Best Petrol RC Cars

Best Petrol RC Cars - Yama RC BuggyLooking for a new radio controlled car and not sure what to get? Here we run through the best petrol RC cars available n the UK marketing offering the pros and cons of each one. We split the top models into trucks and buggies and even offer bits of advice along the way so that you can be sure that you get the very best model for you.

About Petrol RC Cars

Petrol Radio Controlled Cars also known as remote controlled (RC for short) are the very pinnacle of the radio-controlled world, so it is important we give them what they deserve. We hope we have done them justice on this page because we really do think they are one of the most awesome toy/gadgets you can get.

Before we look in a little more detail it is important to look at a few aspects of the petrol radio controlled cars that are common to all the cars mentioned above. For example, they are all ready to run so if you are looking for a build yourself kit then this isn’t the place although we do have several self-build nitro cars that may work.

All cars on this page are to a 1:5 scale although we do still recommend that you check out the full reviews for dimensions as these can still vary even if they are to the same scale. They are also all off road and are all 2WD although upgrades are often available.

AoWei Yama Petrol RC BuggyFive Stars
Yama Petrol RC Buggy - Pro 30cc Carbon VersionFive Stars
Marauder Petrol Radio Controlled Desert TruckFive Stars
FS Racing Petrol Radio Controlled BuggyFive Stars
ShengQi Petrol RC Monster TrucksFive Stars
FS Racing Petrol RC Monster TruckFive Stars
Yama Petrol RC Buggy – Pro 30cc Road Runner VersionFive Stars
AoWei Yama Petrol RC TruggyFive Stars
ShengQi V2 Petrol RC Monster TrucksFive Stars


AoWei 1/5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz

AoWei Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy

In the 26cc Buggy category we have the superb AoWei Yama Petrol RC Buggy. This is really up there with the best in the industry and we are pleased to say it has never been more affordable. Due to improved manufacturing techniques and a larger volume of imports the price has come down but as you will see the quality has not.

Aowei Yama Petrol RC Car:  The detail

The car itself is built with an aluminium chassis, aluminium alloy parts like the spur gears and the suspension. It has a 2.4Ghz radio and a 26cc engine which combine to give this buggy an unbelievable top speed of 80kp/h. Fortunately it has quality breaks to go with its speed and power, so you can be sure of total control just when you need it most. Everything you need is included even a rechargeable battery pack with UK mains socket. It even comes with tools to help you maintain the vehicle.

While this isn’t the very largest petrol RC buggy there is it is still a good size and larger than nitro or electric models. It is a 1/5th Scale which is actually surprisingly large as radio controlled cars go. Its dimensions are 785mm long by 450mm wide and 310mm tall. Powered by a 25:1 ratio of petrol to 2 stroke oil this buggy will be the envy of those it leaves in its wake around your local track.

Aowei Yama Petrol RC Car: The Looks

Beyond the technical spec it is also important to comment on the look. While the looks do not affect its performance who wants a stunningly fast and powerful car if it looks terrible? Just one look and you can see this is a fast buggy on or off road. This buggy is fast and powerful it is just a question of whether you like the look enough?

If you do not believe us take a look at the video below.


Manufacturer: AoWei
Scale: 1:5 Scale
Build: RTR (Ready to Run)
Drive:2 Wheel Drive
Terrain: Off Road
Radio: 2.4Ghz
Type: Petrol Powered RC Buggy
Motor: 26cc
Dimensions: 785mm x 450mm x 310mm
Batteries: 8x AA Batteries

Yama 1:5 Scale Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz – Pro 30cc Carbon Version

Yama Petrol RC Buggy - Pro 30cc Carbon Version

Looking for a fast and powerful petrol RC Car? Then take a look at the Yama Petrol RC Buggy which is the 30cc upgraded road runner version. It has a more powerful engine as well as a new body shell which combine to offer you the ultimate in petrol powered delight. With a special type of type that allows this buggy to perform well on or off road this car will be the envy of all your friends as it goes zooming around the course.

If you are looking for a buggy that moves then this is most definitely the vehicle for you. It can travel up to 90 kilometres an hour and has a radio range of over 200 meters.

Yama Petrol RC Buggy is Ready to Run

One of the most important features about this buggy is that it is ready to run. That means that there is no need to sit there for hours screwing each component to the next and hoping you haven’t missed anything. This is a full tank of petrol away from powering off at great speed.

Note: If you are new to RC Cars you may find it easier to start with an Electric model rather than a petrol RC Car as they are easier to manage. Or alternatively check out our recommended range of nitro cars.

