The Parts of a Radio Control Car

One of the questions I get a lot is what are the different parts of an RC Car? It is a good question so I wanted to address the main parts in this post. Before I begin lets start with a common misconception. You do not need to know the ins and outs of a radio control car in order to enjoy them. Most cars are ready to run (RTR) and require next to no work to get them going. There are however self build RC car kits and for this a little knowledge is useful.

What are the Parts of an RC Car?

  • Controller
  • Receiver
  • Servo
  • Chassis
  • Wheels
  • Battery
  • Motor / Engine


The controller is the devise you hold in our hand that allows you to ‘control’ the car. This will typically allow you to steer the car left and right as well as accelerate. It will take a number of batteries – usually AA.


The receiver is found on the car. This receives the commands from the controller over radio waves (hense the name radio controlled). It then sends signals to the relevant parts of the car. For example if you want to turn left it will signal the servos to adjust the steering.


The servos are used to turn the steering on the car. When they activate the wheels turn and thus this turns the car.


The chassis is the main part of the car that all other components are connected to. Things like the wheels, battery and motor.


The wheels are just the same as the wheels on your bike or family car. They can be large with deap grip in order to drive at high speeds along dirt tracks. They are though no different in concept to any other wheel.


The battery on an RC Car gives it the charge it needs to perform any function. While the car may be powered by petrol or nitro fuel like the family car it still requires a battery. An RC car is no different.

Motor / Engine

The powerhouse of the radio controlled car is the motor. These vary greatly depending on the power source. You may get a small motor on a 1:24 scale electric RC car. Alternatively you may get anything up to a 30cc engine on a large petrol powered car.

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