4×4 Remote Control Car

Three 4×4 Remote Control Car Models

Looking for a 4×4 remote control car? Here’s a superb range below to take your interest. There are many two wheel drive RC cars available that are classed as 4 wheel drive ready but these are 4WD out of the box.

4×4 Remote Control Car Reviews

First we have this very fast 70kpm model that is 1/18th scale so a smaller vehicle to many in the RC range you can buy but my word it shifts. The speed of this little buggy is down to the lithium polymer combined with the included 540 motor that you usually find in larger models that are higher in price to. Now this radio controlled buggy has been given these features and incredible speed is what you get as a result.

Nitrotek gave this a test and they as a result achieve a speed of 72kph so give this an on road surface and some incredibly fast fun is on the cards. Inside this radio controlled buggy you have features you would not expect which consist of an upgraded aluminium drive shaft, drive cups and a central drift shaft.

Due to the speed of this RC buggy, the manufacturer have given it front and rear differentials and suspension that’s usually reserved for more professional models but now included in this model along with the already mentioned, 4 wheel drive.

This is not a self-build kit as it comes fully assembled out of the box so when you receive it, you will be ready to race very quickly. All you need are 4 x AA batteries or the radio controller.

With a full charge of the battery, you should receive around 6 minutes of racing fun so not the longest battery but there’s a lot of speed to be had in that time. To recharge the battery, the manufacturer has advised this is around three hours on a standard chart but you can invest in a faster charger if you wish.

Another great feature is a reported 100m distance that the radio receiver can pick up so you can race this very fast buggy away and have a significant distance before the signal weakens.

Current customers have reported this as very rapid indeed although a few mental components would have been preferred. It’s probably not a good idea to have this crash into solid objects to often.

As you can tell this has had a upgrade even considering the low cost, to summarise here’s a list.

  • Upgraded 540 motor
  • Up to or a little over 70kmh
  • Excellent 2.4Ghz radio equipment
  • Four wheel drive
  • Upgraded aluminium drive shaft and drive cups

The HSP 4×4 RC Nitro Monster Truck

There are some powerful 4×4 remote control car models you can buy such as this fantastic HSP 1.8th Scale 4 Wheel drive off road monster truck. This particular model is a nitro fuelled model so the next level up from electric one you have become experienced enough with the vast range of electric radio controlled cars on the market.

This HSP Monster truck is going to one you remember for incredible fun and comes in an astounding black and red body shell colour. This Monster is not just powerful but also large, fast and one great beast.

Being 1/8th scale this is large than many of the models you may have seen in the nitro range that come in at a 1/10th scale so you are now steering towards the 1/5th range which the petrol rc cars come in at.

There are a range of terrific features that come built into this monster including a two speed automatic gearbox, three differentials with hardened gears. Some of these you only find in a high spec professional model so you know this is one for when you have experienced.

So additionally you have a superb fast .21 nitro engine along with a very strong aluminium chassis, large fuel tank so give you an additionally long race time rather than it running out of fuel. Do remember to store or keep at hand an extra bottle of nitro fuel, especially if you are racing near to out of hour shop times or weekends.

Moving on, this HSP RC truck has upgraded aluminium parts and extremely large high grip tyres for those outdoor terrains it can take on with ease especially being a 4 wheel drive model. Saying that, it’s built for off road trucking but if you wish to run it on road then that’s perfectly fine to.

As you can tell this HSP truck is a beast so there’s some good weight behind it so for breaking it’s been given a powerful range of breaks to minimise any crashing when stopping in a short space of time.

This is not an RC Kit so comes fully assembled out the box with just the radio equipment to have 12 x AA batteries for the radio, a glow starter to ignite the nitro fuel and you can start to run in this RC Truck.

The full dimensions of this powerful model are 25cm in height, 38cm in width and 52cm in length so one large beast indeed. As you can see from the images, it includes an immense front and rear bumper for any impacts giving it excellent protection. Underneath you have a awesome polished aluminium exhaust connected to the fast SH .21 engine, ready to rock.

Have a look around Simplyfun or Nitrotek for more 4×4 Remote Control Car models.

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