Nitro RC Cars: A Complete Guide

Very Fast Nitro RC Cars

You can find a superb range of nitro remote control cars throughout but here’s our picks on the top nitros from Nitrotek.

Why Buy and Race Nitro RC Cars? 

Nitro RC Cars are a great step up from electric models if that’s where you have come, or maybe you are embarking on the remote control scene for the first time and would prefer a fuel based vehicle?

As you can tell, nitro radio controlled run on specific nitro fuel you buy from your local model shop or online such as Nitrotek, Modelsport, Wheelspinmodels or the many other main retailers we cover on

When you fuel your nitro buggy, car or truck you use whats called a glowplug which ignites the fuel. The fuel itself is a combination of nitro methanol and oil which when ignited makes nitro fuelled models very fast indeed.

Do bear in mind the nitro engine is extremely loud so if you are looking to run or race a model in your highstreet then that’s not really recommended. You ideally want to have any area that’s away from people, pets, houses so not to cause a noise disturbance.

The realism of racing a RC buggy for example is awesome, there are so many nitro models to choose from and come in different scaled sizes. As an example, the 1:18th scale is the smallest scale available and cheapest so so a great option to get going in this racing arena.

The largest being 1:8th scale which are actually bigger than petrol rc cars that generally come in at the 1:5 scale and run on petrol compared to nitro fuel in the rc models below and found on the internet.

Just for info the petrol variation run on unleaded fuel from your local garage, mixed in with 2 stroke oil and combined in the fuel bottle, mixed up the 1st line with unleaded petrol then the 2nd line with the 2 stroke oil.

Checks To Perform on your Nitro RC Model

Before you start on your nitro fun, here’s a few tips for using and running in a nitro model.

  • Check the batteries in the model itself and the radio equipment
  • Check the range of your radio equipment to get a judge of the distance
  • The glowplug is inserted tight and the glowstart has been fully charged
  • Make sure the flywheel is tight and if not, make sure you tighten it or it can wear away quickly
  • Check all loose screws, nuts and bolts are at a decent tightness
  • A Nylon tie is on the exhaust to assist in keeping it in place
  • The Air Filter has a little oil
  • The servos and throttle linkage has been set to straight and at 90 degrees and align properly when your radio equipment has been set to on. If not, make sure this is adjusted.
  • The fuel system has not objects, kinks, dirt or any fuel leaking out.
  • Once a tank has been used, clean the car thoroughly and remove any debris

Conquistador Special Edition Nitro RC Trucks

This is a special edition Nitro RC truck from the Acme range which comes with a number of hop ups included as standard.

It comes with aluminium upgrades and enhancing parts that allow the Conquistador to perform in an amazing way. The special edition includes all the parts from the standard Conquistador with all the very best optional parts also included.

Purchased separately these would cost a small fortune. On top of the performance the overall look is simply stunning with visual enhancements a fantastic paint job and polished exhaust making the truck one of the best to look at.


On top of the features that come with the standard Conquistador the Special Edition version comes with the following:

  • Aluminium upper wishbones
  • Aluminium lower wishbones
  • Aluminium knuckle arms
  • Aluminium servo saver
  • Hardened steel engine clutch gear
  • Polished aluminium pipe
  • Aluminium shock towers
  • Hardened spur gear

Team infinity engines which come on Acme Tech Nitro Trucks are manufactured in Japan and feature a simplified carb that creates a more reliable and easier to start engine.

They come with one tuning needle rather than the two that Nitro Trucks usually come with. This makes adjustments easy to do while not compromising on its power.


  • Fully Upgraded Special Edition!
  • 4WD Shaft drive system
  • 1/10 Scale nitro powered car
  • Oil-filled Alluminium shocks
  • Infinity 18 size pull start engine
  • Front and rear bevel differentials
  • Single speed gear box
  • Metal disc brake system
  • 75CC Fuel tank
  • Sealed box for protecting receiver system
  • Pre-painted and cut body shell
  • High quality 27MHZ CE approved Radio system with changeable crystals.


