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When it comes to fun activities like Petrol RC Cars and other models, we all have different ideas. However, over the past few years more and more people are turning to the world of car racing, like with a Petrol RC Buggy.

When you’re involved in this world, RC cars are the best types of vehicles to be used. They are simply fast and furious on the roads. These cars are designed for such sport to make sure you have the best time ever.

There are several types of remote control cars. One of the best and most popular type is the petrol RC car. If you’re into speed, thrills, spills and adrenaline fueled fun, then rc petrol cars are what you need. So, what makes this gadget so much fun? Here is more information on petrol remote control cars.

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Petrol RC cars for sale are the largest RC cars on the market today. They come in 1/5 and ¼ scale sizes. They are quite big and measure more than 2 feet long. The best thing about their appearance is that they are really cool. Whether you have a buggy or a track car, their perfect size and design will set your pulse racing and the noise of these cars will only raise your heart beat further.

Unlike other cars, RC petrol cars such as the Aowei 1/5th scale 26cc yama petrol rc buggy, they are lighter in weight making them perfect for racing.

Inside the car, you will find many parts you would find in a normal sized road car. Such parts include a gearbox, carburetor and shocks.

Remote Control Cars Petrol Driven

We all know that every car is run by an engine. The car might have the perfect appearance but if the engine is not working well or not efficient, then the car is of little value to you. Petrol RC cars have the perfect engine performance.

The incredible performance is one of the reasons behind the popularity of these cars. They are powered by powerful 2 stroke engine similar to that used by small motorbikes so you can imagine the power and speed these models have. An alternative are nitro rc cars that run on nitro fuel. Since they are big models, they are capable of speeds of up to 50mph. What’s more, they can tackle tough terrain so you don’t need to take them off the road. The cars use the same unleaded petrol you fill your normal family car up at the local garage.

Petrol Powered RC Cars and Their Advantages

One of the biggest advantage of petrol RC cars over nitro RC cars is that they are incredibly cheaper to run. Even with the current petrol prices, nitro fuel still costs several times more.

Apart from low maintenance, the cars are affordable. Over the past few years, these cars have become a lot more popular. With them becoming more popular, parts and hop ups are also more available. More availability means more choices and lower prices.

Maintenance of Petrol Remote Control Cars for Kids and Adults

Petrol remote control cars are easy to maintain and run. They are not affected by weather and don’t require constant tuning in the way other RC cars seem to.

Basically, the biggest draw of these cars is that they are extremely fun. With their cool looks, speed and power, you will have hours of fun and a new hobby of petrol remote control cars to keep you entertained for long.

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Other Types of Cheap RC Cars


There are several varieties of remote control cars such as electric, nitro, petrol but also niche such as RC Drift Cars with many on sale online and local to you from other RC enthusiasts.


RC Airhogs

There are many different RC vehicles available from Airhogs available in shops and online. Here we are going to take a look at some of the more popular models that are ready for purchase today.

So first up let’s have a look at the Air Hogs Axis 200i. This is a 2 channel indoor helicopter and features 4 direction controls. It also features a second propeller ensuring a steadier flight. It has built in flight assist technology which softens the throttle making taking off and landing smoother. It is built using hard crash resistant plastic making it strong and durable it also includes 2 replacement tail rotors. The Axis 200i is a perfect starter helicopter for beginners

Next up is the Air Hogs RC Roller Copter. This awesome little helicopter doesn’t just fly but it can also roll along the floor, roll up the wall and roll along the ceiling. It features a crash resistant cage which protects it and allows it to keep on rolling. It has infra red control and is suitable for indoor use only.

Now lets move on to the Air Hogs RC Jackal Helicopter. The Jackal features up down left right forwards and reverse functions. With its lightweight body and duel propeller design this awesome little helicopter is a surprisingly stable flyer.

This model is powered by a LiPo battery; charger included in the box. The control unit requires 6 AA batteries.

And last but certainly not least is the Air Hogs Atmosphere. This jaw dropping sphere doesn’t require a remote control. It is controlled with the palm of your hand. Alternatively you can sit back and enjoy watching it fly solo. The atmosphere is able to bounce off the ceiling and walls giving you a non stop flight. It comes complete with a palm sized charging cradle. This model is sure to astound your friends and family.

