Mini RC Drone with Camera

Exciting Mini Drone With Camera Reviews

Our first mini drone with camera is the SNAPTAIN A10 foldable RC drone with 720P camera.

Drones have taken off at a great rate of knots all around the world so we were excited to move into the world of droning. Heres what we found and our experiences with this great little foldable RC drone.

The drone itself is very high quality for its price, the drone industry has already grown to be a niche that’s extremely competitive on price so whatever Drone you are looking to fly and invest In, the technology is significantly improved from just a few years ago.

The drone comes in a high quality box, folded and when unfolded you add in the black propellers and protective arms so when in flight, they propellers are protected but also helps eliminate any contact with you, others or objects when flying in a near vicinity.

The Drone battery Is charged by USB with the included cable and plugs into the side of the battery. The battery is then inserted into the rear of the drone, make sure you insert it the correct way.

Also inside the box you have a handy screwdriver for adding the batteries to the controller and some spare propellers.

The power button is on top and easy to access, there has been times when we need to turn it off if it got stuck and the motor didn’t realise it had to stop. It should ideally wind down itself when on the ground as this SNAPTAIN A10 has a gravity sensor.

It was however quite funny when flying indoors and I had control but it did happen to collide with my friends indoor plant and managed to shred some of the leaves (see the image below). Whoops!.

The A10 Drone comes with a spare battery so great to be able to take a backup with you when flying outdoors. It’s a very stable drone and feels good in the air, not flimsy at all and pretty sturdy.

We are going to test more but once the STAPTAIN app was installed on my phone and connected via Wireless, we found the video update quite sluggish but will report more upon my flight testing. The Drones video looked quite grainy.

The manufactures description is 720P high quality video and clear aerial photos but will report more with more testing. You do need a separate SD card for additional video and image storage.

Pairing the Drone

Pairing the drone is easy enough, turning on the radio receiver and then the A10 Drone itself. There are a couple of ways to pair it with the radio controller. We move the left hand controller to the top and then the bottom.

Then moving the left controller to the bottom right and the right hand lever to the bottom left. The drone then beeps and its ready to fly.

Flying the drone is pretty easy. It can bank left and right or rotate to the left or right, then fly forward and back. There is a one button push to lift it off the ground or you can use the left control to increase the altitude.

Given enough space and height, it has a number of performance actions it can show which include a 360 degree flip, fly in a circle as well as a high speed rotation.

One feature we are about to test is where you can draw a path on the app and the drone with fly that particular path. Great technology and something we can see becoming even more sophisticated within the drone industry.

As mentioned the A10 mini drone has a gravity sensor but also has features such  emergency stop which we now realise could have come in useful when we semi destroyed my friends indoor plant.

Additionally, you have the headless model, one key flight which lifts the drone into the air, also one key landing and three alternative speeds. The lower can be used when children are flying this drone as it makes it easier to control.

We found the instructions included were easy to read and understand but the functionality was not covered fully so we are going to write our own guide on how to use the SNAPTAIN A10 RC Drone ourselves and include in its own article.


HASAKEE H6 Mini Foldable RC Drone Review

Our next Mini RC Drone purchase has been this awesome red colours H6 Foldable drone with a 6 axis gyroscope that acts as an incredible stabiliser when taking off, flying in the air and landing.

This is so small it can fit in your pocket when folded up, gives around 10 minutes of flying time so not a great deal but battery technology is increasing each year.

The H6 Mini Drone can perform a range of in flight acrobatics including a 360 degree flip at the press of a button. We will make sure we produce a video of this for this review so you can see it in action.

Controlled by the widely used 2.4Ghz radio technology, you have peace of mind this can be flown near to other RC models such as drones, cars and helicopters without any interference from other hobbiests

If you are reading this near a birthday of Christmas, this would make such a great first as low cost, lightweight, small and incredible fun. Flying an RC Drone is one of those thrills you cant experience until you try it yourself.

My friend recently flew one of our RC Helicopters for the first time and she though it was great and shes 35.

Anyway, lets get back to this great little foldable drone.


  • Some of the features included in the technology of this little device is Altitude hold, it can automatically detect the air pressure around it and set itself at a particular height. This means when taking off and flying, its easy to control this drone without worry of losing control.
  • As mentioned before, it has one button 360degree flip but add to that, the ability to take off and land on the ground using one button on the controller.
  • There’s three different speed as many other drones so you can set it to a lower speed for children to be able to control while they learn the skill of flying a drone. It also makes it less likely to cause damage to the drone itself or sting someone via the propellers if it was to crash into an object or building.


The charging time for this is around 40 minutes and works via the USB cable provided. You could either plug it into a laptop or a separate USB plug and plug into the power socket in your home.

The range is around 50 meters so a pretty solid distance to fly without losing signal.

