How much does a Remote Control Helicopter Cost?

How much does a remote control helicopter costWhile many people are happy with RC Cars, some love to take their interest to a whole new level. RC Helicopters offer everything cars can offer along with a whole lot more. Why simply drive along the ground turning  left and right when you can do summersaults in the air. Interested?

For those who are interested in an RC Helicopter the obvious question surfaces – how much does a RC Helicopter cost and what can you get for it? In this post I aim to answer those questions.

Remote control helicopters typically cost between £20 and £500 depending on the features included. These features include working lights, a camera or video capabilities, if it is multi channel and whether it has GPS.

Price Factors for a RC Helicopter

Working Lights

While not particularly common some models of RC Helicopter come with working lights. This is ideal if you want to fly it at night. Obviously this does add to the price so question should be whether it is really worth it? Only you can decide.

Video / Camera

It is more common to get a camera on a Drone but you can still get them on some helicopter models. It can be more cost effective than a Drone but the quality is not as good. If you want to go exploring then a RC helicopter with a camera could be ideal.


Stabilizers are used for helping to stabilize the helicopter when windy. It includes a working gyroscope which as you have guessed adds to the cost. It can make it easier to fly (rather than crash) which can help you save money in repair costs so it may be worth it in the long run.

Multi Channel

The number of different directions you helicopter can fly in will be determined by the number of channels. Remote controlled helicopters with more channels can do more complexed tricks which many hobbyists love. Three is seen as the ideal amount of channels.

GPS and Autopilot

GPS and autopilot allow you to maintain flight altitude for your helicopter. They also help with take off and landings by reducing crashes. These are more common in Drones but some more expensive models do include them and they are well worth it offering greater control and stabilization.

The more features that a RC Helicopter has the higher the price is likely to be. This is obviously the case with anything from a family car to a house. It is just a matter of working out what features you want and whether you can get them within your budget. Check out the models below to get some idea what is on offer at what price.

Examples of RC Helicopters

Below are a couple of great choices when it comes to RC Helicopters. They are in different price ranges to give you an idea of what is available and at what price.

Please note that because this article is aimed at beginners we have not included a helicopter towards the top end of the price range (£500). If you would like to see some we’d recommend visiting Al’s Hobbies.

Cheap RC Helicopters – Z010G 3CH Metal Co-Axial Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro


Mid Range RC Helicopter – V950 6CH 3D6G Flybarless RTF Radio Controlled Helicopeter

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