RC Cars: What Does Scale Mean?

When buying a radio control car you may well see the scale mentioned but what does that actually mean? Put simply the scale relates to the size of the RC car in relation to it’s full sized counterpart. It doesn’t necessarily help you to understand how large the vehicle actually is. It does however give you a idea as to how large the car is likely to be. Below are some examples to help make things a little clearer.

Bigfoot Electric RC Truck – 1:24th Scale

The Bigfoot Electric RC Truck is the smallest of all the sizes available from Nitotek. It is a 1:24 scale electric RC truck which is the perfect vehicle for beginners especially children.

  • Height – 78 mm
  • Width – 128 mm
  • Length – 165 mm

Meteor Nitro RC Buggy – 1:16th Scale

Taking a step up we have the Meteor which is a nitro powered buggy. This is a 1:16th scale which as you can see from the dimensions is larger than the 1:24 scale electric car.

  • Height – 110 mm
  • Width – 191 mm
  • Length – 289 mm

Marauder Petrol RC Monster Truck – 1:5th Scale

Finally we have the Marauder Petrol RC Truck which is a 1:5th scale. This is much larger than the others being only 20% the size of the real life model.

  • Height – 300 mm
  • Width – 430 mm
  • Length – 860 mm


The scale is simply an indication of how big a model is in comparison to the original full sized vehicle. The dimensions can vary so it is always best to check. In general the larger the number (i.e. 24 is larger than 16) the smaller the vehicle is likely to be.



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