Very Fast Brushless RC Cars

Brushless RC Cars – Introduction

Around the middle of the 1960’s brushless RC cars became commercially available in the world of RC models.  From that date onwards they have revolutionized every sort of industrial and mechanical industry.

They have become very prevalent in the RC car and truck world and due to their much higher efficiency and power they are speedily becoming the standard for the industry for electric RC models.

Their power is so great that that until 2006 they were in fact illegal for usage in officially sanctioned RC races.  Have you ever wondered how they actually work?  A small explanation may be necessary here.

An electric motor basically is a rotating bar containing an electromagnet that is positioned between two stationary magnets.  Turn the electricity on and a magnetic field is created causing the electromagnet to spin.  It has a maximum spin of 180 degrees before the electromagnet needs to switch polarities.

A brushed system contains small brushes that come into contact with electrodes in order to flip the electromagnet’s polarity.  Therefore despite it being an electrical system the polarities changing is done mechanically.

A brushless motor is virtually the reverse of a brushed motor.  With a motor the electromagnet is situated on the sides of the motor and the magnets are on the rotor itself.  A computer then controls the motor rather than utilising the brushes for mechanical control.

A brushless motor really has many advantages.  A motor that has brushes will make quite a noise and is less efficient and less powerful.

It is more likely to overheat and can wear out much quicker.  Basically brushless motors are so much better with the only downside seeming to be that they are slightly more costly initially.

So having learned all of this what effect does it have on RC cars and trucks?  To start with it means power.  A brushless motor will produce far more power and consequently your RC car will go so much faster.

Their efficiency is also far greater and they are able to power a vehicle for a longer period using the same battery than a brushed motor will.

It’s a fairly obvious statement but one of the main reasons for the reliability of brushless motors is that you do not need to replace the brushes because there are none to replace!

Maintenance is far easier as they do not overheat.  Their lifetime is very long as only the bearings will ever need replacing. The brushed motor will suffer burn out fairly quickly and will need replacing.

The only real disadvantage as we have already alluded to is the cost.  Initially they will be dearer than the brushed motor and they run far more efficiently on LiPo batteries.

These work out quite expensive and will take longer to charge.  You will also require a balance charger and these can be pricey.  LiPo batteries can also explode if they are overcharged. This type of battery is not necessary for these motors but is definitely recommended by experts.

Another minor drawback with brushless motors is the higher learning curve required.  Their programming is required and beginners can find this to be somewhat difficult.

If you are a beginner or someone on a reasonably tight budget you may prefer brushed motors simply because of the cheaper price. Otherwise a serious RC hobbyist and an experienced one should make the changeover to a brushless system.

In time to come all brushed motors will be replaced by brushless ones.  The latter are definitely the motors of the future.

5 Great Brushless RC Cars and Buggies

XSTR Brushless RC Buggy 

Bring on the brushless RC cars, let’s start with the incredible looking HSP XSTR Pro Brushless version with its high quality 2.4Ghz radio equipment.

There are some superb brushless radio controlled cars available, this being the Auto Express Best Buy of 2016. A While ago but it’s still going strong indeed. Great fun, looks good and a range of amazing features such as the FSD 3300KV brushless motor combined with the 7.4v 3500Ah Lip battery gives this brushless buggy incredible speed and agility.

You may have seen the standard XSTR RC buggy but being the PRO, you now get a great deal more for your money. Apart from being a great deal quicker than the standard model, the PRO comes with working differentials, aluminium oil filled shock absorbs that work great over on road terrain, this is not a hobby grade model by the way.

You also get a great design with the drive shaft being central with adds to the stability at speed, cornering or turning around. When it comes to the size of this buggy, it comes in at 400mm in length x 250mm in width x 160mm in height.


Brushless RC Car Kit – Electric Raptor Truggy

Fancy building your own RC Electric Remote Controlled Truggy?