Inside the box you have –

  • 1 x H6 Foldable Mini Drone with inbuilt battery (3.7v – 200mAh Li-Po)
  • 1 x 4 Channel Radio controller working on the 2.4Ghz ranges
  • 1 x USB Cable to charge the drone
  • 1 x Spare blades incase any break
  • 1 x Blade protectors. Protects not just the blades but from keeps them a distance from an object
  • 1 x Small handy screwdriver to open the radio controller
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Important Considerations

  • Make sure you read the instructions before use as it requires calibration.
  • Wait to charge the battery, let it cool down before charging to avoid it overheating
  • Make sure you learn the Emergency Landing Function so you don’t lose control or the drone becomes damaged in a particular scenario
  • If the drone’s propellers fall off in flight but don’t fully disconnect, the blades have been put on the wrong way.
  • If this Is your first flight or first drone, please learn to fly in a large field away from people, animals and large objects such as trees and cars.
  • If you do happen to crash and it acts strange, make sure there’s no hairs or dirt clogging up once of the propellers.

Customer Reviews

We don’t sell this on our website but you can view it at Amazon, we have spent considerable time looking at the customer reviews to give you a summary of what people thought.

At the time of writing, 1644 people have reviewed this RC Drone with 55% being 5 Star and 17% being 5 Star. This gives it a superb total review of 72%.

Lets talk about what those who have purchased this drone have thought –

What Customers Like

  • Much smaller than you would think when you unpack it, is that a good bad thing for you? Let us know.
  • A great drone to learn how to fly them as they are all very similar with the controls
  • The small size means its less likely to cause damage if it flies into something
  • Totally great fun and an ideal starter drone
  • Great stability – Grandson learnt how to fly it within the hour
  • Stable after using the trim
  • Three speeds is a good idea for small spaces
  • Good toy for big kids

What Customer Don’t Like

  • The controller has a range of controls which are not labelled so a trickier for children
  • Not good for strong winds as so light
  • Poor battery life due to its small size which runs the fun soon after. Shame there is no interchangeable battery.
  • Hard to hover in one place consistently
  • Propellers are a little weak
  • About 5% of customers had issues with quality such as the charging cable broken, could not pair the controller to the drone.
  • 12% of people had a range of issues due to low quality.


SIMREX Mini RC Drone with Built-in Camera


The 3rd RC Mini Drone with Camera we have here is the SIMREX X300C with inbuilt camera, lets take a look.

First of all, the camera runs on HD and sends back the video signal to your mobile phone by the inbuilt wifi. It comes in white, red or yellow with black propellers with a study look and feel so we went for the red coloured drone.

You may well know but most modern low cost drones all have the ability to be viewed via the app on your phone which is available on both Apples iOS or Googles Android. There is a running them with so many drone manufactures incorporating a range of stunts the drone can perform with little interaction from you apart from pressing the relevant button.

The stunts include the ability to flip in one of 4 different directions at a time so left, right, forward or back. It can also give a complete 360 degree flip and roll which is activated by the press of one button and a continuous roll which is a great display of technology from the drone industry and each manufacturer.

As it can be easy to lose a sense of what direction the drone is facing once its even a short distance away from you, they come with what is called Headless model. This lets you get your orientation and bearings so assisting in not losing control of the drone when it’s at a distance away from you.

With the mini drones they are now coming with a superb 6 axis gyroscope which gives a RC drone incredibly stability when in flight but comes in very handy for both taking off and landing with ease. You still have control but it’s like having your own semi auto pilot, limiting the amount of crashes that could happen.

We recently reviews a lower cost drone which has around 8-10 minutes of flying time, which is the same for this SIMREX RC model. Charging time is around an hour so make sure its fully charged up before you take it out for a flight and get your funs worth before the battery runs down.

Flying distance is around 30-45 minutes as advised by SIMREX but to us that seems a little varied so we will report back once we have sufficient data to report back to you how much flying time we got out of this when flying outdoors.

As this is a beginner drone its ideal for many ages but it is advisable to be flown by someone of the age of 13 upwards. Any lower then it would be advisable to have adult supervision.

There are some recommendations from SIMREX which include –

  • Please read the manual before attempting to fly this mini drone
  • The Quadcopter has significant power, make sure you take off gently or slowly at first
  • Once flown, it can become hot so please allow it to cool down for 10 minutes before recharging the battery.
  • If you need to stop and land quickly when in flight, press the Stop button for an emergency stop which will minimise any damage to the drone or vulnerable objects nearby.
  • The SIMREX drone is a foldable drone so takes up a much smaller size when folded away.
  • It has a propeller protection ring which due to delicate blades, give it some protection and extending the life of the drone before it needs repairing or replacing. When you are flying , you can release the throttle to ease back on the power and the drone will continue to hover in its current location.

Technology has come along way, inbuilt drones such as this RC quadcopter can now detect its altitude using air pressure.

What is an actual boost is the camera being HD compared to 720P as we found such as the SNAPTAIN resolution was lacking.

As this is designed for beginners, it has three different speed levels so if you have trouble controlling the drone, you can turn down the speed. This is also a good option for children who may need assistance in growing their drone flying skill levels.

Inside the box you receive –

  • 1 x RC Mini Drone
  • 1 x Phone Holder
  • 1 x USB Charing Cable
  • 1 x Lipo battery
  • 4 x Spare propellers
  • 4 x Propeller Safety Frames
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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