Fun Cheap Petrol RC Cars

There are a good range of cheap petrol rc cars in the UK with a good variety from Nitrotek such as the ShengQI but also the Yama as below.

This is my review of the Yama RC Buggy which if you want its full title is the AoWei 1/5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz but the full name is a mouthful so I shall simply call it the Yama Buggy.

Best Selling Cheap Petrol RC Cars

I needed something to get my son something for his birthday so like everyone else these days I went on line and started to research a few ideas.

I went through the obvious before I remembered what I had when I was a child – a remote controlled car. Once I thought of that I knew what to search for and the rest was easy.

Finding a number of sites I obviously looked around with the hardest art being what model to get. I eventually decided on the Yama Buggy because my son is getting older now.

He would like something with a little extra umpth and with this car being powered by petrol I thought that it would be a cool gift that he would adore me for. Ok I was after some brownie point.

Large but Still Cheap Petrol RC Cars

What I liked about it was the large wheels and the slim chassis. It looks like a dune buggy which appeals to me and I am hoping that it appeals to my son as well.

At £339 it seemed like more of an investment and I was hoping that my son would include me in it giving us something to do together even though he is getting older.

The car itself is great. It is fast with its 26cc engine and boasts some amazing acceleration. I found it quite easy to drive as did my son and with its long wide design it can corner really well.

You will need to top up the tank every now and again which is a job you need to do right but the website I got it from even sells spare parts so if anything breaks you can replace it.

Overall this is a wonderful petrol RC buggy that I can strongly recommend for anyone from the first time owner of a petrol RC Car right through to the enthusiast. Check it out for yourself today and enjoy a whole new world of fun.

When most people picture a remote controlled car or radio controlled car they think of a kid playing on their driveway. While this is correct it is only half the truth that is out there.

These days RC Cars as they are known are becoming a huge hobby in the UK. It is still an interest of the young with remote controlled cars still a major gift when it comes to Birthdays and Christmas.

However there is a increasing trend for adults to keep the interest going and take it to the next level.

For every person who had an RC Car as a child and gave it up when they became an adult there is another who kept the hobby going. This is not quite the same thing as it is an adult version of the child’s interest.

While children will generally use battery powered RC Cars adults will move more onto petrol RC Cars. These are remote controlled cars that are powered by petrol.

It should be pointed out at this point that this is not quite the petrol you will put in your family car. You can’t just go to the petrol station and put unleaded in your RC Car.

Petrol RC cars are the most fun with real power and speed. They can be purchased from hobby shops or online by searching through the use of a search engine.

Simply putting in RC Cars will bring up a number of sites that will sell you a large range of cars of differing appearance. As well as the actual cars there is also the chance to buy add on items and tools to fully customize your RC car.

For those who like things that are a little different you can even get an RC monster truck. It should also be noted at this point that although you can buy RC Cars and accessories online, the petrol itself must be purchased from hobby shops for obvious reasons.

Now if you are one of these big kids who still enjoys driving his petrol RC Car around you may be interested to know there are others who think and feel the same.

There are even forums where people can discuss everything and anything to do with RC Cars. It has even been known for fans and members of these forums to meet up and drive theirs in organised meets.

This can become a real family thing for both adults and kids as each person can learn from each other and have great fun with any of the cheap petrol rc cars you can buy online or your local store.

Friends have been made this way and friends where you share a hobby are always a good thing and are much more likely to last.

In summing up whether you are a kid or a big kid there is no reason why you cannot take your interest in RC Cars to an extreme level of interest and fun.

There is an endless number of cheap rc cars, accessories and tools to give you the fun and entertainment everyone wants these days. Investigate this for yourself and have a good day.

FS Racing 2.4Ghz Moster RC Truck

My nephew who’s 4 years old is loving RC Cars as he has grown to be that age when things really interest him. He has his first electric RC truck so no doubt he will be loving the idea of a petrol remote controlled truck as he gets older.

Here we have the outstanding FS Racing petrol radio controlled truck that is one beast that’s for sure. 1/5th scale so extremely big compared to my nephews little electric model truck, a complete daddy with its petrol fuelled power.

This gas powered beast has become a very popular model at Nitrotek with a great range of features already included without the need to add yourself. First it has the larger 30cc engine compared to the 23cc in standard models. This engine produces a high speed of 50mph if not even faster depending on the terrain and gradient you are racing this RC on.

Please bear in mind to race this in open fields or areas of expanse away from housing, people and especially children and animals as these are very loud indeed and very fast so safety should be the highest concern as a responsible RC Racer.

Fuelling this model truck is very easy as you just use the same unleaded fuel your family care uses and you can use either 93# or #97 grade. This is also mixed in with 2 stroke oil which you also buy at whichever petrol station you with.

Mix these two in the same bottle (provided with the RC) and simply pour in and you are ready to run this petrol monster in. Remember to look at the running in procedure as without this, you can damage the parts and not get the full performance.

With many coming from the nitro fuel arena, it’s great that you do not have to rely on model shops to be open or ordering fuel online and ruining the fun if you run low of nitro gas.

As we mentioned, this comes with a list of features already installed which consist of a 700c fuel tank, the gearbox is sealed to prevent any contaminants getting in, including water, an adjustable carburettor, strong rollcage and aluminium air filter.

The FS Racing RC truck is not 4 wheel drive but however is 4WD ready so comes as 2WD. All you need is the 4×4 wheel drive conversion kit that you can buy from Nitrotek. This allows you to easily upgrade to 4 wheel drive which improves dramatically the handing and grip of the truck.

Finally, it has a 2.4Ghz radio frequency equipment which has become the standard in so many models now. This allows you to race and have fun without any other RC models in the area being effected and the same as theirs not effecting your racing enjoyment.

The 26cc AoWei Yama Petrol Buggy

Now we have the 26cc petrol motor driven 2.4Ghz Yama RC Buggy which comes in at a much lower price than many other petrol fuelled remote control 1/5th scale models in the UK.

This is a very good circle of circumstances in that the price is lower than many other manufacturers which makes them very popular and due to being popular, they can keep the price down. Additionally the spare parts required for maintenance are made in the same factor as the Yama buggy itself.

With a 1/5th scale buggy they are significantly bigger than most other radio controlled models than you may have been used to. The Yama buggy comes pre-assembled with the only small task to perform when you take it out of the box is to fit the rear wing.

Inside the box you receive some additional items, these include the fuel bottle for mixing both the unleaded fuel and 2 stoke oil before pouring into the fuel tank. At the time of writing, you also get a small toolkit which includes a small screwdriver, a few Alan keys, and spanner and plug wrench.

The manual it comes with has exploded diagrams of all of the parts incase you need to order pats in the future.

The radio uses the 2.4Ghz frequencies with a short Ariel on the controller which bends near the bottom for when it’s not in use. The battery in the charge is a rechargeable battery and recharged using the included AC Adapter which fits using the small plastic connector on the AC adapter. It’s great that you don’t need to remove the bodyshell to charge the battery as the connector is visible.

This is a 2 wheel drive machine with the breaking and tuning via the rear axle with the tyres being very firm which is going to give very good contact with the ground when racing on many different terrains.

There’s a plastic bumper on the front with an added extra being the skidplate underneath. This helps the buggy slide over anything that maybe nearly in line with the chassis and not getting caught but will help the YAMA slide overtop the obstacle.

The shock absorbers are pretty large with 2 coil springs with an oil filled piston so exceptional professional designed. The ride height can be adjusted by altering the plastic collar plus the oil being added to, to alter the ride of the buggy to suit your taste.

We have talked about a good few cheap petrol rc cars here, have a look around for even more.


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