Great 1 5 Scale Petrol RC Cars for sale in the UK

 The 1 5 Scale Petrol RC Cars for sale

Here are a range of 1 5 petrol fuelled rc cars for sale in the UK. RC Cars that you can find more info below but here is a down to earth article before hand.

RC Cars from Nitro, Electric and Petrol from 1/8th to 1 5 scale models are the past, present and the future if you are anything like me then as a kid you had a radio controlled car that you used to drive around the home driveway.

Well despite the fact that it is about 25 years since I have done that remote controlled cars or RC Cars as they are now more commonly known are just as popular if not more so as indoor and outdoor toys.

In a changing world the RC Car has stood the test of time.
One of the reasons the RC Car is so much more popular these days is that there are far more options.

In my day it was just battery driven but these days there are electric remote controlled cars or even petrol RC Cars. Can you believe that? It has to be said this is not the same petrol as your home car but neither the less its fuel.

Petrol RC Cars for Sale On The Internet

On top of that there are now other options other than just the
car. The RC Tank is the perfect example or even the RC Helicopter. No wonder it has taken off over the last few years.

1/5th Petrol Scale RC Vehices on Sale via Nitrotek

So you can see why since I was a kid the such as a 1 5 Scale Petrol RC Cars for sale has grown in popularity. With websites selling them and forums allowing people to talk about them not to mention a million ways to personalise and adapt them it is little surprise they are continuing to grow in popularity.

What is a surprise though is that adults are now playing with these just as much as kids are. When you realise that you know that RC Cars are
hear to stay. They are the past, present and future.

ShengQi 1/5 th Petrol RC Monster Trucks – Hummer SKU: ZCA4
The size of the amazing shells is the first thing you will no doubt notice when you first open the box.

They come with a choice of black Ford F-150 monster truck shells or a camouflaged alternative, both of which look great.

These come equipped with everything you need and seeing as these are top proper petrol powered models you can actually get the petrol to run them from petrol stations removing the need to go to local model shops as you do with nitro models.

These petrol driven cars run on a mixture of unleaded petrol and 2 stroke oil which can both be obtained from any petrol station. This again is unlike the nitro radio controlled cars and makes it more affordable.

To mix the petrol and oil simply fill your petrol can with a total of 5 litres of unleaded petrol followed by 125ml’s of the 2 stroke oil which is usually found inside.

This model comes equipped with everything you need which is unlike many other 1:5 scale petrol RC Car models on today’s market. This means you will not have to go out and buy your own equipment
including electronics battery pack, charger and 1:5 scale steering servo.

This package comes complete with it all including a high capacity rechargeable battery pack and a UK charger for the receiver, the servos and even a tool kit to help you maintain this model.

The radio equipment and servo is OEM Futaba which means they are made to a high quality and are very reliable.

    • Features

      • A fully assembles petrol RC Car
      • Heavy Duty mainly metal parts
      • A powerful 23cc engine
      • Differential with built-in gear
      • Disc braking system
      • Fully adjustable oil filled shocks
      • Aluminium chassis
      • Waibro Carburettor
      • Sealed electronics box for wet day
      • NGK spark plug
      • Top speed of 80 Km/h
      • CE/ROHS approved control
      • A scale of 1:5
      • Top speed of 80 Km/h
      • D/W Rear 2WD system, differential with built in gears
      • Brakes: Rear disc
      • Torque: 1.8N.m
      • Power: 1.58kw / 2.15 bhp
      • Fuelled by petrol and engine oil (25:1 Ratio)
      • Single cylinder, two stroke, air cooled, 23cc
      • 40 Minutes fuel tank capacity
      • Start: Pull start method
      • Dimensions: LxWxH: 700x530x350mm
      • Wheelbase (F/R): 480mm
      • Tread: 340mm (F)/370mm(R)
      • 2.4GhzLCD Transmitter

    • Required to use

    • A mixture of petrol and oil both of which are available from any petrol station
    • 8 x AA Batteries

    Racing Electric Remote Control Monster Truck

  • This is the new monster truck from FS racing which is a 4WD highly powered electric racing remote controlled truck. These are not to be mixed up with toy radio controlled cars.These are far more than that. It comes with a powerful 550 motor, bevel differentials and just for that extra something an electric speed controller. This truck is very powerful. It is fully installed and comes with a 7.2V battery pack with charger all included.This particular truck comes fully assembled so you need do nothing more than charge the battery, do some checks and then race away. To allow for the trucks to be raced against each other without any problems the radio transmitter has interchangeable frequency
    crystals.This amazing monster truck style RC vehicle has large oversized tyres which increases its ground clearance. It comes with independent suspension and differentials making it great whether you drive it on or off road.The truck like many others is packed with a large number of features not found on standard level RC models. For example the battery is a whopping 3000mAh.This will mean that this truck will run for longer still at its maximum speed and will have greater time periods between charges. This is matched with the ESC and motor which work in tandem to make
    this model a fast one.Each wheel has independent suspension provided by oil filled
    aluminium capped shock absorbers. This model of RC truck is adjustable to suit the driver’s preference.

    • Features

      • Four wheel drive system w/shaft drive
      • Functional front & rear differentials
      • Fully ball raced
      • Front NCVD shaft
      • AL6061/T6 chassis with carbon fibre surface
      • Monster oversized tyres
      • Oil filled shock absorbers
      • Upgraded with powerful 3000mAh battery
      • Fully built
      • High speed model
      • Height: 190mm
      • Length: 430mm
      • Width: 330mm
      • Tyre Diameter: 120mm
      • Gear Ratio: 10.8:1
      • Drive: 4WD
      • Chassis: 2mm AL6061
      • Radio: AM 27Mhz
      • Motor: RC550
      • Battery pack: 7.2V 3000mAh Ni-Cd Rechargeable
      Required To Use
      • 8 x AA Batteries


     XSTRCondor Self BuildVERY FAST 70KM/HFirewolf
    4 Wheel Drive
    Off Road
    7.4V3500mAh LiPo
    8 x AA
    Oil Filled
    DifferentialsFront and Rear

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