Marauder Petrol RC Truck

Marauder Petrol Radio Controlled Desert Truck

One of the best of all petrol RC trucks for sale in the UK today has got to be the Marauder Petrol RC Desert Truck. This is a well priced model for what you get and is a great way for someone to take that first step into petrol powered vehicles. 

Why the Marauder Petrol RC Truck?

If you are looking to buy a petrol powered vehicle then you could easily spend over £1000 to get the best model. For many spending that much is a luxury they will never be able to afford. For many who are married with children money is spent on rent, food and clothes. For those how exactly do you go about enjoying the radio controlled hobby? – The Marauder.

The Marauder Truck is available from Nitrotek for less than £480 making it less than a third of a top of the range model. This is ideal for those who want to race a petrol car around but cannot afford the luxury of £1000. 

Awesome Look


Real Speed and Power


Great Overall Performance


Upgrade Available

This model comes as a two wheel drive (2WD) vehicle but it can be upgraded to a 4WD vehicle. I believe this is a good idea and worth the little extra because it feels like without it you will not be able to take full advantage of everything else this car offers. In honesty I think that it should be sold four wheel drive as standard.


  • Manufacturer: FS Racing
  • Scale: 1/5th
  • Build: RTR
  • Drive: 2WD (Upgradable)
  • Terrain: Off Road
  • Radio: 2.4 GHz
  • Type: Petrol RC Truck
  • Engine: 30cc