How RC Cars Stacks up Against Other Hobbies

There is no doubt that there are a lot of hobbies out there with one of my favourites being the RC car. After a slight disagreement recently with someone I began to think about how it stacked up against other hobbies. Below are a few of the benefits of the remote control car hobby up against a few other popular hobbies from our time.

Gets you outdoors.

A lot has been said about children’s sedentary lifestyles and their lack of sunshine these days. You do not need to do much research to prove that kids are spending way too much time living their lives on games consoles and computers. Even cheap remote control cars will get your child outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Yes I know sun will give you skin cancer well I am not talking about them being in direct sunlight for hours on end but a little sun is healthy and lets ask the question of how sitting on your bottom all day is any worse than a little sun.

There is a model for all ages

One of the greatest things about remote control cars is that there is a make and design for everyone from the younger child who has his first car for Christmas right through to the adult hobbyist who is on to his 50th car which is fuelled with petrol and can outpace most genuine cars; at least for a few seconds. This allows you to engage in a hobby with other members of your family or friends. I myself have had fun racing my latest car round our cul-de-sac trying to beat my son’s car. I usually win but then mine is a petrol RC car and travels a lot faster than his chargeable version.

Helps the development of the brain

One of the little known benefits is something that I realised while playing with my son. It helps you to develop your brain especially your forward thinking and risk assessment. When I was racing my son around the cul-de-sac we had to be very careful of other full sized cars. One time my son who was winning stopped his car without warning. I over took him before realising he had heard a car coming. My car which won was also nearly crushed; well played son. It is also clear that you can learn through watching how they move just what you can achieve with one and what you can’t. Is that curb to high, is that corner too tight and so on. These all help you develop your risk assessment and judgement. You don’t get that from playing on the latest shoot um up game where your choice is a shotgun or flame thrower. When is that going to help you?

The point is that after my discussion with this friend I began to wonder if the remote control car was all that great. After careful thought I realised that it is amazing. From the suspension to the internal battery and connectors to the fuel tank there is nothing bad about the hobby. Even cheap remote control cars can give you hours of fun and I didn’t even mention fun as one of the benefits; I thought that went without saying. It also gives you loads of other benefits that today’s typical hobbies do not.

So if you are looking for a modern day hobby why not buy yourself a remote control car and see what fun you can have. Better still buy one for each of your family members and see who can win in your very own family grand prix. The good old RC Car really is the best hobby around.

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