Nitro Remote Control Cars

Powerful Nitro Remote Control Cars

The nitro remote control cars hobby has been pretty consistent at last for the last few years, here’s Google trends on the people searching for this keyword on Google

Nitros are a pretty unique hobby in that they use nitro based fuel to race compared to electric or the even more powerful petrol but this page is dedicated to the nitro rc vehicles available.

Nitro RC Cars – Condor Self Build Buggy

Nitro have had so many requests for this Self Build RC buggy that its back and currently their number 1 Nitro best seller and so good for children and adults looking to build their own remote control model.

Many loved Lego (or still do), building air fix kits or even matchstick models but this takes building your own model to the next level. This self-build RC kit is going to give you hours of thrills in building this Condor Buggy and then get to race it once it’s complete.

The price to is so competitive compared to some kits on the market that are hundreds of pounds in cost. These are actually provided to a range of schools within the United Kingdom to learn how to inner workings of a car, engine and the many other parts that all work together to produce the immense speed capable of a nitro buggy, car or truck.

If your children have even a slight interested in what could be going towards cars, mechanics and engineering then this is a fantastic self-build to get their interested stimulated even more.

Features of this Self Build Remote Control Nitro Car

So this Condor radio controlled buggy comes with all you need to get going including an SH .18 engine, pistol type radio controlled equipment, a little oil and grease to apply to particular parts when assembling. Have a look on the web and there are many self-build kits that do not come with these items.

Overall the Condor buggy will take you around 8-12 hours to assemble so a great project for the weekend or a few evenings. Its recommended this to be built by children at the age of 14 of above due to the nature of the parts and included substances such as the grease.

The manual to this self-build is very good with exploded diagrams too easy to tell what is required to be achieved at each stage of the buggies assembly. This is written in English and designed for the UK so no information has been missed in translation.

Once build this Condor buggy is capable of speeds of 40mph but also upgradable with parts available at Nitrotek if you so wish to once you are an experienced nitro hobby racer. One idea could be to replace to gearbox with a two speed gearbox for increased performance.

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