Petrol RC Cars: Cars, Trucks & Buggy’s for Sale

Petrol Remote Control Cars are the largest, fastest and most powerful of any radio controlled car. They are cars for those with a serious interest in the hobby and the budget to back it up.

Within this page I want to show a few of the best RC cars available offering a reason I feel they are worth looking at. I will look at some of the finest radio controlled cars for sale in the UK today as well as suggest the best place to buy it.

Please Note: All cars mentioned on this page can be seen in further detail and are available to buy from Nitrotek or Al’s Hobbies.

Top Brands

Affordable Brands

If you are a beginner looking for their first petrol powered vehicle or you do not have a large budget then going for a more affordable lesser known brand would be a good option. We recommend Nitrotek as they offer cheaper models as well as offer support if you have any questions or issues. They stock the following brands.

  • Aowei
  • FS Racing

Top Quality Brands

If you are an old hand at petrol fuelled vehicles and are looking for your next beast or you are a beginner with a large budget then we would recommend going for one of the top quality brands you can get. We recommend Al’s Hobbies as they have the quality, the experience and the knowledge to not only supply you with a great car but to help you with any problems. They stock the following brands.

  • Traxxas
  • Losi
  • Team Associated
  • HPI Racing
  • Duratrax

Benefits of Petrol RC Cars (over electric and nitro cars)

More Powerful

One of the key things to remember that I mention in my guide to petrol RC cars for beginners is that there are three types of car each one more powerful than the last. Electric cars are the least powerful although good for beginners, nitro cars are in the middle and petrol cars are the most powerful.

For those who are really into the hobby and perhaps already have a nitro car a bigger, faster more powerful petrol model may be the obvious choice. It is a clear benefit and is ultimately where any true hobbyist wants to be.

Largest RC Vehicles

Petrol Powered RC Cars are the largest of the radio controlled family. At 1:5th scale a truck like the Marauder Petrol RC Monster Truck is a large RC Truck. It is 860 mm (almost a meter), by 430 mm by 300 mm. While all RC Cars vary in size and scale this is on the larger end of the spectrum. This is a major plus for many car enthusiasts. 

Cheaper Fuel

While many people complain about the price of petrol for RC Cars it is the cheaper option. Petrol powered RC Cars are powered by standard unleaded and 2 stroke oil. A nitro car is powered by nitro fuel which you can get from your local hobby shop.

Standard petrol is the cheaper option which means that although a car may be more expensive a nitro car costs more to run. If you use it enough this may actually make a petrol powered vehicle cheaper in the long run.

Engine Maintenance

Now I must admit that engine maintenance is not a topic I know a great deal about although building a car from scratch including the engine is on my RC Car Bucket List. I do however know how to research and so I have had a little look around on Google.

General consensus is that petrol engines require a lot more maintenance than nitro cars. This is based on having looked at the sites I am looking at. You need to remember that setting up your car (tuning it) does require a number of factors to be considered. These include the temperature outside, the humidity, the engine type, fuel grade and so on.

I hope to learn more about this and when I do I will post an article with a link here.


OK lastability may not be a word but you know what I mean. A vehicle is only as good as its engine and fortunately if you are looking to buy a petrol powered vehicle they have the best engines. If the engine lasts then the vehicle will last. Wheels and other parts can be replaced but unless you are extremely expert it is unlikely you will be able to repair the engine. The length it lasts is important.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. It is going to be a constant work in progress. As I discover more top petrol powered cars, trucks and buggy’s I will add them as well as update my knowledge and advice. If you have any suggestions, tips or advice then please use the contact me page to leave a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Petrol Remote Control Cars for Sale

Below are some of the finest models all of which are available to buy. Check out the post on where to buy radio controlled cars or click the links for further details.

FS Racing Petrol RC Buggy

This awesome looking buggy is a fast and powerful petrol powered buggy that offers you a massive 30cc 2 stroke engine, fast top speeds and fantastic cornering.

Perfect for those new to petrol power or experienced hobbyists alike it is 1:5th scale vehicle with dimensions of 245mm in height, 800mm in length and 430mm in width. It is a two wheel drive (2WD) vehicle but can be easily upgraded to a four wheel drive model.

This is one of the best petrol RC cars you can get at it’s price and is available to buy from Nitrotek. Price – £430 (approximately) from Nitrotek



Aowei Yama Petrol RC Buggy

The Aowei Yama Petrol RC Buggy is a sleek looking buggy made by Aowei. It is a 1:5th scale model powered by a 30cc engine which offers great power and offering a good level of acceleration up to 90 kph.

This model is an off-road design. It is officially a 2WD buggy with a radio transmitter range of 200m. It has dimensions of 785mm in length, 450mm in width and 310mm in height.

Yama is a well known brand and is sold by Nitrotek for a very competitive price. My favourite part of this car has to be the tread on the tyres – they are simply awesome.

