How RC Cars can help with Co-ordination

There are many benefits of radio controlled cars – from it just being fun through to being a stress relieving hobby. There is one that is often over looked – the benefit to children’s co-ordination.

My son was recently diagnosed with Dyspraxia. Dyspraxia is officially describes as “a developmental disorder of the brain in childhood causing difficulty in activities requiring coordination and movement.”. Once called clumsy child syndrome it is simply where a child has a harder time with co-ordination. That is where RC Cars can help.

Improving Co-ordination

Many of us are lucky enough to be naturally co-ordinated. I was never this person and neither is my son. Like anything in life if you want to get better at something you need to practise over and over. That is easier said than done. In order for any skill to improve we need to attack it head on and practise but with a child with co-ordination issues it is tough to motivate them to work on something that is tough and they aren’t good at. There is however a way.

How radio control cars can help

I remember when I first learnt to drive a real car. It took me a while to get used to steering while controlling three pedals with two feet. That is as well as the gear stick and the three mirrors and the front window. It is the same with RC Cars. It can be really challenging when you first try. That is however exactly what you need if you are not co-ordinated.

If you think about it we start off not being able to walk, to talk or kick a football. We have to learn and even when we start we aren’t very good. It is only doing something consistently over time that makes us better. The key is enjoying what you do enough to keep going.

A child is motivated to crawl or walk because they want to get over the other side of the room and explore. We are motivated to play football because our friends do and it is great fun. If we do not enjoy it we stop playing. The best players in the world were not that good to begin with. It took years of practise day after day.

What is my point?

The point is that if you have co-ordination issues or your child has then it can seem tough to do anything that involves co-ordination like driving a car. You need to find something that you love and for me and for my son it is driving RC cars.

When driving a car even a radio controlled one you need to think about the speed, the direction, whether you are going to turn and the terrain you are driving on. Then if the car is coming back towards you the left for the car is right for you. All this can be challenging but practising is the only way to improve it.

Its funny that as young children we are encouraged to try things like walking. We cannot do it but we are told to give it a go and get better. As adults we stop doing things we are not very good at. If we did this as children we’d learn nothing. I cannot stress enough how important enjoying something is to keep trying. And I cannot stress enough how much practise makes perfect – well better anyway.

So if you have co-ordination issues why not invest in a basic electric RC car. It can be cheap it doesn’t matter. The point is it is fun and you will improve your fine motor skills as you drive it around using the controller. If your child has issues like my son get them a car and let them practise. They are far more likely to do it if they are doing something fun like radio control cars is. You could all get a car and practise as a family.

Remember to improve takes practise – and to practise something must be fun.