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Petrol Radio Controlled Cars also known as remote controlled (RC for short) are the very pinnacle of the radio-controlled world, so it is important we give them what they deserve. We hope we have done them justice on this page because we really do think they are one of the most awesome toy/gadgets you can get.
Before we look in a little more detail it is important to look at a few aspects of the petrol radio controlled cars that are common to all the cars mentioned above. For example, they are all ready to run so if you are looking for a build yourself kit then this isn’t the place although we do have several self-build nitro cars that may work.

All cars on this page are to a 1:5 scale although we do still recommend that you check out the full reviews for dimensions as these can still vary even if they are to the same scale. They are also all off road and are all 2WD although upgrades are often available.


Best Petrol RC Cars – Recommended Models

What is important is the looks, the power and the speed all vary and that is where the excitement of looking for a new car comes from. So below we have given a snippet review of our favourite nine cars for you to look at. If any take your fancy, then simply click to see the full review and specifications.

Recommended Car Reviews


AoWei 1/5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz

AoWei Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy

AoWei Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy

The AoWei 1:5 Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy is probably one of the best-looking buggy’s available. As you can see it has a sleek look that oozes speed. It is built with many aluminium parts giving it great strength. It’s 26cc engine which is more than enough to get this vehicle up to 80 km/h. With dimensions of 785mm long by 450mm wide and 310mm tall this vehicle is a great off-road buggy that will command the track.

If you are looking for a vehicle that can dominate on the track but can also be used on road to impress your friends this is right up there as an option. Not only because of its looks but because this radio-controlled buggy is a genuine speed machine. It is packed with features from a 0.5litre fuel capacity to a 2.4Ghz radio system and to make things easy it will arrive ready to run.


Yama 1:5 Scale Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz – Pro 30cc Carbon Version

Yama Petrol RC Buggy - Pro 30cc Carbon Version

Yama Petrol RC Buggy – Pro 30cc Carbon Version

The Yama 1:5 Scale Petrol RC Buggy is for me one of the coolest vehicles within the industry. Look at the picture for a second and you will see why. Look at those wheels. They will give you great cornering grip which is just what you need to win on the local track.

It is the pro version of the Yama petrol RC buggy. It is hugely popular because its upgrades give if real power and performance in addition to a striking shell. There are two versions available with this one being particularly good on loose surfaces because of its amazing tyres.

As with all the petrol RC Cars we recommend it comes with a long list of features. There are too many to list here but if you wish to see more please see our detailed review.


Marauder 1/5 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Desert Truck RTR

Marauder 30cc Petrol RC Desert Truck

Marauder 30cc Petrol RC Desert Truck

This is the powerful Marauder Petrol RC Truck which is a completely redesigned model that offers you a robust, powerful and fast truck that will turn heads. It is powered with a 30cc engine that is more than enough to accelerate this vehicle to great speeds.

Although it is two wheel drive it can be upgraded to four-wheel drive. It may be best to check out the full specification before deciding as two may well be plenty. With a run time of 20-30 minutes you will be able to have great fun on or off road before needing to refuel.

This petrol RC truck is awesome to look at and awesome to drive. It is even delivered ready to run which always makes a model more popular. It could not be easier to get started. We highly recommend you check out or full review.


FS Racing 30CC 1/5th Petrol Radio Controlled Buggy – 2.4Ghz

FS Racing 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Buggy

FS Racing 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Buggy

For many racing is the reason they enjoy RC Cars as much as they do. If racing is your thing, then the FC Racing 30cc Petrol RC Buggy maybe the perfect vehicle. Not only does this looks about as good as any buggy could it also comes with an amazingly powerful 30cc 2 stroke engine which for a buggy of this size gives it a kick that is hard to match. It is fast powerful and has great control around corners – perfect for winning any race.

The result of its 30cc engine is a top speed of over 80kph (50 mph). The engine runs on standard unleaded with 2 stroke oil as do all our petrol RC cars. That means no more waiting for the model shop to open if you even have one near you. Any petrol station will do.

One great additional feature is it is ‘4WD ready’. This means with the conversion kit it can be upgraded from two-wheel drive to four giving it additional grip and handling. With an upgraded steering servo and its 2.4Ghz radio this car is packed with great features.
At the very least you should take a closer look.


