Marauder Petrol RC Monster Truck

My absolute favourite petrol powered RC Monster trucks is the FS Racing Marauder Petrol RC Truck. As you can see from the picture is looks awesome but there is so much more to this truck than just its looks.

Sure it looks rough and tough but behind the looks are impressive power, plenty of speed and great value for money.

Within this post I want to go through some of the main features of this monster truck so you can decide if it is the best choice for you. Let us begin.

Marauder RC Monster Truck: Features

There is a lot to think about when investing in something of this value. The chances are you are looking at a number of vehicles weighing up the pros and cons. RC Cars come with a long specification and features list which can make choosing the right vehicle tough.

Here I want to go through the main features and explain exactly what I think is important. Please check out a full specification and features list at Nitrotek who sell this amazing truck.

Size & Dimensions

As I have mentioned before on this site when you are looking to buy a new vehicle it is worth looking at the scale and the overall dimensions.

While the scale will give you an ideal how big it is compared to a full sized vehicle if you do not know the original vehicles size it means nothing. You need to check the actual dimensions to get a full idea as to how big the vehicle is.

In the case of the Marauder the dimensions are 860mm by 430mm by 300mm. In other words it is 86cm in length, 43cm in width and 30cm in height. That is big. In fact it is one of the biggest RC trucks you can for the price. Please be very clear how large this vehicle is before you order as it will take some storing.

Ready to Run

The Marauder is ready to run although you will obviously need to put in fuel, oil and batteries – actually that’s not really ready to run at all. OK officially it is ready to run. What they mean here is that you won’t open the box and all the component parts fall out.

It is delivered as standard with two wheel drive which is for me the biggest let down. For something this large and powerful it feels like it should be four wheel drive. It can be upgraded to four wheel drive although that will add to the price.

Engine & Power

The truck is powered by a 30cc petrol powered engine. This means no more buying nitro fuel from your hobby shop (if that is what you used to do). This is powered on unleaded fuel just like your family car making it easier to come by. It also helps to give the truck its immense speed and power. The engine has enough fuel to last for between 20 and 30 minutes. Obviously because it is powered by petrol it can quickly be filled up allowing the fun to continue with minimal interruption.

Remote Distance

When you think about a fast moving vehicle like this one consideration is what the remote distance is. In other words how far can the vehicle go away from you before it loses signal. Fortunately this has a range over 200m which should cover most locations. It also means that you have plenty of time to drive this truck to full speed and still stay within radio range.


  • Manufacturer: FS Racing
  • Scale: 1:5
  • Build: Ready to Run (RTR)
  • Drive: Two Wheel Drive (2WD)
  • Terrain: Off Road
  • Radio: 2.4 GHz
  • Type: Truck
  • Engine Size: 30cc
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Run Time: 20-30 minutes
  • Dimensions: 860mm x 430mm x 300mm
  • Remote Distance: 200m+

Also Requires

  • 2 Stroke Oil
  • Petrol
  • Batteries – 8 x AA

Where to buy a Marauder RC Monster Truck?

The best place to buy the Marauder Petrol RC Truck as well as parts and accessories is Nitrotek. They are a leading online retailer selling a wide range of radio control cars including several petrol powered vehicles. The Marauder is just one of these vehicles.

Can you Buy Spare Parts for a Marauder?

Yes, there are plenty of spare and replacement parts available from Nitrotek. These include drive shafts, gears, bearings, chassis, brushless motors as well as replacement wheels.

Spares are ideal for this type of vehicle because lets face facts, accidents happen. When accidents happen damage happens. The last thing you need is to keep on replacing the whole truck.

You will need to be careful as they sell a 1:10 Scale Electric Marauder which is ideal for beginners. Be sure you are buying for the correct vehicle.

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