The Benefits of Radio Control Cars

Benefits of Radio Controlled CarsWhen looking at the reasons to use any toy it is easy to just say because they are fun. While this is the case with radio controlled cars there are many more benefits to playing with radio controlled cars and in this post we are going to explore them in more detail.

The main benefits of radio controlled car are the development of a skill, a great way to socialise, a hobby for life, develop hand eye co-ordination and that are great fun.

Top Benefits of Radio Control Cars

1 Development of a Skill

One of the top skills that a radio controlled car offers is all about engines. How many adults out there wish they knew how their car engine works? Well while a RC car isn’t exactly the same it is pretty similar.

You can buy radio control cars in a ready to run condition (RTR) where you just have to charge it or add fuel or you can get a car that arrives in its component parts. These self assemble RC cars are perfect for learning exactly how they all fit together and run. It is a skill that can keep your hobby interesting long into adult.

2 A Great way to Socialise

Driving a radio controlled car may not immediately seem like the most social thing in the world and in some cases it isn’t but it can be. While driving on your own driveway or garden may not make you any new friends racing at your local track can be.

Racing at your local track (Or perhaps creating your own) can be a great way to meet people with the same interest as you. It is also a great way to see other models of car so you can start to think about your next purchase. This is a great way to learn friendly competition as well as a way to learn from others.

3 A Hobby for Life

For me the very top benefit of RC cars is the fact that it can be a hobby for life. There are toy grade RC cars available for 5 year olds, petrol RC cars for adults and many other designs of car in between. No matter how old you are there will be a vehicle perfect for you.

A hobby is an important part of anyone’s life. When you have had a stressful day it is important to have a hobby that you can escape to. That can be anything including building and driving RC cars.

No matter your level of experience, budget, skill level, location or age there is always going to be a car that is perfect for you, and with so many online retailers available these days getting started couldn’t be easier.

Note: Who says the hobby has to just involve RC cars. It can also lead to RC Tanks, RC Planes and RC Helicopters. It can even lead to an interest in drones which are all the rage these days. The possibilities are endless. 

4 Develop Hand Eye Co-ordination

One often forgotten benefit of RC Cars is the effect it has on hand eye co-ordination. There are many toys that help children with dexterity. Few however have the affect of a radio controlled car.

A car not only moves forward and back but can turn left and right. This gives a child’s brain plenty to think about. In all honesty it gives an adults brain plenty to think about. It is fantastic for development especially when the car can be travelling towards or away from you.

My son has dyspraxia which is one of the reasons I first bought him a remote control car. While he did crash it a lot at home once we got over the local park he had a blast. It took time but slowly he did improve. All thanks to a simple cheap radio control car.

5 Great Fun

Finally we have the most obvious benefit of all – its great fun. This actually applied whether you are a child or an adult. A child’s car may be smaller and slower than an adults but it is just as fun. The cars get faster and more extreme as your age and skill level improves which only leads to more fun.

In fact with RC Cars fun can come in multiple way. Sure it is fun to race a car at extreme speeds but to many it can be just as fun to take the car apart to upgrade it. Tinkering is a great pass time that can be called fun and can be very therapeutic.

Trampolines are great fun but lets face it it is just jumping. With radio controlled cars it is so much more.

What’s Next?

If you are interested in radio control cars and want to know more please check out the rest of the site. We cover all aspects of the radio control industry including places, tanks, boats and helicopters but with a special focus on cars.

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