ShengQi V2 26CC 1/5th Petrol RC Monster Trucks – HUMMER

ShengQi V2 26CC Petrol RC Monster Trucks - HUMMER 2.4Ghz

ShengQi V2 26CC Petrol RC Monster Trucks – HUMMER 2.4Ghz

This is the ShengQi V2 26cc Petrol RC Monster Truck which is truly a beast of a RC truck. Anu Hummer is going to be popular, but this is far more than a shell. It has a powerful 26cc engine which can propel it up to 80kph. Yep looks, power and speed. What more could you want?
Due to the agreement with the manufacturer the price for this truck is the lowest it has ever been making it affordable to the masses.

It is a 1:5 scale ready to run vehicle with two-wheel drive and with the deep grip on its huge tired is perfectly designed for off road adventures. Its size is perfectly demonstrated by its dimensions which hare 700mm long by 530mm wide and 350mm tall. There aren’t many as big as this monster. Turn up to a local track or even your local park with this petrol-powered beast and you will get noticed. It is awesome.


FS Racing 30CC 1/5th Petrol RC Monster Truck – Hummer 2.4Ghz

FS Racing 30cc Petrol RC Monster Truck - Hummer

FS Racing 30cc Petrol RC Monster Truck – Hummer

This could well be the ultimate in the petrol RC cars world. It is the FS Racing 30cc Petrol RC Monster Truck and as you can see it is simply stunning. It comes with a number of great features with one being the ability to easily upgrade it from two-wheel drive to four.

Ready to run this 1:5 Scale truck has dimensions of 32 inches by 21 inches by 15.75 inches. If the dimensions aren’t enough to know how big this truck is then perhaps the weight of 32lbs is. Despite its size it can still travel over 80kph (50pmh).

As off-road petrol RC trucks come this is as close to perfect as you can get. It is large, powerful and huge. It is everything that anyone could ever want from a petrol truck. We highly recommend you check out the full specification to see all the features. Only then can you see just how amazing this vehicle is.


Yama 1:5 Scale Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz – Pro 30cc Road Runner Version

Yama Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz - Pro 30cc Road Runner Version

Yama Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz – Pro 30cc Road Runner Version

This is the amazing upgraded Pro Road Runner version of the Yama Petrol RC Car that is also on this page. It has been upgraded to make it more powerful and to perform better and it comes with a striking shell to differentiate it from the carbon version.

This car comes with a bigger and more powerful 30cc engine which allows this vehicles to reach speeds of over 90kph – that is seriously insane. This is a large car with a length of 785mm, a width of 450mm and a height of 310mm and even then it can still reach crazy fast speeds.

It is two wheel drive (2WD) with a radio range of over 200meters. You’ll need that what with it speed and all. It is powered on unleaded fuel and oil with a capacity of 0.5L which also helps you to get an idea as to how large this buggy is. As petrol RC buggy’s go this is up there and when you factor in the fact it is ready to run and comes with all the bits it needs it is a great addition for anyone with the RC bug.


AoWei 1/5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Truggy 2.4Ghz

AoWei 26cc Yama Petrol RC Truggy

AoWei 26cc Yama Petrol RC Truggy

For those looking for a sleek speedy off-road vehicle there is the wonderful AoWei 1/5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy. With colour co-ordinated shocks and a stunning shell this buggy looks great, but its performance is even better. With its 26cc petrol powered engine it can achieve speeds of over 80kph even off-road. Do not fret – it has great breaks too.

This car is to 1:5 Scale with dimensions of 785mm in length, 450mm in width and 310mm in height. It has a 2.4Ghz radio, two-wheel drive and has a radio transmitting distance of around 200m to name just a few of this buggy’s features. It is fair to say that this buggy is a true RC Buggy in every sense from its look right through to its performance on the tracks.

This buggy is very competitively priced; a fact that becomes even more evident when you read the list of specifications and features on our full review- this includes information on engine size, servos, batteries and measurements. We recommend you check it out.


ShengQi V2 26CC 1:5 Petrol RC Monster Trucks – FORD F-250 2.4Ghz

ShengQi V2 26cc Petrol RC Monster Truck

ShengQi V2 26cc Petrol RC Monster Truck

Last but not least we have the ShengQi Vw 26cc Petrol RC Monster Truck – Ford F-250 which is a 1:5 Scale petrol powered monster truck that can reach speeds of 80kph on or off-road. It is a fantastic replica of the kind of monster truck you could see on TV driving over some old bangers.

The ShengQi is a wonderful 26cc truck that has a tank capable of lasting for 40 minutes as well as propel the truck up to great speeds. As with our other petrol-powered RC vehicles has two-wheel drive, is designed for off-road and arrives ready to run (RTR). It is 700mm long by 530mm wide and 350mm in height.

