodyshelll on ours is now very grazed and scratched and doesn’t tend to like being crashed into objects so has deteriorated pretty quickly. Not really unexpected as this RC model is pretty low cost but so much fun, it’s not an issue.

There are two trim dials, one we have already mentioned. The first is for the speed so great to change if you find it’s over responsive. The other is for trimming left and right which we have not tended to need but could be useful if you crash to hard and find the steering is not doing as you expect.

Our overall view is a great beginner RC Car and ideal for a birthday or Christmas present. The bodyshell does not take much to become scratched and a flimsy aluminium but the actual design, chassis, battery lift and overall racing run is highly recommended for a possible first remote controlled truck.

Flying Fish Toyota Trueno Electric Radio Controlled Drift Car – 2.4 GHz

This is the new generation of 1/10 scale on the road drift electric RC Cars. The HSP Flying Fish is a radio controlled electric RC Car that is the perfect car for both inside use as well as outside.

Based on another on road model of the electric RC family this particular model comes with solid compound drift tires with pre-mounted high performance wheels which are specifically designed.

This car is particularly designed for maximum performance on a number of different services. It is easy to drive which is a major plus especially for any new hobbyist.

We strongly recommend this car because it meets all the criteria mentioned above making it perfect for anyone who is either new to the remote controlled world or is simply looking for a good quality electric RC Car.

It not only is electric making it easy but it can be used both indoors and out and is available at a very affordable price. We give this car a 5 star rating.

Note: You will require 8x AA batteries to use this car.

Pioneer Electric Brushless RC Truggy

This is the Pioneer Electric Brushless RC Truggy which not only looks amazing but has some incredible assets with the primary one being speed. This model has a highly powered 11.1v Li-Polymer battery pack which is what gives this electric RC car the power to get it up to its top speed of over 40mph.

Although this model is not much more expensive than any other electric RC Car it comes with a special motor that makes this model go faster than other models on the market.

The fact that it is brushless means the motor requires no maintenance and can handle much more power. Unlike many other cars which have the normal 7.2v Ni-Cd batteries this model comes with the 11.1v Lithium battery and accompanying charger and all for a minimal increase in price.

Due to the speed of this monster the structure of the car needs to be much stronger. As a result the aluminium chassis, high torque servo, aluminium drive shaft and extra thick oil filled shocks are made to a level to survive impact at speed. We should point out that although this car is strong it is not indestructible.

Once again this model meets all the criteria needed to make this perfect for RC car fans both new and old. It is electric making it easy to maintain but it also comes fully assembled so there is no need to know how to build it.

This truly is one of the best models on the market; a true great. We recommend this electric RC Car with a 5 star rating. It is a must for any remote control fan.

Note: You will require 8x AA batteries to use this car.

  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Top speed = 40+ Mph
  • Fully ball raced
  • Brushless Motor
  • Powerful 11.1v Li-po battery
  • Front/rear metal differentials
  • Aluminum drive shafts
  • Sway bar as standard
  • Adjustable camber
  • Adjustable oil filled shocks
  • Highly adjustable for race tuning
  • 4WD shaft driven system
  • Slipper system
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Dimensions: Width: 205mm, Height:110mm, Length: 260mm, Track: 165mm
  • Wheelbase: 180mm
  • Gear ratio: 10.86:1
  • Wheel Dimensions: 73mm x 39.5mm

Ground clearance: 25mm Transmitter: 2ch FM

Thats the end of our article on some great RC Cars for Kids, we will build on this over time with more videos and reviews.

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