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If you are looking to buy a radio controlled car just where should you go? Well that actually depends on what you are looking for – are you looking for a toy grade or hobby grade car?


Toy Grade

In short toy grade cars are cheaper and once broken are done. Due to their price they are normally better RC cars for kids. They are not really what this site is about as I prefer to look at hobby grade. If you want a toy grade car then Amazon is the place to go – I do not really recommend toy grade as the quality just isn’t there. It is a false economy.


Hobby Grade

Hobby grade RC cars are larger, more expensive and more exciting. They can be upgraded and if a piece breaks they can be repaired. For this type of vehicle we recommend Nitrotek.

Nitrotek are one of the leading online retailers and sell hundreds of products including cars, helicopeter,s quadcopters (Drones), tanks and places – they even sell thousands of spare parts.

If you are looking to get serious with a radio cont