Radio Control Cars for Kids

We live in a world where for the majority of kids toys are abundant. They certainly seem to have more than when I was a child. The problem is that ask any parent and they will tell you that toys come and toys go often very quickly. It isn’t about the quantity of toys they have but more about the quality. If you are looking for a quality toy then look no further than a radio controlled car.

When buying a toy for a child the holy grail is to find one that they are still interested in weeks and months later. Or at the very least one they will go back to repeatedly over time.

Why RC Cars?

There are a number of benefits to RC Cars that may well make a parent want to buy one for their child. While a child may not think about it beyond the fun and excitement it gives them a parent must take all considerations.

What a parent cares about

When a parent buys a radio control car for a toddler or child the things they consider that the child really doesn’t think about. Below are the top examples

  • Price
  • Encouraging Outside Activity
  • Family Bonding
  • Hand Eye Co-Ordination


With most things in life price is always an issue. Nobody wants to waste money especially parents. It is therefore an important consideration. Fortunately radio controlled cars (hobby grade models) start from under £40 and if on sale even cheaper.

Encouraging Outside Activity

In our modern world kids seem to be constantly stuck in front of the television or computer. An RC Car is a great way to get the kid out of the house helping them get some fresh air and a little sun. Having a gadget in their hands helps bridge the gap between technology and the outdoors.

Family Bonding

While the child will never realise it any time spent together is going to increase family bonding. This could mean standing there while they play, it could mean helping them or it could mean buying your own car and racing them. It doesn’t matter it is all quality time spent together.

Hand Eye Co-Ordination

One important skill we learn as children is hand eye co-ordination. A radio control car helps this. Using the controller is not easy at first. The child must get used to the car moving with each adjustment of the controls. It is even harder when the vehicle is travelling towards them and the cars left is their right. It is a great way to learn and improve.

What a kid cares about

If you put a remote control car in front of a kid they are really only going to care about:

  • How to drive it?
  • Where can you drive it?
  • How fast will it go?

So it is important to think about what type of controller the vehicle has, whether it is on-road, off-road and let us be honest if your child is young does it drive on carpet. You must also consider how fast the car goes. Giving a 100mph Traxxas Super Car to a 5 year old is going to end badly. Fortunately there is a car for every child. Below are some of the top radio control cars for kids of different ages.

Please Note: All of these cars are electric RC cars. This is simply because they are more appropriate for kids. 

Best RC Cars for Kids

JYToyz RC Stunt Car (Toddler)

JYToyz RC Stunt CarOne of the main things you need to bear in mind when buying a remote control for a toddler is that there hand eye coordination and fine motor skills are not yet developed. It is one of the main reasons for buying them a car. It is for that reason they you need the easier controller which you can see in this picture. One hand controls forward and back while the other controls left and right. Make it too hard and they will lose interest.

The JYToyz RC Stunt Car has just such a controller and that is one of the reasons why we recommend it for toddlers. There are however two other great reasons.

Firstly the car is a ‘stunt car’ meaning it is built for crashes so no matter how good or bad your toddler may be this car should be able to take the pounding.

The other major benefit is the brightly coloured design. There is something about brightly coloured toys that appeal to kids. I don’t understand it but I will go with it. This car is black and bright blue or bright green. Available from Amazon it is currently on sale for just over £22.

Please Note: If you are buying a RC Car to help with a toddlers hand eye coordination and fine motor skills this article from Ideal Toys may be helpful – Toys for Dyspraxia – Improving Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Bigfoot Electric RC Truck – Spirit (5 Year Olds)

Bigfoot Electric RC Truck - SpiritA great vehicle for a 5 year old is the Bigfoot Electric RC Truck called Spirit. This is available from Nitrotek for about £40 which is within the budget of most parents. It is a fun little truck (1:24 Scale) that is perfect for zooming around the living room or garden.

It is ready to run (RTR) with four wheel drive (4WD) and is designed for off road adventures making it great for the garden. They may need a little help if they lack coordination but it that is the case then an RC car will really help.

If you are looking to get your child a present for their birthday, for Christmas or another family member is then this truck is cheap enough to buy without breaking the bank. It is a lovely first RC vehicle for any young child.

Trojan RC Racing Buggy – Brushless Version (10 Year Olds)

If someone had given me the Trojan RC Racing Buggy as a 10 year old I would have felt like all my Christmas’s had come at once. Actually for less than £100 this is really well priced. It comes with an array of upgrades including a 4450KV brushless motor and a 7.2v 1500mAh NiMH battery.

It is a 1:16 scale buggy with dimensions of 280 mm in length, 191 mm in width and 110 mm in height. This Off -road, ready to run, 4WD vehicle with its brushless motor really is amazing value for money.

If you have a child anywhere between 10 and perhaps an early teenager this buggy is perfect for them. Whether they pay half or whether it is for their birthday and Christmas they really will love it.

Barbarian EXL Brushless RC Monster Truck (Teenagers)

Teenagers are a little harder to please than younger kids but no problem. The Barbarian EXL Brushless RC Monster Truck will do the trick. This is a 1:8th Scale top of the range truck that will excite any kid.

As you can see from the picture the shell is brilliantly painted. For me though the really amazing feature are the wheels which are large with such deep grips. This will allow your child to go wherever they want – within reason. Especially with its four wheel drive (4WD).

This off road truck is delivered ready to tun (RTR) with dimensions of 230 mm in height, 570 mm in length and 450 mm in width (1:8th Scale).

If you teenager is really serious about radio controlled cars and wants to go to the next level while remaining in the electric category then this truck is most definitely to be considered.

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