RC Cars: Keeping Teenagers Out of Trouble

Being a teenager is a tough time in anyone’s life. One the one hand you have issues with boredom especially during the holidays. On the other there are issues with peer pressure. It is a wonder that anyone survives their teenage years. The combination of the two is the reason why so many teenagers go off the rails a little and often join gangs or just spend time messing around in local parks. This is I believe where getting into radio control cars can help.

Boredom is meant to be good for children. It can help get their creative side going. It can help them work out what it is they like and what they don’t. Some kids may decide that they will draw to avoid boredom while others may want to go and play football. For some driving a radio control car may be just the thing. In fact getting into RC Cars as a real hobby can be extremely beneficial especially during teenage years.

Benefits of RC Cars for Teenagers

The main problem with boredom for a teenagers is that it can lead them into all sorts of problems. Peer pressure is a strong force and telling a teenager to stay out of trouble just doesn’t cut it.  What you need to do it to be positive. Rather than tell them what not to do give them something that can do – in this case driving radio control cars.

While younger children start with an electric powered RC car a teenager doesn’t have to. Yes there are plenty of quality electric cars around now a teenager (who is a little more responsible) can try their hand at nitro cars. These require nitro fuel and so care needs to be taken. They are however a good way to help build trust and responsibility in them.

Learning to Build your Own?

One great hobby for a teenager beyond just driving a car around is to build your own. It can be the first step towards learning about proper cars. Perhaps even the first step towards becoming a mechanic. I spent hours as a child building using Lego bricks. Who is to say instead of Lego bricks you use car parts. It is the same idea – you build using components parts.

One of the great things with building is the challenge of working out how everything fits together. Your brain almost has to learn how to think in three dimensions. The lessons I learnt building Lego as a kid is the reason I am the go to person for building flat packed furniture. Even if the RC car hobby doesn’t continue into adult life the skills they learn can.

In Conclusion

Helping a teenager to navigate the teenage years could be one of the best things you ever do. It is an age where boredom and peer pressure can take their toll. This doesn’t have to be the case. By getting them an RC Car they can tap into a hobby that can teach them valuable skills, keep their minds occupied and keep them out of trouble. What more could you want?

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