1:5 Scale

As with all out petrol models this buggy is to a 1:5th scale meaning that it is a 5th of the size of the real thing. That doesn’t really help much if you do not have the full size dimensions though but not to worry. We can fix that. This car is 785mm long by 450mm wide and 310mm tall.

30cc Engine

One of the things that has been upgraded on this car is the engine. It is now a very powerful 30cc engine which for something as small as this is really quite powerful. Trust us when I say it can really move.


Bigger 30cc Engine
Colour Coded Aluminium Shocks & Suspension Arms
Stylish & Strong PC Body Shell
Extra Grip Tyres for on and off road performance
Colour Coded Split Rim Wheels

Note: It would cost a lot to buy these upgrades individually which is what makes this model so appealing. It still takes normal petrol along with 2 stroke oil. Both of these are easy to get hold of although we would of course like to mention that they should be stored safely.

Yama Petrol RC Buggy Specification

Manufacturer: AoWei
Scale: 1:5 Scale
Build: RTR (Ready to Run)
Drive: Two Wheel Drive
Terrain: On and Off Road
Radio: 2.4 GHz
Radio Distance: Greater than 200m
Type: Petrol RC Buggy
Motor Size@ 30cc
Dimensions: Length 785mm, Width 450mm & Height 310mm
Max Speed 90kph
Fuel Capacity: 0.5L
Further Technical Specification
Start Method: Pull
Front Tire: 170mm x 60mm
Read Tire: 170mm x 80mm
Wheelbase: 520mm
Front Tread: 350mm
Read Tread: 360mm
Suspension Pitch: 6.5/8.5 (F/R)
Engine: Single Cylinder, Two Stroke, Air Cooled 30cc
Twin Ventilated Read Brakes
Reciever 2.4 Ghz with Ni-Mh Batteries 5x 1.2v (2 Channels)
Servos Steering: Throttle:
Please note in addition to normal unleaded petrol available from any petrol station it also requires 2 stroke oil and 8x AA batteries.

Other Yama RC Buggy Pictures

Why Buy the Yama 1:5 Scale RC Buggy?

If after reading the list of specifications you still need to ask this question then let us remind you. This is a fantastic looking, very fast buggy that is going to be the envy of all your friends. The Yama 1:5 Scale Petrol RC Buggy is fuelled by real petrol like real cars and with a 30cc motor no-one is going to keep up with it. It is the ultimate toy for teenagers or adults alike. It is the ultimate that the RC hobby has to offer.
Yes we like this buggy


Marauder 1/5 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Desert Truck RTR

Marauder 30cc Petrol RC Desert Truck

If you are looking for a ready to run petrol RC truck then you should seriously consider the Marauder 1/5 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Desert Truck. Just stop for a moment to take a good look at the picture because this is a truly awesome model. Most petrol RC Cars are good but this has quality in every aspect of its design. It offers you a beast of a vehicle that will be the envy of your friends.

Ready to Run

The first thing that we want to point out is that this is a ready to run vehicle. There is no need to spend hours putting all the parts together. This model simply needs a charged battery and you are ready to go. Be sure to check the instructions on how to do that correctly.

Big 1:5 Scale

This model is made to a 1:5 Scale meaning it is big. Its exact dimensions are 860mm (86cms) long by 430mm (43cms) wide by 300mm (30cms). That means it is not far off a meter long. Yeah that’s big. Check out the video below where you can get a better idea as to how large this petrol monster actually is.

Powerful Engine

The engine on this Marauder Truck is 30cc. To put it into perspective, scooters start at 50cc and they carry people around so if you are looking for power this truck has it and then some. It is powered on normal unleaded petrol (93# or 97#). This means no need to pop to your local model shop to get fuel. Any petrol station will do.

More Photos – See Video below


The Marauder 30cc Petrol RC Car in Action – VIDEO

Other Main Features

As well as being big and powerful this petrol truck has some great other features. For example, it comes with working LED lights both at the front of the car and on top. It has 2.4Ghz radio equipment which is viewed as quality within the industry. Like we said this has quality throughout.
It comes with a rechargeable battery for the receiver – The Ni-MH battery with charger are both included. There is a total of six LED lights. Two of them are the main lights while four more are mounted on top of the car. These are worked through a separate channel on the transmitter.

