Great Petrol Powered RC Cars in the UK

Powerful Petrol Powered RC Cars 

On this page you will find a great range of powerful fuelled rc cars at a scale of 1:5 that as you may realise run on unleaded rather than nitro fuel.

The fuel for these remote control cars is a combination of unleaded combined with 2 stroke oil. You can buy both of these from your normal service station which makes is so much easier and cheaper than running a nitro model.

All you need to do is pour a significant amount of unleaded fuel into a bottle then add in the 2 stroke oil up to the second market level and pour it into your rc vehicle.

You should find the oil in the same place as other oils in your local petrol station or just ask the assistant if you are not sure.

With the range of RC vehicles below you will see that they are at a much lower cost than other models on the market that can be significantly more expensive. Both the range below and others on the market are typically 1:5 scale.

The radio controlled cars below come with a range of accessories to get you up and running as fast and easily as possible. There is no need to buy your own radio equipment, 1:5 steering servo, battery pac and battery charger as well as a tool kit.

The range of 1/5th scale petrol radio control cars require more maintenance by far than electric remote control car and some more compared to nitro vehicles to.

Heres the latest range of rc model cars available from Nitrotek – You can visit them here

FS Racing Petrol Powered RC Cars



The Powerful FS Racing Remote Control Buggy with 30cc Engine

This RC Buggy has huge 30cc 2 stroke unleaded fuelled engine with extreme acceleration and superb top speed and great cornering.

As you can see from the images it comes with a secure roll cage along with metal differential gear and a fuel tank that has an extra large capacity for added running time.

Due to the powerful 30cc engine, this FS Racing buggy can give speeds of 50mph and over which an amazing thrill and driving fun. To fuel this radio controlled buggy use 93# or 97# unleaded petrol mixed with 2 stroke oil as advised above.

With nitro fuel you need to make you have enough and as RC shops are not always open, its great to be able to fuel your buggy due to garages being open longer hours and more local.

Lastly, the steering servo on this buggy has been upgraded and now provides a torque of with the gears manufactured from strong metal and have been sealed for added protection from dirt dust and water.

FS Racing Petrol Fuelled Hummer Truck with 2.4Ghz Integration

Next we have the very popular FS Racing Unleaded Fuelled Hummer that has been a popular model from Nitrotek for literally years. This petrol rc car is lower in price than many other styles available online from UK based model retailers.

This vehicle comes with many upgrades already installed such as an aluminium rollcage, aluminium air filter, sealed metal gears and a huge fuel take so you can drive and race this RC hummer for ages.

Inside is a beast of a 30cc engine that can replaced the weaker 2cc engine so can now give speeds of up to 50mph and maybe over depending on the terrain.

As with other unleaded based models from Nitrotek, this runs on a combination of unleaded fuel and 2 stroke oil that you can purchase from any service station local to you.

Make sure its either unleaded 93# or 97# when mixing with the 2 stroke oil. Much easier and simpler than running out of nitro fuel.

You can view the full spec and price by clicking here – Visit Nitrotek

AoWei Nitroteks Long Selling Petrol Based RC Buggy

It’s been many years since Nitrotek first began with the range of petrol based models such as this Aowei 26cc RC buggy at a 1/5th scale and 2.4Ghz radio controller.

There are a range of more powerful models such as the FS Racing range which include a buggy and Hummer truck to date however this Aowei buggy is still very popular.

As you can see it does come with a slightly less powerful engine being 26cc compared to 30cc in the FS Range also available at Nitrotek on their website.

Saying that, it still includes the 2.4Ghz radio controlling technology which when in use will not result in RC Models nearby being effected by your equipment or their equipment effecting your racing fun and antics.

So on to the features which includes a range of aluminium parts with a great thought been taken into consideration such as oil filled shock absorbers which are colour coordinated so an added touch. This buggy can take on a range of different terrains which is handled by its suspension that works very well on uneven surfaces.

The braking system is very reliable and good response at the controllers so no problem in any concern in hitting into a wall or object at a high speed but at the same time do please be careful.

