What is the Best RC Car for Beginners?

There are a huge range of remote control cars to choose from in the UK and some amazing retailers dedicates to this fun hobby. RC Cars range from electric, nitro and petrol fuelled and in many different sizes in both shape, power and speed.

The best RC Car for beginners is an affordable, easy to use and reliable model like the Trojan Electric Buggy as an example. There are a few reasons, the first being its electric which is always an ideal way to start with radio controller cars. The price is under £100 which is good in case you find you don’t like it and it is ready to run (RTR) making it easy to get started. 

Best RC Car for Beginners: What to look for?

When new to anything it is tough to know what to look for so in this section I want to go through the four main things a beginner needs to look for in order to get the best RC car for them.

Affordable (RC Cars Under £50)

One of the first things to consider is exactly how much money you want to spend on your car. I have started so many hobbies over the years with a massive spend because in my mind it was going to be the best hobby ever. Six months later and I had lost interest and lost a load of money too.

When buying your first RC Car it is best to go for a model that is more affordable. If you do decide that radio controlled cars are not for you then you’ve not wasted all your money.

A good option would be the Bigfoot 1/24 Electric RC Truck. This is a small and affordable model available from Nitrotek which offers a good first step in the RC world.

Available at just £50 the Bigfoot is to 1:24 scale and powered by chargeable motor. It is ready to run, has four wheel drive and can go off road. It is ideal for a beginner because it offers good features with a nice small price tag.

Ready to Run RC Cars

As mentioned above with the Bigfoot ready to run vehicles are ideal for beginners. Ready to run or RTR are one of two main conditions vehicles can be bought in – the other being self assembly. A beginner is not going to know how to assemble a radio controlled car from its component parts. Sure instructions are provided but most people struggle with assembling a flat packed table – a car is much more complex.

It is much more of an advantage to buy a ready to run model that only requires charging of the battery before you move onto self build models. With a model to drive you can begin to learn more about how they work ready for that next step.

Electric (Chargeable) RC Cars

One point that is often forgotten is which power source is best for a beginner. There are three main power sources for a RC Car. They are:

  • Electric
  • Nitro
  • Petrol (Gas)

Nitro and Petrol both involved filling tanks with a liquid fuel. This is not advised for beginners unless you have a friend who can help you to understand exactly what you are doing.

I recommend electric RC cars because they are no harder to charge than a mobile phone and we give those to children these days. There are also an increasing number of models available from many online retailers. You won’t have any problems finding the perfect model for you.

Top Retailer

One important thing to remember as a beginner is to buy your brand new RC Car from a known and respected online retailer. I recommend Nitrotek for beginners because they offer a vast range of affordable cars powered by electric, nitro and petrol. They also offer a number of other RC models such as helicopters, tanks and planes.

I have personally known of Nitrotek for over a decade now and have yet to find a retailer that sells at such a competitive price. While you can get better models from other retailers you will pay a fortune for them and as I said in my first point you don’t want to spend all your money in case it is not the hobby for you.

What’s Next?

For more on radio controlled cars check out the rest of the site. If you would like to take a look at some excellent models at competitive prices ideal for beginners then visit Nitrotek.

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