How Much Does an RC Car Cost?

RC Car as a Great Low Cost Hobby for All Ages

RC Cars is one of the most addictive hobbies you can get that is perfect for anyone from a young child right through to an adult with a range of costs but starts low in price. It can be something to be done on your own or with friends and is quite simple but there are a few things that need to be considered before you begin. Here are a few of the most important things to remember.

So how much does an RC Car cost? They can range from £30 for basic toy grade remote control cars right up to hundreds of pounds for nitro and petrol rc cars. However if you are looking for your first RC car, then we suggest paying under £100. If you are a little more experienced then spending £100-300 for a nitro vehicle then £400 upwards for a petrol remote control car. 

RC Car Makes and Models

Remote Control Cars are available in a large number of different makes, models and sizes which can be used on a number of different surfaces. Many can be customized with additional parts allowing you to make a car that is totally unique. You can also paint them in your own personal colours which will also give your car the one off look. There is no limit to what you can do with your RC Car.

One of the first things to think about is how your car will be powered. This can often depend on who you are. There are two main categories; petrol and electric. The electric cars are often better for younger people. They will need charging up but are simple to power and maintain making it perfect for kids. Petrol RC Cars are more complicated as they have a working engine which works in the same way to that of the family car. These even take petrol although that is slightly different to that petrol that you would put in your car.

Petrol powered cars are typically a lot faster so when they crash they can end up needing repairs which can cost. This is another reason why the petrol models are better for older people. The skills you need to drive the fast moving petrol cars are something that needs time to develop. Petrol RC Cars are also more expensive to maintain as well as repair which again suggests it is better for an adult who has a larger income.

You will also need to consider where you will be driving your car when constructed. You can like many simply drive on the roads or pavements but it is also possible for you to drive on dirt tracks or grass areas such as local parks. Depending on where you intend to drive you will need to make sure your model can cope. Getting the decision wrong can be a costly one.

Finally you must decide whether you wish to own a pre-built model or get a kit that you must build yourself. In simple terms if you are new to the hobby it is advisable to get a pre-built model. Only once your knowledge grows should you move onto the kits as they can be harder to construct. It is generally when you move on to building them for yourself that the hobby really takes off. At that point you no longer just have a car; you have a RC Car that you put together with your own hands. It could also be one that you customized and painted yourself. It is your unique car build with your own hands and that is exactly why so many people love RC Cars!

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