TRAXXAS REVO This is the Traxxas Revo 3.3 which is available from Als Hobbies.

The Revo has most certainly changed my opinion when it comes to the standard and look of monster trucks. This monster truck has amazing looks that will inspire anyone to want to buy it no matter what their level of expertise.

It does however come with a lot more behind the looks and the performance is after all a massive part of what counts. For a start it has formula one inspire suspension and that can’t be bad.

This 4WD model has a large number of fantastic features and specification. It is so long I do not really know where to begin and in all honesty a lot of it is beyond my level in this industry.

This latest 3.3 design is 10% bigger that the original design and includes features such as the amazing TRX 3.3 Nitro Engine giving it an amazing top speed and real power. It includes the Traxxas TQi high output 2.4Ghz system and twin Traxxas 2075 high speed/high torque waterproof servos for steering with fantastic control even with a large range.

I could at this point go into great detail on all of the high quality specifications or talk about servos, chocks, transmissions and so on but I believe that it is better to go straight to the source and that means going to Als Hobbies – they can provide you with everything you may need from instructions to parts diagrams and even spare parts for any repair work.

There are a number of spare parts available if anything breaks as you zoom to victory on the local racing track. There is support to go with that if you buy it from Als Hobbies which is my recommendation. Along with manuals and considering all that this vehicle includes the question is not why should you buy it but why would you not?