The Remote Control Car Hobby Brought my Son and I Together

For my sons sixth birthday he asked for an RC Car. I have to admit I had to look up what RC Cars were but once I realised it stood for remote control car I knew exactly what he meant. I was looking for something new to keep him occupied. Six is a strange age when they are looking for new ways to have fun and when I realised what he was asking for I was delighted. To be honest it was nice to be able to get him something that didn’t involve some kind of computer screen.

I went online and immediately found him a monster truck model which arrived in only a couple of days. You know the kind it was an exact replica of the massive trucks with the huge wheels that drive over normal sized cars and crush them into well a very flat car. We wrapped it up and on his birthday gave him his present.

Watching him open it was pure delight. The look on his face when he pulled the first piece of paper off to reveal the word car underneath; he knew at that moment what he was getting. It was only a cheap remote control car by the very best standards but he was six so I didn’t think it would matter. I was very wrong.

We took it to the local park and began to drive it around. There was an area to one side that had lots of bumps and slopes which I thought would be perfect to drive up and down. I was very mistaken as this car soon crashed and to my shock and annoyance it had broken. Saddened we went home where I went online to find out how to fix it. I found a video where an expert in the remote control field was explaining about petrol RC cars and why they are generally better. It is because they are hobby grade meaning they come with things like suspension. It was this type of car that I should have brought. It wouldn’t have broken or if it had I would have been able to get spare parts and repair it.

Going shopping again I steered well clear of the cheap remote control cars and seeing as he was six I wasn’t even going to go for a cheap petrol RC car; he can save the fuel driven ones for a later date. It was a beautiful car that even I was excited about. It had everything from a top notch battery pack, internal wiring, suspension and an amazing control unit. This was a hobby style remote control car; not one of those poor quality toy ones.

He was still a little upset that the birthday present he was so excited to get had broken so quickly but thanks to modern technology the replacement came the next day. Without even wrapping it we gave him the parcel and wow you should have seen his face. He was even more delighted than the previous day.

As before we went down the park and tried out some moved. This time the car withstood all we drove it into and if anything could do even more. Chargeable at the mains it was even more powerful and we had a fantastic time. We have been down there every weekend since and I have even purchased my very own petrol remote control car which is just for me.

What started out as my son asking for a RC Car has turned very successfully into a hobby that we share together! We go down the park or some other place where we can race them around until it is time for tea. We have had so many great hours together. Buying a RC Car for my son was the best thing I ever did.


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