My Wonderful New Remote Control Car

In the summer of 2015 I decided that it was time to finally go out any buy a new petrol remote controlled car. It had been a number of years since I had brought my last one and although it was still running well there were so many wonderful cool looking models on the market that the enthusiast in me just needed to buy. I don’t buy much else in the way of hobbies so the decision was made.

I like to do my research first and when it comes to forking out several hundred pounds you want to do your research well. Ask any RC Car hobbyist and they will tell you the research is essential. I started in the same place anyone starts these days and went online. Searching for some good models thanks to a well-known search engine whose name I won’t mention I was able to find some great sites with a whole host of models to choose from.

For me the look is important although it still needs power and a bit of speed. I also like my models to be quite big so going for something that is 1/16th for example just doesn’t cut it. I wanted something bigger more like a 1/8th or maybe even bigger than that. I also want something that is going to wow anybody who sees me driving it. I guess it is a little like people and their own cars. They want to be proud of it.

Now I am not a fan of buying cheap petrol RC cars. I have done so in the past and I found you get what you pay for. There is a market for cheap remote control cars but that is a market for younger people such as teenagers who lack the funds to buy a top notch car. With a job as a management accountant I was able to set a large budget. I wanted to buy the very best and I was willing to pay for it.

Petrol RC cars have been my thing for a while so my research was relatively quick. I was able to rule out electric RC cars and battery powered RC Cars straight away; if it didn’t have fuel I didn’t want to know. That left me with the correct category. Now it was just down to finding that car that spoke to me and left me with the same excitement that a child gets at Christmas. I wanted to be so excited I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. There was only one model that did that for me.

The Sheng Qi V2 26CC 1/5th Petrol Monster Truck is in my opinion the ultimate in the remote controlled universe. Out of all the UK companies I looked at online and all the models I saw this was the only one that made me want to part with my hard earned cash. This petrol remote controlled car was the number one choose.

With a flash of my debit card and the entering of a few details the order was placed and I simply had to endure the time to wait until the car to arrive. I remember years ago buying a computer when computers were new. Delivery would be within 28 days. Thank god that times have changed. This would be delivered in less than 7 days and in reality it arrived in only a few. By the next weekend I was driving it round my local park and having the kind of fun I hadn’t had in years. The relaxing hobby that I had kind of lost touch with was back and the feeling was amazing.

I have a lot to be thankful for in life but this hobby is without a doubt one of the biggest things; I don’t know where I would be today without my remote control hobby and my newest of remote controlled cars.

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