Crawler Rechargeable Radio Control Car

Crawler Rechargeable RC Car - Front ViewFor Christmas 2020 we decided that it was finally time to get my son a radio control car. Sure he had one in the past but it was tiny and only had a very short range. He also had a radio controlled Thomas the Tank Engine but that was extremely limited and for much younger children – and perhaps their dads. Now aged 7 we decided it was time to get him a better model. After much research we settler on the Crawler Rechargeable Radio Control Car.
Within this post we aim to cover the following:
  • Price
  • What is Included
  • Set Up
  • Batteries & Charging
  • Speed
  • Performance (Inc Range)


One of our largest considerations was the price. Like many others we don’t have loads of money to throw around. One of the things that drew us to this model was that it was well priced at just under £40.

This is a toy grade car which means its parts cannot be upgraded or replaced if they break. It does however also mean that it is cheaper than many of the ‘hobby grade’ vehicles out there.

Overall I think it is well priced. It isn’t going to break the bank. It is ideally priced for a Birthday or Christmas.

What is Included

Within this kit you get a number of items. Firstly you obviously get the car itself but on top of that you also get a controller (obviously) as well as two rechargeable batteries each with a USB charging able.

It should be pointed out that the actual USB plug that goes into the mains does not come with the kit. This should be the same charger you charge a mobile phone with.

You can buy a USB plug from any good electrical shop and everyone s friends Amazon.

Set Up

This car is officially known as RTR – Ready to Run. This isn’t 1005 true as you do need to charge the batteries. The first charge takes 6 hours with all other charges after that being just 4 hours. A fully charged battery will give about 30 minutes of use.

Once the batteries are charged you simply need to unscrew the battery flap under the car. Insert and connect the battery before ceiling it back up. You also need to add 8x AA batteries in the hand held controller.

As son as this is done simply switch both the car and the controller on and off you go. It really is no harder than putting batteries in any other toy or gadget.

Batteries & Charging

This car came with to batteries allowing you to charge one while using the other. Alternatively you can charge them both and enjoy twice as much fun.

Each battery takes about 4 hours to charge fully. They are chargeable through a USB adapter either through a computer or power socket. They are easy to plug in and won’t cause you any problems unless you have never come across electricity before.

Each battery offers approximately 30 minutes of run time. That is an hour if you go out with both batteries charged although if you do please remember a small screwdriver as you’ll need it to get the battery hatch on the car open.


The Crawler was faster than I was expecting for the price. This was great although my son was often unable to turn and many a crash did happen. Pleasingly the Crawley is well built and could take quite a few hits. I am pretty sure it won’t last forever but it is lasting well for such a cheap RC Car.

Performance (Inc Range)

Overall the performance is impressive considering the cost of the car. It is fast, turns well and the batteries offer a good level of play before your car looks like it is driving with the breaks on. Overall for such a cheap car it offers a high level of performance. I can only wonder what a top car must be like.

If you want to buy this car it is available like most things from Amazon.

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