This vehicle probably looks the most like a real truck, but the looks are only part of its appeal. It us powerful, fast and great fun for anyone looking to enjoy the pleasures of petrol RC trucks. We recommend you have a look at our full review.


Benefits of Petrol RC Cars

There are many benefits of buying, building and driving petrol RC Cars. We have laid out a few of the bigger benefits below.

Faster and More Powerful Cars

One of the biggest benefits of the petrol RC car is that it is perfect for those who have already worked their way through the electric and nitro models but want something that is a little more powerful. When I say more powerful what I mean is a lot more powerful with many having engines up to 30cc

Petrol models are 1:5 scale which means they are bigger. To compensate for the increased size the engine obviously needs to be larger. This is indeed the case with all our recommendations coming with at least a 26cc engine. They are powered by the same petrol that powers your family car but without having to carry people of luggage. The result is a crazy fast vehicle.

More Accessible Fuel

Moving on from the previous point petrol cars have one very clear advantage over the nitro car. That is that the fuel is available from multiple locations. Petrol stations are all over the place with several in even a small town due to the amount of people who drive. Compare them to the number of places that have model shops and you can begin to see how much more accessible petrol is than nitro fuel. When you factor in the longer opening hours that petrol stations have it is always going to be easier to get hold of petrol over nitro fuel.

Note: Yes, electric cars are powered off the mains and are the most convenient, but they are a good deal smaller and slower. This benefit kits in for people wanting to punch their hobby to the limits. We love electric RC Cars, but they are a stepping stone to bigger and more powerful vehicles.

Great Adult Hobby

Having spent a good deal of time looking at health it seems clear that stress is a major issue in western society. One way to counter that is to have a hobby. The radio-controlled hobby is great for two reasons.

Firstly, when you really get into it you have small vehicles that you can learn to build and then endlessly tinker with. If when you are driving the tracks something breaks or goes wrong, you can repair the car yourself or just tinker with it for fun. Then on top of that you actually get the enjoyment of actually driving the car at great speeds. It is a fantastic hobby.

Due to the nature of petrol powered vehicles this really is a hobby for an adult. Petrol is highly flammable and needs to be handled with care. It is however a great way for an adult to spend some downtime. Hours can pass by while you build or repair a car, truck or buggy and that is time that keeps you from thinking of the stresses in your life.

The radio-controlled hobby is also something to be passionate about and if you are you can bet others are two. With similar interest’s new friends are just a racetrack away. So if you haven’t already got a RC car then maybe it is time to get one?

Questions and Answers

Question: Ready to Run or Self Build?
Answer: All the petrol RC vehicles that we recommend are ready to run. They also come with all the extras that you need to get started. If you are looking to build your own vehicle we would recommend you take a look at the electric and nitro car pages.

Question: How large is 1:5 Scale?
Answer: The 1:5 scale simply implies that the car is a 5th of the size of the full size version. This doesn’t necessarily help you to understand how big these trucks and buggies can get. The only way to really do this is to check out the dimensions which are shown on the specification of the main review. Simply click on the car you are interested in for the full review.

Question: Where do I get the petrol from?
Answer: The fuel to power a petrol RC car is the same fuel that you power you family car with (Assuming it isn’t diesel). Simply go to the petrol station with a can and fill it up. You will also need oil which can also be bought from the very same petrol station. I am sure I do not need to remind you that you are dealing with flammable liquid so please be careful.

Question: What is the difference between petrol and nitro cars?
Answer: Petrol cars as mentioned above are fuelled on actual petrol like real cars. Nitro cars are powered on nitro fuel which is different from standard unleaded. You will need to buy nitro fuel from your local hobby shop.

Question: Can I buy replacement parts if any break?
Answer: For each and every car we recommend there are spare parts. All the cars we recommend come from a highly respected online retailer who in addition to the actual vehicles also sells the spare parts.

Question: Are Petrol RC Cars on or off road?
Answer: All the petrol RC cars we review and recommend here are off road cars. They of course can be used on road as well but that is a bit of a waste in reality. If you are looking for a proper on road car then take a look at our Electric and Nitro Cars.

Question: Do you need a licence to drive an RC Car?
Answer: Even though you do put real petrol into these cars you do not need a driving license to drive them. I would always recommend that you drive them on proper RC tracks or if you do drive one around your street to do so with care. For one you do not want to cause a crash but neither do you want your car crushed by the real thing.

Our Promise – The Best Petrol RC Cars for Sale

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at SimplyRC is that our recommendations are for the very best petrol RC Cars for sale anywhere in the UK. There are numerous models out there but we are confident that we have picked the very best models taking into account looks, speed, power and price.