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Nitro RC Cars, Trucks and Buggy’s

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For those wanting to take a step up from electric (chargeable) RC cars there are Nitro cars. As the name suggests these vehicles are powered by nitro fuel and are generally faster and more powerful than their electric brothers. Within this guide I will go through and look at them in more detail showing you what there is to offer from small fast off road buggies to powerful trucks.

Benefits of Nitro RC Cars

Faster than Electric Models

As you will see if you check out the electric RC car page there are loads of different models within typical truck and buggy designs. Each one offers a slightly different size car and a different set of specifications and features. No matter which nitro car you pick though  it is going to be faster, more powerful and thus more exciting. 

Cheaper than Petrol Models

While they are faster than electric one main advantage over petrol powered vehicles is that they are cheaper. They work in much the same way as petrol cars. The fuel simply needs to be put in the fuel tank but they are cheaper. To me they seem more like a toy with a petrol car being a genuine scaled down version of a real car. The benefit with this is that they are cheaper. In most cases and are a good stepping stone for those bored of electric cars but not yet ready for a petrol beast. 

Huge Choice of Models

The choice is vast when it comes to nitro vehicles. Nitrotek which is a top online retailer has 39 models with Al’s Hobbies adding many more. These include buggy’s, trucks and a number of replica sports cars which are awesome. With ready to run (RTR) and self assembly kits available not forgetting on road, off road, 2WD, 4WD and every thing in between there is something for everyone no matter what their likes and wishes. 

Buyer Considerations

  • Budget Size
  • Brand
  • Scale and Size
  • Vehicle Type (Car, Truck or Buggy)
  • Motor: Brushed vs Brushless
  • RTR or Self Build
  • On-Road or Off-Road
  • Top Speed
  • 2WD vs 4WD



Top Nitro RC Cars 

There are so many that it is hard to know which ones are the best because everyone’s wants and needs are different. Therefore I have decided to show 10 great cars that will show you the wonders of Nitro cars. If you want to see more simply go to Nitrotek or Al’s Hobbies to see them all. Each one is chosen for a different reason – e.g. top nitro truck or buggy. 


Meteor Nitro RC Car

Meteor Nitro RC BuggyIf you are new to nitro cars and are not sure you want to spend much money then this model may be for you. It is the Meteor Nitro RC car which is a 1:16 scale buggy that is packed with features. It even comes with some fuel. 

Made by HSP this is one of very few nitro cars in this size. It has an upgraded 2.4GHz radio with a .07 nitro engine. It has many other features including oil shocks and an aluminium chassis which is typical of any nitro car. Click below to see the full features list and specification.  

The really great thing about this vehicle is that it is affordable to most. This makes it an ideal vehicle for stepping up from electric cars into the nitro world – and perhaps in time onto petrol powered models. 


  • Manufacturer: HSP
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Terrain: Off Road
  • Build: Ready to Run
  • Vehicle Type: Buggy
  • Engine: .07 Nitro
  • Dimensions: (L) 289 mm, (W) 191 mm, (H) 110 mm