5 Fast Radio Controlled Cars

Very Fast Radio Controlled Cars

Here we have 5 fantastic fast radio controlled cars you can find available in the United Kingdom. At the time of writing we have limited social interaction with family and friends so a great time to invest in a fast rc car.

The majority of the cars listed below run on an electric battery but we will continue the article in time and provide some great options for nitro vehicles to both cars and buggies.

The five below come with all you need to get up and running, this includes a powerful 540 motor in most models, speed controllers, battery and as you requested very fast in speed and agility.

The first RC model we have is –


Nitrotek have had this model available for a pretty good number of years now with several XSTR models in the range of this style of fast buggies. Each comes with the reliable 2.4Ghz radio equipment that has the main benefit of being able to race your buggy around the local area without anyone else’s model interfering due to the wide range of radio frequencies.

The design of this buggy is very professional with many upgrades available. The spec itself as standard is very impressive with high specification speed controller, a 540 motor as already mentioned and aluminium capped oil filled shock absorbers.

You also have an aluminium centre drive shaft along with performance differentials all combined into one fantastically fast electric rc buggy

If you were to look over the internet you will find a huge range of fast rc vehicles but these come in at a much lower cost for your racing thrills. Instead of having to pay out hundreds of pounds in money, these XSTR range of vehicles come in under £150 with this being under £100 at the time of writing.

What you shouldn’t do which is a great thing is confuse this model with an entry level electric rc car. Yup it is a great model, very fast but even though the price is low you will find the specs give this a run for its money against higher spec RC vehicles.

The power for this buggy is electric as you know with the battery being a 1800mah and the controller being 7.2V, this altogether provides an immense amount of power for some serious racing indeed.

If you still feel you would like a more powerful model then you will also find you can upgrade this buggy with a brushless kit. This includes a brushless motor, ESC and Li-po battery and increase the speed even more.

These are additional and do not come prefitted so will need to be done yourself.

Fast Radio Controlled Cars and Buggy Reviews

LUKAT 4×4 Very Fast Electric Monster Truck

The LUKAT 4×4 Monster Truck is one of the low cost fast rc cars, a great electric Monster Truck with 2.4Ghz radio controller for kids and adults.


It’s a 1/20th scale model and can race around 26km/h or over depending on the terrain it’s running on. Its hobby grade and with the manufacturer claiming its waterproof, no rain here yet so let’s see when the time comes what test we can run on it outdoors.

This LUKAT Monster Truck comes with a RC390 Brushed motor with awesome horsepower, the acceleration is terrific so make sure you view our videos below to see how fast this goes. Due to its incredible acceleration, it’s been mentioned by LUKAT this can be used for drag racing as its so quick off the mark.

An off road RC Truck and a design that’s been steered toward beginners, at well under £100 is a great RC model for a low price to get started in the RC racing hobby in the UK. This is a 4 wheel drive remote control truck with metal damper shock absorbers on both the rear and front of the vehicle.

The dampening has been designed to be adjustable so if you are running this on a beach, field or just a rocky area then the suspension can be adjusted. LUKAT have incorporated additional travel in the shock absorbers that gives them protection when the wheels and suspension take a hammering or if the truck was to fall from a height.

Radio controlled cars, drones and helicopters have come a long way with the radio equipment. You can control this 4×4 truck for 50 meters which works out as 164 feet.

The speed as we have said its superb which means you get great turns, drifting and flips all controlled with precision 2.4Ghz radio frequencies. As the radio frequencies allow up to eight vehicles in the area, you can race friends without any interference.

The ESC which stands for Electronic Speed Controller has been placed in a waterproof compartment so can be raced on a beach or through water with ease. If however there is a influx in current then the over protection circuitry will cut off the power. After each race be it dry or water, make sure you clean and dry the truck before storing away.

We ordered this from Amazon as we use a Prime account and came the next day, very happy with the service.

However in this changing time we look to support smaller companies who sell a range of amazing radio controller vehicles. Please have a look at Nitrotek, Modelsport and Wheelspinmodels.

In the next few days we are going to get this little monster out and about, the weather has started to change so we expect parents will be looking to entertain their children outdoors.

Remote control vehicles, trampolines, climbing frames and playhouses are just a few of the range of toys you can chose for your children away from the games console.

Simply Funs Review 

We have had great fun with the LUKAT electric remote control buggy, racing it in the back garden and over the park as you can see from our videos. Alfie loved it, he is certainly growing up to be a fan of the RC range of toys you can get for kids and adults, as we are big kids to in this family which maybe you can class yourselves as?

This monster radio controlled buggy is very quick as you can see, when controlling it it can be very sensitive so ends up doing a wheelie and either flipping onto its back or in a some kind of spin and ends up back on all four wheels again before continuing to drive one of many directions.

If you find the LUKAC is to sensitive on the controller you have two trims on the radio handset. The left trim is to change the left and right steering. However, the right knob on the controller is low to high trim so lower it and you will find this buggy is much easier to control, its still very quick but you don’t lose control as easy. In time once you get used to driving it, changing directions then you can add trim sensitivity to it.

You can see when racing in the garden, it drives so fast it ends up crashing into objects very easily. What we found on this model is the buggy’s body shell became easily damaged but then again it’s an RC model under £100 so not surprising. It does look very well used in such a short time, if we were to give this buggy away to friends or for free in our local area, it certainly looks like it’s had fun.

When you first receive this vehicle it needs a first charge. The controller uses 2 x AA battery which is good we think where as £30 Crawler we bought last week needed 6 x AA batteries which we thought was a little overkill.

The charge the buggy’s battery, you remove the small metal clips that hold on the bodyshell and remove the shell itself. Underneath is a white connector that you plug the USB lead into at one end, with the USB inserted into your home computer or USB adapter for your wall in your home.

Once charged, you need to connect the two dark red connectors and then replace the bodyshell and ready to race.

Turn on the radio controller first and then the LUKAT buggy. Wait a few seconds and the lights will stop flashing and you are ready to race.

We Liked

  • Low Cost at Under £100
  • Very quick and fun
  • Easy to charge – Gets you used to a more professional model
  • Battery lasted a good half an hour

We Didn’t Like

  • The bodyshell became scratched pretty quickly
  • Only comes with one battery – You need to order a 2nd


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