For those who like more technical information here goes:

• Metal Gear Set
• Clear Drive-Train Cover
• New Middle Differential Design with more Stable Performance
• New Improved Lower Suspension Arm Design
• Waterproof Receiver
• Water and Dust-Proof Servos
• Large Aluminium Air Filter for Maximum Engine Flow
• Can be Upgraded from 2WD to 4WD
• Separate Shock Springs for a more Stable Driving Experience
• Metal Gears
• Robust New Design for Improved Performance no matter the Surface
• Metal Gears – This is to Enhance Transfer of Power to Tires


Manufacturer: FS Racing
Type: Petrol RC Truck
Run Time: 20-30 Minutes
Build: Ready to Run
Motor Size: 30cc
Dimensions: 860mm x 430mm x 300mm
Remote Distance: Over 200m
Scale: 1:5
Wheel Base: 520mm
Steering Servo: 30kg Gear Servo
Drive: 2WD (Can be upgraded to 4WD)
For Terrain: Off Road
Radio Equipment: 2.4Ghz
Control Channels: 3
Gear Ratio: 7.68:1

Please Note: This requires standard petrol, 2 Stroke Cycle Oil and 8 AA Batteries for the Transmitter.

Why Buy the Marauder 1/5 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Truck?

If you want a list of reasons to buy this petrol RC Truck then read the specification and features list. It has so many it is hard to explain but in our view, this is as close to the pinnacle of the radio-controlled world as you get. Forget electric RC cars or even Nitro RC cars. They both pale into insignificance compared to the petrol variety.

This truck is big with a powerful motor, large transmitting range and the speed to beat anyone of your friend’s cars on or off road. It looks good and is robust. Seriously what more would anyone want?

How did others rate this truck?
The other reviews seemed to back up what we have already said. One saying they got it up to 40mph proving that it is fast and powerful. Another stating that it was good value for money especially with the available upgrades.

Star Ratings
The Fun Factor was 5 out of 5
The Price was 5 out of 5
Quality was 4 out of 5

So now just ask yourself do you want one?


FS Racing 30CC 1/5th Petrol Radio Controlled Buggy – 2.4Ghz

FS Racing 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Buggy

If you are looking for a great looking, powerful and fast RC buggy then this is most definitely worth looking at. The FS Racing 30cc 1/5th Petrol Radio Controlled Buggy uses its 30cc engine to propel it up to speeds more than 50 mph. Fueled on standard petrol and 2 stroke oil obtainable from any petrol station this buggy will power its way round the track leaving your friends in its wake.

This two wheel drive off road buggy is delivered ready to run leaving you nothing to do but put batteries into the controller. One of the reasons we have recommended this buggy other than the fact it looks great is that the size of the vehicle and the power of the engine combine to turn this into a speed machine no matter how challenging the course. It will test you to your limit.

Steering servos have been upgraded to help handle the extra power this buggy comes with. It is made to an amazingly high standard which it needs to be giving the battering it will get travelling at fast speeds off-road. Check out the specification below.


Manufacturer: FS Racing
Type: Petrol RC Buggy
Scale 1:5 Scale
Dimensions: 800mm x 430mm x 245mm
Weight: 12.8 Kgs
Build: RTR Ready to Run
Drive: Two Wheel Drive (can be upgraded to four-wheel drive)
Terrain: Off Road
Radio: 2.4Ghz
Type: RC Buggy
Motor: 30cc

ShengQi V2 26CC 1/5th Petrol RC Monster Trucks – HUMMER

ShengQi V2 26CC Petrol RC Monster Trucks - HUMMER 2.4Ghz

This the ShengQi Petrol RC Monster Truck is an absolute beast. In my opinion this is the best 26cc RC Car available today. Based around the look of the hummer which is a military vehicle it looks mean and hard. The reality is that it is powerful and fast with top speeds up to 80km/h. When you combine power, speed and looks you are always on to something special but this is amazingly priced too so what isn’t to like?

Please Note: These RC trucks are now available at a much more affordable price thanks to a change in pricing by the manufacturer. This has led to an increase in sales and when you look at the rest of the specification you can see why.

ShengQi Petrol RC Monster Truck – Main Features

The power is the main feature of these radio-controlled trucks, so it is important to mention them in a little more detail. They have the DZY 26cc engine with Japanese Walbro Carburetor which combine to create the speed and power.

This truck comes with a choice of the Ford F-250 or a Hummer body shell. Personally, I’d go for the hummer shell. Just look at the picture and you will see why. It arrives fully built and when you do first remove it from its box you will be struck with just how big the truck is. It officially measures in at 700mm long by 530mm wide and 350mm in height. Petrol RC Trucks do not come much bigger.

