Marauder Petrol Radio Control Truck

Our question for today's post is what is the best Petrol RC Monster Truck. Well in short the answer is the Marauder Petrol RC Monster Truck. This truck has everything you could ever want from a petrol powered truck. In this article I am going to go through all the important aspects this vehicle offers. The Marauder Monster Truck Just stop for a moment to take a good look at the picture because this is a truly awesome model. Most petrol RC Cars are good but this has quality in every aspect … [Read more...]

Radio Control Trucks

Following on from the popularity of our Best RC Car guide we wanted to create some guides that were a little more specific. For that reason, we have written the Best RC Trucks Buyer Guide where we can talk about the best trucks no matter what their size or power source. Within this guide we will go through the top Electric, Nitro and Petrol RC Trucks as well as give helpful information on the best places to buy them. Below is a table which shows you the eight trucks with a little basic … [Read more...]

Best Electric RC Cars

About Electric RC Cars For those looking to get into remote controlled cars as a hobby or simply want to buy someone a fun gift there are electric RC cars. These are cars that are powered by a chargeable battery that can propel the car around your front room, driveway or even your garden with ease. They are great fun to play with and can offer an easy entry into the overall hobby which is a lot larger – see Nitro Cars and Petrol RC Cars. If you are looking to buy a fun gift for your son, … [Read more...]

Best Petrol RC Cars

Looking for a new radio controlled car and not sure what to get? Here we run through the best petrol RC cars available n the UK marketing offering the pros and cons of each one. We split the top models into trucks and buggies and even offer bits of advice along the way so that you can be sure that you get the very best model for you. About Petrol RC Cars Petrol Radio Controlled Cars also known as remote controlled (RC for short) are the very pinnacle of the radio-controlled world, so it is … [Read more...]