  • Width: 330MM
  • Length: 390MM
  • Height: 165MM
  • Track: 267MM
  • Gear ratio: 10.44:1
  • Wheel base: 280MM
  • Wheel dia.: 108*56MM
  • Engine: Team Infinity 18
  • Ground clearance (F/R): 38MM/46MM

Required To Use

  • 12 x AA Batteries
  • Model Fuel
  • Glowstarter

 Consequently it is recommended for those over the age of fourteen.

Bug Crusher Pro Nitro Remote Control Truck

If you have become an expert with racing rc cars and feel like a change how about considering one of our monster trucks.

The Bug Crusher Truck is a prime example.  It is built to a scale of 1:10 and as standard includes many hop ups.

For anyone desiring a monster truck that is not only prepared and ready for racing but has all the major upgrades pre-installed then you need look no further.  You will have made a perfect decision.

This Bug Crusher monster has a comprehensive list of features that exceeds that of any other 1/10th truck.

When building this monster the manufacturers have taken a standard Bug Crusher and simply added all the best optional parts that purchased on their own would have cost much more.

A rechargeable battery pack is also included together with a charger for the electronics.  This provides even more speed to the servos as opposed to the usage of the normal AA batteries.

This model is available with a high quality Team Infinity engine.   The latter are made in Japan and have a simplified carburettor enabling an easier start.

They are without doubt one of the most reliable engines in today’s marketplace.   The Nitro engines predominantly have in excess of two tuning needles however this model has just a single adjustment that allows easier usage and all without the sacrificing of any power.

The model is available with traditional stick type controllers.  You will find our Acme range will have wheel type controllers.  It is of course simply a matter of personal choice which one you are happiest and more comfortable with.

The Backwash Nitro Buggy with 2.4Ghz Radio Equipment

The Backwash Nitro Buggy looks astounding, don’t you think? This buggy comes prebuilt and some awesome performance to be had when racing this buggy. Tough and fast, the features of this model make this a high spec vehicle for its price.

Inside you have the .18 engine and a two speed automatic gearbox, you will find this RC is very quick indeed. This is the standard version but there is a PRO version also available which comes with a range of the aluminium upgrades preinstalled which you will need to add yourself with the standard RC Backwash.

Made by HSP you will find the fun you can have with this radio controller buggy is just so great. Being tough, this can be raced on and well as off road so can take on a range of terrains you throw at it. Have a look at this on Nitroteks website as well as the range of extras available.

This HSP buggy comes with Nitroteks chrome finished wheels as well as the electronics designed around a waterproof design.

Included in the box along with this nitro radio controlled buggy you will find everything you need to get up and racing apart from fuel and a glowstart which you can purchase separately on their website. You will also need 12 x AA batteries.

The buggy itself has infact been upgraded with a high quality SH engine which are very well known for both power output and their high quality throughout.

As you pretty much every model available at Nitrotek you will be pleased to hear this also comes with the excellent 2.4Ghz radio equipment which allows nuisance free racing due to the range of frequencies so other racers don’t all cross each other and lose control or radio response from their Nitro.

The 2.4Ghz radio equipment also provides increased reliability overall, better responsive control of your model, the power consumption is lower and overall a much better racing experience.

Under the hood as the saying goes, you have a 4 wheel drive system that provides a better grip so improved handling. This nitro is classed as hobby grand and come with front and rear differentials which again add on to what is already great handling.

The wheels themselves that we mentioned briefly, are impact resistance and chrome along with terrain tyres that have been designed with high traction in mind.

Incase you were wondering, this nitro buggy comes under the 1:10th scale and has the dimensions of 400mm x 160mm x 250mm so length x height x width.

The suspension under the hood as mentioned comes with oil filled shock absorbers that are aluminium capped and adjustable which can alter the angle and tension of the shocks themselves.

Less under the hood it has a 75cc fuel tank with a splash guard so easier to fill up with the nitro fuel, don’t forget to buy some of course.

We have covered a great range of nitro rc cars, alot more videos and reviews to come at

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