Everything you need is included except batteries for the controller so there is no need to worry about buying extras parts. The petrol you will need to get from your local station as this cannot be delivered for obvious reasons. You will need to get some 2-stroke oil while you are at it. I would suggest getting that before delivery. That way it is ready and waiting when the vehicle arrives.

We will probably write a blog post on this but basically what you need to do is mix the petrol and oil together. Simply fill up a can at the petrol station with 5 litres of petrol then add 125ml of 2 stroke oil.

ShengQi Petrol RC Monster Truck – In Summary

This is simply an awesome truck. It is a lovely combination of power, speed, looks and price and is one of the top selling petrol RC Trucks you can get. It is easy to see why. If you are looking to get into the petrol powered arena or you want to expand your collection then this is a great choice.

Short Specification
Manufacturer: SQ
Type: Petrol RC Monster Truck
Scale: 1:5 Scale
Build: RTR (Ready to Run)
Drive: 2 Wheel Drive
Terrain: Off Road
Radio: 2.4Ghz
Type: Monster Truck
Engine Size: 26cc


FS Racing 30CC 1/5th Petrol RC Monster Truck – Hummer 2.4Ghz

FS Racing 30cc Petrol RC Monster Truck - Hummer

The FS Racing Petrol RC Monster Truck (Hummer Version) is our second favourite after the Marauder. When you look at the picture it is easy to see why. Imagine for a moment turning up to your local track. You meet up with all your friends who are getting their cars out. Suddenly you produce this monster truck. Just imagine the looks on their faces.

The FS Racing Petrol RC Monster Truck in Action

Before going further why not check out this video showing just what the FS Racing Petrol RC Truck is capable of. This video was not created by SimplyRC but does give a great demonstration of what it is capable of.

As you can see form the video this is a fast, powerful and exciting to drive truck that will be the envy of your friends – unless they have one too of course.

It comes with a long list of specifications and features which you can see to the bottom of this article but for now I want to focus a little more on three main aspects of this RC vehicle. They are:

• The Engine
• It’s Top Speed
• Delivered Ready to Run

Main Benefits of FS Racing Petrol RC Monster Truck

We could talk all day about each and every aspect of this car. We could tell you that is is a 1:5th scale vehicle with dimensions of 32” x 21” x15.75” and we could tell you it is 32lbs in weight or that it can be upgraded. In all honesty the specification shown below can tell you all that. What we want to focus on is the three main points that most look for – the engine sie, it’s top speed and how quickly it can be up and running.

30cc Engine

The engine comes with an already above standard 30cc engine which runs on unleaded 93# or 97# petrol mixed with 2 stroke oil. No more nitro fuel; this is fuelled on the real thing.
Despite being 32lb in weight the 30cc engine is more than enough to get this vehicle up to some impressive tops speeds. It can corner amazingly well as you may have seen from the video above (If you haven’t watched it then we recommend you do). The impressive cornering is partly down to some massive wide tyres.

Top Speed

One of the top things people look for other than the engine size is the top speed. They are kinda linked as the bigger the engine the faster the car generally. Obviously, weight plays a part. This truck can make it to speeds more than 50 miles an hour so be sure to find somewhere open to drive it.

Ready to Run

The final main thing people want to know is how long will it take to get it up and running. Well this FS racing truck comes ready to run (RTR) so there is minimal amount of work needed before you are revving the engine and zooming off round the track.


Manufacturer: FS Racing
Type: Petrol RC Truck
Drive: 2WD (Can be upgraded to 4WD)
Build: Ready to Run (RTR)
Motor Size: 30cc
Dimensions: 32” x 21” x15.75”
Max Speed: 50mph+
Weight: 32lbs
Scale: 1:5
For Terrain: Off Road
Radio Equipment: 2.4Ghz

FS Racing Petrol RC Monster Truck – In Summary

To summarize a radio-controlled car with so many features is a tricky business. There is simply so much we could say but we are going to keep it to the essentials. This is a monster truck that is powered by a 30cc engine giving it amazing acceleration and top speed. It looks every bit as impressive as it performs making it an easy choose to recommend.

If you are looking for an upgrade from an electric or nitro car or just looking to get into a really interesting and exciting hobby then this ready to run vehicle is the perfect place to start.