If so, here we have the awesome looking Raptor brushless Truggy, 1:10th scale and a large brushless motor that runs with an 11.1v Li-Polymer battery that gives one fantastic speed like a blink of an eye and its gone!

There is the brushed engine version of the Raptor which comes as a kit that you can build then race, then just get blown away.

The kit you receive has been one of the most popular RC items sold at Nitrotek, they also have other RC Kits available but you can also buy this Raptor Truggy prebuilt if you wish.

You may be a parent who remembers the days of the air fix models, matchstick building but now you have the joy of building your own RC electric remote controlled Truggy.

Who needs Lego when you can build one of these, take great pride in its assembled form and the thrill of seeing the finished model and then turning it on.

Werewolf Electric RC Buggy – Standard Version

This Werewolf is our highest spec electric radio controlled car.  It is an all new 1:8 brushless model with pro racing in mind.  The Werewolf can help you to race and win at National level.

It is feature packed complete with a number of new exclusive innovations that can only be found in this model and as such puts it ahead of others and enables you to race ahead of the competition.

Its brushless setup includes a large motor that is very powerful and a 11.1v li-po battery enabling the Werewolf to exceed 50mph as standard out of the box procedure.

It has an upgradeable setup which includes the option if required to include a further three batteries giving an endless potential as to what this machine can achieve.

With the addition of highly adjustable settings and high spec design the Werewolf is also covered against fast cornering as well as the straights.  It is without doubt a true race winner.

The Werewolf is available in both a standard version and a Pro version.  They are in fact very similar except that the Pro version has been upgraded with sway bars and front CVD shafts. The Pro also contains aluminium shocks plus adjustable turnbuckles.  The shocks on the standard version are plastic.

The brushless RC car is available fully built and is ready for racing apart from the necessity for eight normal AA batteries available at any high street outlet. With the radio equipment being 2.4G you can race as many models together simultaneously.

Bear in mind this is a high spec racer and requires a good deal of skill in order to control it.  Consequently it is recommended for those over the age of fourteen.u

HSP PRO Electric Brushless RC Truck 

Our next choice of brushless RC Cars is the HSP Electric Black Monster Truck, the PRO version to that means you have a model that is significantly quicker than the standard version of this HSP RC Truck.

Due to being the full version, it contains some great upgrades and consist of a Lipo battery working alongside the brushless motor. There are models that come have a brushless motor but come with a lower spec NiMh batter but when racing does not give out the same performance as this beast of a monster truck.

You can change the pro setup for this RC truck and has been designed with features such as an aluminium central drive shaft that provides a great deal of stability when on the move at speed and handling corners and turns.

Features also include double aluminium shock absorbers on each of the wheels with a slipper clutch and advanced servo saver. As you can see, this HSP truck has been designed to be used for off road due to the height of the clearance off the ground, but of course you can race on road but this HSP model tackles off road terrain very well indeed.

To handle the range of off road terrains you will test this vehicle with, you have an advanced suspension system, powerful torque gear ratios and very large wheels all bringing this truck the design required to push this to its limits when racing across whatever ground you wish.

The body shell of this Professional RC Truck has an amazing glossy shell with jet black colour and two realistic looking drivers in the cab. This is not a self-build kit so comes prebuild and ready to race so all you need are 8 x AA batteries for the radio controller and receiver.

The radio equipment runs on 2.4Ghz so excellent if you have more than one RC model to race and do not want any interference but also no other hobbyist in your area to ruin your enjoyment as they all can work on this range of radio equipment.

When it comeLs to the size of this monster machine it comes in at 40cm in length, 30cm in width and an awesome 16cm In height as 1/10th scale which to be honest we hadn’t mentioned until now.

Even though this truck has a high ground clearance you will be pleased to hear that the servo is waterproof so protected from water so don’t worry about puddles, dirt and dust so give it a wet track and not a problem.

Lastly, the tyres themselves are anti skit so whatever the terrain, the grip is superb and no problem on steep gradients what so ever.

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