1:8 RC Dune Buggy


This car is packed with many features and like its full sized counterpart is a 2 wheel drive vehicle and has some amazing off road capabilities.

This car has a powerful brushed 540 motor which is run by a 7.2v 2500mAh rechargeable battery. With its independent and fully adjustable suspension and large grippy tyres you are sure to experience a smooth drive. It also has metal diff and transmission gears made with the latest powder metallurgy method ensuring the maximum durability is achieved. It’s also fitted with an adjustable slipper clutch which helps to protect the gears.

This model also features directional pattern on the front tyres which provides the user with better handling. The RC dune buggy also comes complete with model driver. It also has fully working LED headlights meaning your driving fun doesn’t have to end when the dun goes down.

The control unit for this particular car runs on a 2.4 GHz frequency. Cars that run on this frequency tend to have improved reliability, are quicker to respond, have lower power consumption levels and the best bit is they can be raced against other cars without having to check frequencies or placing crystals. The control unit is a wheel style controller and requires 4 AAA batteries.

This model comes fully assembled and ready to run. It’s a great buggy for both beginners to the RC Racing hobby to the more experienced RC racing driver.

Spare and upgraded parts are available for this model of car so if after a while for example you fancy improving the speed or handling of your car then the required parts are available.

The dimensions for the 1:8 RC dune buggies are… it is 186mm in height, 476mm in length and 2990mm in width. The wheel base measures in a 343mm.

Acme Cyclone Self Build Nitro RC car


The Acme cyclone self build RC car kit is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to break into the self build RC car hobby.

This car is based on a 1:10 scale and is powered by Nitro. It features a 4 wheels drive shaft system, a pull start engine, oil-filled shocks, bevel diffs at the front and rear and a metal disc brake system and a strong alloy chassis ensuring this car will thrill you every time that you take it out for a drive. It comes complete with a pre painted exclusive body shell and a 75cc fuel tank.

Unlike some of the kits that are available on the market today these car kits have everything you need in order to get your car up and running.

It is suggested that construction of this awesome vehicle could take anywhere between 8 and 12 hours. It’s so important to read the instruction manual before you begin your build.

The cyclone has is powered by a Japanese Team infinity 18 engine and can reach jaw dropping speeds of 40 miles per hour. It is 115mm high, 380mm long and 199mm wide, the wheel base is 259mm.

This car has plenty of room to be upgraded so once you have mastered the skills needed to control this powerful little machine then you can explore what options are available to you for upgrading and pushing the car that little further.

If you ever find yourself in the position of needing some help or pointers you can always pop on to one of the numerous RC Car forums online and find all the information you are looking for from other RC car hobbyists. Remember Nitro cars just like full sized cars require regular maintenance in order to keep them running smoothly.

RC Hot Rod Monster Truck

This cool looking monster truck has been manufactured by HiSpeed and comes assembles and ready to run. With its powerful 540 motor and the 7.4 1800mAh battery this car is sure to leave you in awe at the speeds it can reach.

Its bucket style chassis protects the electronics inside the car from things like dust and dirt. With its 4 wheel drive, over sized wheels and high ground clearance this car can be driven where other RC cars daren’t go.

The main features of the Hot Rod Monster truck are its aluminium centre drive shaft, large solid shock towers, powerful suspension, Oil-filled capped shocks, anti skid tyres, powerful brushed motor system and waterproof servo, ESC and receiver.

The wheel style radio control unit runs on a 2.4 GHz frequency meaning that multiple vehicles can be run at the same time without any interference. The unit will require 8 AA batteries. This truck is sturdy and durable and can handle the roughest of terrains but it also can keep up with the best of them on the race track.

Although the car comes built and ready to run it also has the ability to be upgraded if you feel like you want to push your skill levels that little higher. There are also a range of spare parts so it’s not the end of the world if you crash it.

The specifications for this wicked truck are as follows… it measures 300mm wide, 160mm high and 400mm in length. The wheel base is 265mm and the ground clearance is 34mm. The vehicle features a slick flame design in true hot rod style. With its looks and speed you are sure to be the envy of everyone. Not only does it look good but it is also outstanding value for money.