Yama 1:5 Scale Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz – Pro 30cc Road Runner Version

Yama Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz - Pro 30cc Road Runner Version


Looking for a fast-moving petrol-powered buggy? Want something that looks cool to impress your friends? Want something competitively priced? Then let us introduce you to the Yama Petrol Radio Control Buggy. Made by Aowei this is a truly awesome buggy which thanks to its 30cc engine can achieve great speeds.

About the Yama Petrol RC Buggy

There is a long list of reasons to want to buy this model, but we want to focus in particular on the speed, the power, the looks and the price.

Speed & Power

Probably the main reason to get this buggy is its speed and power. Unlike a petrol RC truck this buggy is smaller and lighter but still comes with a powerful 30cc engine. This is like putting a car engine on a bike. All power and no weight to slow it down.

It is for that reason that this buggy has a top speed of around 90kph – yes that is really damn quick. Good job it is so colourfully painted. You may need it to be just to keep track of it as it throws dust up while powering around the track.

The Looks

As we just mentioned it does have real colour but is overall probably best described as black with a flame like design. The wheels have amazing grips which it good because it will really need them. It is the tyres that help give this car it’s top speed – that and a powerful 30cc engine of course.

Other Photos



Check out this video from Nitrotek which shows the Yama Petrol RC Buggy at its very best.



If you invest in any petrol RC Car you are going to spend a pretty penny. They aren’t cheap, but they are well worth it in the long run. That is the best way to describe this model. It is fast, powerful, strong and when you put it together with the upgrades described below it is great value for money.


There are various upgrades included within this vehicle. To buy these individually would cost you a small fortune and a lot more than the difference between the standard and pro versions. It is an absolute bargain.

• 30cc Engine
• Colour Coded Aluminium Shocks & Suspension Arm
• Strong Body Shell
• Extra Grip Tyres for On & Off Road
• Upgraded Colour Coded Split Rim Wheels


Manufacturer: AoWei
Type: Petrol RC Buggy
Build: Ready to Run (RTR)
Motor Size: 30cc
Dimensions: 785mm x 450mm x 310mm
Remote Distance: >200m
Scale: 1:5th
Wheel: 2WD
Fuel: Gasoline (93# or above) /+ Synthetic Oil (25:1 Ratio)
Drive: 2 WD
For Terrain: Off- Road
Radio Equipment: 2.4 Ghz
Fuel Capacity: 0.5 Litres


AoWei 1/5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Truggy 2.4Ghz

AoWei 26cc Yama Petrol RC Truggy

For those looking for a sleek speedy off-road vehicle there is the wonderful AoWei 1/5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy. With colour co-ordinated shocks and a stunning shell this buggy looks great, but its performance is even better. With its 26cc petrol powered engine it can achieve speeds of over 80kph even off-road. Do not fret – it has great breaks too.

This car is to 1:5 Scale with dimensions of 785mm in length, 450mm in width and 310mm in height. It has a 2.4Ghz radio, two-wheel drive and has a radio transmitting distance of around 200m to name just a few of this buggy’s features. It is fair to say that this buggy is a true RC Buggy in every sense.

This buggy is very competitively priced; a fact that becomes even more evident when you read the list of specifications and features on our full review- this includes information on engine size, servos, batteries and measurements. We recommend you check it out.


ShengQi V2 26CC 1:5 Petrol RC Monster Trucks – FORD F-250 2.4Ghz

ShengQi V2 26cc Petrol RC Monster Truck

Last but not least we have the ShengQi Vw 26cc Petrol RC Monster Truck – Ford F-250. This is a 1:5 Scale petrol powered monster truck that can reach speeds of 80kph on or off-road. It is a fantastic replica of the kind of monster truck you could see on TV driving over some old bangers.

The ShengQi is a wonderful 26cc truck that has a tank capable of lasting for 40 minutes as well as propel the truck up to great speeds. As with our other petrol-powered RC vehicles has two-wheel drive, is designed for off-road and arrives ready to run (RTR). It is 700mm long by 530mm wide and 350mm in height.

This vehicle probably looks the most like a real truck, but the looks are only part of its appeal. It us powerful, fast and great fun for anyone looking to enjoy the pleasures of petrol RC trucks. We recommend you have a look at our full review.



Our Promise – The Best Petrol RC Cars for Sale

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at SimplyRC is that our recommendations. We believe they are the very best petrol RC Cars for sale anywhere in the UK.

There are numerous models out there but we are confident that we have picked the very best. This is based on looks, speed, power and price – To see them all check out our merchant – Nitrotek.


For more information check out our Best RC Cars Guide.