Great Petrol Remote Control Cars Trucks and Buggies

Fast Petrol Remote Control Cars 

Here’s a range of powerful 1/5th scale petrol remote control cars that run on unleaded petrol in combination with 2 stroke oil. Both of these can be purchased from your local petrol station with the 2 stroke oil in the same place as you find the other oil ranges.

Great to have to ease of refuelling compared to if you come from the nitro fuelled range of RC models especially if you run out and your local model shop is shut. Being able to refuel petrol RC buggy car or truck is so much easier.

When it comes down to it, its much cheaper on the fuel to and when refuelling simply add unleaded fuel up to the first marker on the bottle (included with Nitrotek models), the 2 stroke oil up to the second marker.

The Best Priced Petrol Remote Control Cars

Have a look around at the ranges we talk about on this page, the prices from Nitrotek models available are certainly much lower in cost than other petrol rc vehicles you can find from other sources.

With the Nitrotek models you have included all you need to get racing as soon as possible, this includes the 1/5 steering servo, battery pack and the charger to be able to charger it, fuel bottle and the tools required for standard maintenance of the models you can see below.

The FS Racing Petrol Remote Control Buggy

First we have this very popular petrol buggy from FS Racing and a superb 30cc engine and as mentioned above 1/5th scale in design.

The huge 30cc 2 stroke engine provides tremendous speed and acceleration, great cornering and top speeds to be very excited about. As you can see, this FS Racing buggy comes with a roll cage made of metal and not a sub cost plastic.  Differential gears and a large than normal fuel tank but also a body shell made from carbon fibre.

Engine wise, this produces over 50mph now with an extremely fast acceleration capability using the unleaded fuel quality to use being 93# or 97# with the 2 stroke oil as already mentioned. Along with the acceleration you have some excellent torque being 30kg/cm which is the upgraded level with the gears also being made from metal so an all-round high quality build RC buggy.

This is a 2WD vehicle but is 4WD ready so you can easily upgrade with a upgrade to enable added handing and grip to an already powerful beast.

Lastly, this comes with the 2.4Ghz radio equipment you see available for other models that allows you to race this buggy without any interference from other RC enthusiasts in your immediate range.

When it comes to petrol remote control cars this has been the Best Seller at Nitrotek for quite some time, certainly worth a look. Please bear in mind its best to race away from built up areas, children and animals very similar to racing a Nitro buggy if you are upgrading.

Marauder 1/5th Scale Petrol RC Truck

Well you came here for petrol model cars didn’t you and not just buggies, so here’s the petrol fuelled Marauder 1/5th scale monster truck and amazing it is.

This comes under the FS racing range of petrol vehicles with its huge 30cc engine that as you may have read elsewhere, runs on unleaded petrol from your petrol station you visit to fill your family car. With the unleaded fuel you are in some 2 stroke oil in the bottom that you actually have included with this and other 1/5th scale models from Nitrotek.

With the petrol you just fill the included bottle to the first line then top up to the second line with the 2 stroke oil which you also purchased from your local garage.

So onto the features which include LED lights on the top of the roof at the front that work, a large range of parts that look very beefy, on the back you have a spare tyre on the back and comes with the 2.4Hz as most models at Nitrotek come with.

This allows you and other RC enthusiasts to be able to enjoy your RC racing without any radio interference with each other’s models.

This very large petrol truck comes prebuilt so ready to race out of the box with just a few checks to take place before it’s a go. You may have seen previous versions of this by the way but this is the latest variation with the 30cc engine as already mentioned and a large aluminium air filter.

The acceleration of this petrol monster is just tremendous with amazing top speeds. For health and safety, please only race this away from housing, buildings, people (adults and children) and animals as this is one strong vehicle and loud to being petrol fuelled. If you do, you may not be flavour of the month for long.

Due to the power of the Marauder, you have the steering servo having been given an upgrade so now provides a torque of 30kg/cm and comes designed to be waterproof and won’t allow dirt or dust in either.

As you can see this is one tough beast, comes with very large deep tread tyres for excellent grip, a tough structured frame, a rechargeable battery with charger so no longer do you need to keep replacing or recharging AA batteries. The strong aluminium chassis comes with countersunk screws, with the chassis itself being well thought out with the engine and fuel tank given their place in the centre of the truck which gives is great balance when it’s racing around and significant speeds.

So size wise, it comes in at a very large 86cm x 30cm x 43cm (length, height, width). Looking at the side view you can see how large this is, especially the large tyres which are impact resistant and classed as split rim wheels. Lastly we have the aluminium oil filled shock absorbers so give great suspension for one amazing racing time to be had with this petrol RC truck.

FS Racing 30cc Monster Truck with 2.4Ghz Radio Equipment

As you are here to look for petrol remote control cars, let’s talk about the FS Racing 1/5th scale 30cc Truck. Nope it’s not a car as such but Nitrotek have an amazing range of Petrol fuelled trucks and buggies.

This Petrol Monster Truck comes with a great deal of upgrades preinstalled and ready to race once you have run in the Truck. As mentioned, it comes with an extremely large 30cc engine whereas its standard version comes with a 23cc engine so this extra powerful engine can produces amazing acceleration and a speed of over 50mph.

You are probably aware but a petrol rc model runs on unleaded petrol fuel so please do not put any nitro fuel in your truck if you invest in this monster. Instead, you use either #93 or #97 unleaded fuel from the petrol station down the road, also pick up a bottle of 2 stroke oil.

Incase you don’t know, FS Racing provide a fuel bottle that has two lines, the first for filling up the unleaded and the higher line so you know how much 2 stroke oil to mix in. Give it a shake and you are ready to get your Petrol RC Truck racing.

So easy compared to running and racing a nitro model when you find you have run low on fuel and your favourite model shop is shut.

As you can see from the photo, the roll cage on this truck is solid looking and solid to the touch, it comes with a large 700c fuel tank, the carburettor is adjustable, aluminium air filters and metal gears that have been sealed so water, dust and dirt cannot get in.

This FS truck is 4 wheel drive ready, you can purchase a 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive kit from Nitrotek. This when complete will gives a great improvement on the overall performance when it comes to handing and grip of the terrain.

When it comes to the underside of this model, the design incorporates a solid aluminium chassis finished off with countersunk screws, also known as flat head screws as they sit flush to the chassis. Additionally you have the battery, engine and fuel tank placed within the centre of the trucks chassis which when racing balances out the gravity force.

Overall a significant truck to add to your model range and at a low price to compared to other petrol model’s available that are hundreds of pounds more in price.

Controlling this monster is a very reliable 2.4Ghz radio equipment which has come a long way over the years so now you can race this model and not worries on any other RC model enthusiasts in the local area interfering with your RC fun.


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