Price – £445 (approximately) from Nitrotek

LOSI K&N DBXL: 1/5 4WD Buggy RTR

For those looking for a really high quality car made from a top brand should check out the Losi K&N DBXL which is a 1:5th scale 4WD ready to run vehicle with top speeds of over 50 mph. This buggy includes some amazing features such as the dynamite 800Kv brushless power system. It is available to buy from Al’s Hobbies along with a number of other Losi models.

Price – £980 (approximately) from Al’s Hobbies


The HPI Racing BAJA 5B 2.0 is one of the finest buggy’s available on the RC market. On top of the long list of features I think it looks amazing all be it a little like a car skeleton. This petrol powered speedster has a powerful 23cc 2 stroke engine and comes pre-assembled with 2WD and a 2.4Ghz DSSS radio system as well as a 4300mAh receiver pack and painted body. Oh and there is a manual included too just in case you need it. I probably would 🙂

Price – £900.00 (approximately) from Al’s Hobbies

Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR 1/8 Buggy


This is a fine example of a petrol buggy from Team Associated. It is the Team Associated RC8.2E RS RTR 1/8 Buggy. While it looks good with its large wheels and branded aerofoil there is far more to this buggy than just looks. This buggy has a Reedy 2000kv brushless motor and waterproof XP SC1300-BL brushless electronic speed controls as well as a 2.4 GHz radio. The engine offers some real power. If you are looking for a fast buggy to race around your local track then this is a fantastic option.

FS Racing Marauder Petrol RC Dessert Truck

The Marauder Petrol RC Dessert Truck is the meanest looking truck. It has a front end that looks like it is snarling at you. With huge deep tread wheels and a 30cc engine this monster of a truck can travel at great speeds up to 200m away from the controller. (estimated speed greater than 40 mph).

Like many other petrol powered vehicles it is to a 1:5th scale and is delivered as a 2WD vehicle. This can beupgraded to 4WD for a small fee. It has a 2.4 Ghz radio which is pretty standard and boasts a run time of between 20 and 30 minutes.

It’s dimensions are 860mm in length 430mm in width and 300mm in height. There are a host of other features which you can check out as well as a full specification by clicking below.


FS Racing Petrol RC Monster Truck

FS Racing 30cc Petrol RC Monster Truck - Hummer If a hummer is your kind of thing then take a look at the awesome FS Racing Petrol RC Monster Truck. This 1:5th scale petrol powered monster has a 30cc engine capable of propelling it up to and beyond 50mph. It runs on unleaded petrol and 2 stroke fuel. It is 2WD as standard but can be upgraded to 2WD. Personally I would upgrade even though it is pretty spectacular even with 2WD.

Officially a Monster Truck it is designed for off road adventures but can also drive effectively on road. It is up to you really. Available from Nitrotek it is a well priced petrol powered truck that offers everyone a chance to own a petrol RC truck no matter how right they might be. Click below to get the full specification and list of the many features this truck has.

Traxxas XO-1 Supercar TSM

As well as trucks and buggy’s there are replica cars like this the Traxxas XO-1 Supercar TSM. This is a ready to race super car that can make speeds in excess of 100 mph. Wow. This is most definitely the best looking car that I have seen in my time in the radio controlled world. This car however comes with awesome performance as well and a list of features as long as your arm. Click below for the full details.

Yama Petrol RC Buggy – Pro 30cc Road Runner Version

This is the stunning looking Yama Petrol Buggy which is equipped with a 30cc engine helping it to reach top speeds of over 90 kph. It’s flame designed shell will make it look awesome as it races past other vehicles on the race track. It is to a 1:5th Scale with dimensions of 785 mm in length, 450 mm in width and 310 mm in height. One great feature is the radio which has a transmission distance of over 200 meters which is important when travelling at such speeds. It has a rear 2WD system and a 30cc engine that requires unleaded fuel and oil in a 15:1 ratio and a fuel tank that holds 0.5 of a litre. There is a long list of specifications and features. Click below to learn more.  

Aowei 26CC Yama Petrol RC Buggy

One of the more affordable petrol buggy’s is the Aowei Yama Petrol RC Buggy which as you can see from the picture looks stunning. With a yellow shell my son would like this fast moving machine is more than just looks. Although those wheels are really cool. Made by Aowei this buggy offers speed and power with its 26cc engine. It is a 1:5th scale, ready to run, 2WD drive speed machine with a max speed of around 80 kph.

It has dimensions of 785 mm in length, 450 mm in width and 310 mm in height which helps to demonstrate the size of the buggy. This is an ideal vehicle for anyone looking to get into petrol RC cars without spending an absolute fortune. Perhaps this should be looked at as a learning car or a step towards bigger and more powerful things.   There you have it our guide on petrol RC Cars (Cars, Buggy’s and Trucks). If you want to learn more about these beauties then we recommend you buy one and learn first hand. It is after all the best way to learn. We have given you 10 great choices to choose from. These cover the more affordable end of the spectrum right through to the deluxe expensive end. Which one you choose is totally up to you.   Please also see our guide to Electric RC Cars and Nitro RC Cars.