In 1958 Nikko was founded in a small Japanese factory. By 1966 radio control became its main line on business.

Here we are going to have a closer look at some of the Nikko cars that are available on the market today.

First up we have the Evo Proline RC Le Mans Audi R8. This car is a pro grade model and is built on a 1:14 scale. The radio control unit works on a 2.4 GHz frequency meaning you can run multiple cars in the same area. It is also installed with frequency hopping technology ensuring the car always has the best connection.

This car can race at speeds of up to 24 km/h and has a range of 100 metres. This model also includes the new Nikko 1 hour quick charge, so you wont have to wait hours before you can get it out for it first drive.

Next we are going to look at the Jumpin’ Stunt Mini Countryman. This awesome little car has the ability to perform high jumps with its powerful jump mechanism and 360 degree rotation with its twin motors. This particular model requires a Li-Ion battery but unfortunately this isn’t included in the box.

Next we have the Transformers 4 Radio Control Bumblebee. This car will allow you to race around with the iconic look of the bumblebee from Transformers. The control unit which features the well known transformers logo has full function steering and operates on a tri-band frequency. This model also features fully working front and rear LED lights. Unfortunately this car does not transform into the awesome bumblebee robot.

With so many varieties of RC cars manufactured by Nikko you are sure to find one that will not only suit your budget but also your needs and skill level. Remember RC cars are not just for children and can provide you with hours of high speed adrenaline filled fun.

FTX RC Carnage Truggy

This car comes complete with everything you will need to be up and running as soon as you open the box all you have to do is simply add some AA’s to the control unit and away you go.

This car is jam packed with features which include 550 brushed motor and 300A rated brushed speed control meaning this low profile race design car is raring to go. With its moulded tub chassis and 4 wheel drive shaft complete with slipper system this car’s drive-train is protected from possible damage. The metal crown gearbox has been uniquely deisgned for low CG.

It also has an adjustable wheel base and turnbuckles and fully adjustable suspension which includes droop, camber and toe-in to name just a few and along with the big bore oil filled adjustable shocks this car can be tuned to your exact specification. The radio control unit which is a wheel style unit runs on a 2.4 GHz frequency, so you are able to race this truggy against other like mind enthusiast.  It is powered by a FTX Voltz 1800mAh 7.2 NiMH battery which is included in the box along with a charger.

The carnage truggy also has the option to be upgraded, there is a wide range of aluminium and carbon parts available for purchase. If upgrading is something you would like to do then, it’s always best to do a little research first. If you need some advise you could always visit one of the many online RC car hobby forums online.

The measurements for this car are as follows, it’s 415mm in length, 328mm wide and 156mm high. Due to the adjustable wheel base this can measure between 290 and 295mm.

This car can also be purchased with an electric racing specification package or an electric professional specification package.

RC Cars for Girls


There are so many RC cars available for boys available for purchase today but here we will have a look at just a few of the models that are available for the little princess in your life.

Ok first up we have a car that would suit any Bratz loving girl, it is the Bratz RC Electric Pink Convertible Car. This car features fully working headlights, brake lights and even lights underneath the car. The egg shaped control unit has forward, reverse and turn functions. The doors and boot also open and close.

You can also fit the actual Bratz dolls into the car so they can drive around in style. This car is sure to give your little one hours and hours of fun so it is advised you purchase rechargeable batteries for this toy. This model is suitable for children aged 5 years and over.

Next we are going to look at the Lalaloopsy Purple RC Convertible Doll Car. This cute little car has a completely detachable roof so the Lalaloopsy dolls can sit in the car and be driven around. The RC unit is a circle unit with forward, turn and spin the wheels functions.  It requires 4 AA’s batteries and 2 AAA batteries which are not included. This toy is also suitable for children aged 5 and over.

Last but certainly not least we have the Chicco Safari Park Pink RC Toy. This is a great little 4×4 Jeep. The control unit which can attach to the car has 4 directional buttons making it easy for the smallest of hands. When the RC unit is attached the antenna doubles as a handy carry handle.  It also features a smiling face design on the front of the car. It is also available in Green. This toy requires 4 AA batteries.