Nitro RC Cars

Nitro cars are positioned nicely between Electric and Petrol in the radio controlled spectrum. Fueled by nitro fuel that can be obtained from model shops it has the power similar to that of a petrol powered car but is that little bit safer. We will discuss all aspects of Nitro Cars on this page with a particular focus on our recommended nitro cars.

Recommended Nitro RC Cars


Best Nitro RC Cars – Recommended Models

Attacker 1/8 Scale Ready to run Nitro RC Buggy

The Attacker 1/8th Scale Nitro RC Buggy is a wonderful car for getting into the world of radio controlled cars. It is a 1/8th Scale buggy that has been spec’d with aluminium shocks which just add to its wonderful spec.

It has an 18 nitro engine and is designed to get better grip at high speeds. Designed for off road adventures this car has a fully functioning suspension which only goes to prove it is much more than just a good looking vehicle.

Mighty 1/8th Scale Nitro Powered Pro RC Truggy

This is the stunning Mighty 1/8th Scale Nitro Powered Pro RC Truggy which as you can see is simply amazing. It is a truggy that comes with great looks and a number of feature enhancements that make this a must for any fan.

This is the pro version and is fitted with more of the high quality components that will make this the envy of your friends. I mean just look at those wheels.

It is 4 wheel drive and has a .25 nitro engine. It is good looking, fast and just begging to become part of your collection. For more details click below.

Backwash Pro Nitro Radio Controlled Buggy – RTR

This is the amazing Backwash Pro Nitro RC Buggy that is a great looking 1:10 scale off road buggy that is a must for any enthusiast. With its 4WD and its .18 Nitro engine this is more than just looks. It is tough and durable making it good value for money.

We recommend this nitro car because it has a great balance between looks, performance and price. We feel this is a great both a good starter car for someone looking to get into the industry or an addition to any collection.

Note: The is also a PRO version which comes with a number of upgrades that are pre-installed.

Big Ron Nitro Remote Control Monster Truck

This is the Big Rob Nitro RC Monster Truck which as you can see from the picture is simply awesome. One of our personal favourites this truck

This is a ready to run (RTR) 4 wheel drive truck that is in the 1:10 scale and comes with a .18 nitro engine. It has all the power you expect from a nitro car and looks just like a real life monster truck.

As well as the .18 nitro engine it comes with waterproof electronics and a new wheel controller. There is even a PRO version available which comes with several upgrades.

To read our full review and see the full specification click the link below.

Cyclone Mazda Style Nitro Remote Controlled Car

The Cyclone Mazda Nitro RC Car comes with the sporty look many think of when they think of sports cars. Made by Acme-Tech this 1:10 scale car has four-wheel drive and is delivered ready to run (RTR) It has a 2.3Ghz radio and a .18 Nitro engine.

Built for on road racing this car is both good looking and fast. When you turn up to race your friends with this beauty everyone will want a go.

This car is packed with amazing features which we go into in more detail in our review. Click on the link below to read that review.

Meteor 1:16 Scale Nitro RC Buggy – 2.4GHz

The Meteor Nitro RC Buggy is made by Hi-Speed and is every bit as good as you would expect from a Hi-Speed vehicle. This is a 1:16 scale nitro powered buggy that comes with looks and real speed.

The car itself is delivered ready to run and is powered by nitro fuel using a four-wheel drive system. It is designed for off road but as with all off road vehicles it can be used on road as well.

Upgraded to a 2.4Ghz radio system you can be sure to keep control as you race your new best friend. It comes with a .07 nitro engine which can propel it up to 40mph.

If you are looking for a smaller RC buggy, then this is a superb option. Check out our full review by clicking on the link below.

NB16 Nitro RC Buggy 2.4GHz

HSP 4WD Off Road Nitro Monster RC Truck 2.4GHz – Black / Red

Cyclone Self Build Nitro RC Car Kit – 2.4GHz

Benefits of Nitro RC Cars

There are many benefits to Nitro Cars which we will be looking at in more detail in this section. We are currently writing the content so please bear with us while we finish it off. We hope to have it up soon.


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Our Promise – The Best Nitro RC Cars for Sale

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at SimplyRC is that our recommendations are for the very best nitro RC Cars for sale anywhere in the UK. There are numerous models out there but we are confident that we have picked the very best models taking into account looks, speed, power and price.