This is standard if you have run a petrol buggy car or truck before but they run on unleaded fuel that you purchase from your local garage, the same pump as you would fill your road car up. All you need to do is fill the included bottom up to the 1st line, then add in 2 stroke oil up to the 2nd line.

As you already tell, this means the running cost is significantly lower than running a nitro RC model and easy to refill if you find you used to run out of nitro if you have come from racing nitro models and upgraded to petrol based fun.

This car has been designed with great thought and consideration, this consists of an aluminium suspension, 2.4Ghz radio equipment and a awesome 26cc engineer designed with high performance. The combination altogether gives this car a great amount of torque and giving speeds up to 50mph and over.

We have had a look around and the range of petrol models from other retailers are significantly higher in price, with the range from Nitrotek being very affordable.

In the box you will find a range of accessories to get you up and running as easy as possible which includes a UK battery pack and battery charger with a good range of tools to get your buggy up and running and to help in the maintenance needed on a regular basis.

Inside the design you also have suspension shock absorbers which have been colour coordinated and work very well doing their job on all types of terrain so can take on uneven surfaces.

When racing, this vehicle is great at acceleration and superb at breaking at high speeds. The system all working together with its 2.4Ghz radio equipment and the 26cc engine which gives out 17000rpm.

There are a few more features we learnt about which include adjustable wings so you can change the amount of downforce this RC vehicle receives when at speed. The aluminium chassis is very strong and comes with countersunk screws.

The engine and gearbox have bene covered to limit dust and dirt getting near important components. All this in a buggy that has dimensions of 785mm x 310mm x 450mm.

The Petrol Driven AOWEI 1/5TH 26CC YAMA RC TRUGGY 2.4GHZ

This is one of Nitroteks petrol fuelled vehicles available with this being a Truggy in itself, not one of the most popular 1/5th scale models but it still sells well.

The Yama RC Truggy has the same quality when it comes to design and features as the other scale models you see throughout Simplyfun that we talk about and cover.

A tough rugged design as you can see here and built to withstand some rough terrains you throw at it in your racing adventures with this vehicle.

You can see from the big foot tyres that this has a superb grip to the ground and at under £400 in price, a superb way to get into the petrol racing hobby arena.

As we can imagine you have maybe come from the nitro or maybe electric range of fuelled rc models you will be wanting something with strength, size and a good weight to take on what you ask it to do.

Due to its power, please take care in racing in both the location and whoever maybe present as this is one powerful RC Truggy.

Under one sexy bodyshell you will find adjustable cambers that include sturdy hub designs along with rear shock absorbers that include dirt covers. Additionally you have large alloys with square wheel mounts.

This Truggy has 2WD action with this coming prebuild and ready to race so get that unleaded fuel and 2 stroke oil at hand when it arrives on your doorstep.

Due to the power, this RC comes with high quality disc brakes so make sure this monster stops in time before anything undue occurs.

Look at other models on the market from other retailers and you will find similar models with this power at significant higher prices.

Under the hood you have a solid aluminium chassis which includes countersunk screws, fuel tank and engine as expected with the battery all based along the centre of the vehicle to give it good balance when racing at speeds.

Lastly, you have impact resistance wheels that as you can see from the images have been designed with high traction grips for all terrains.

The dimensions of this Truggy are 785mm x 340mm x 510mm (length, height, width)

Again as we mention on our reviews, this vehicle runs off the same unleaded fuel you can pop down to your local service station and pick up some 2 stroke oil already mentioned.

This RC petrol model comes with a fuel bottle so just fill it up with unleaded to the first line and then the rest with the oil.

If you like the look of this model or any other vehicles, Nitrotek are a recommended retailer or not just petrol fuelled vehicles but electric and nitro to.

Resources –

Here are a list of retailer we found who sell petrol models in the UK

Petrol Powered RC Cars are an awesome way to have fun outdoors with radio controlled cars coming along way from electric, nitro and now these petrol models.


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