FS Racing Petrol RC Cars

The FS Racing brand have three wonderful petrol powered vehicles that combine to offer something for everyone. Although the range could be a little bigger it must be said that the three models available are awesome. We take a look at all three offering pros and cons to each one as well as offering a comparison table. We even recommend the best place to buy them – secure, online and all as easy as it gets.

There are three vehicles in total. They are:

Comparison Table

Product NameVehicle TypeEngine SizeScaleDriveRTR?On/Off Road
Marauder Petrol RC Dessert TruckTruck30cc1/5th2WDRTROff
FS Racing Petrol RC Monster TruckTruck30cc1/5th2WDRTROff
FS Racing Petrol RC BuggyBuggy30cc1/5th2WDRTROff


FS Racing Petrol RC Buggy Review

FS Racing 30CC 1/5th Petrol Radio Controlled Buggy – 2.4Ghz

FS Racing Petrol RC BuggyWhen it comes to buggy’s the FS Racing brand offer this the FS Racing 30cc 1:5th Scale Petrol RC buggy. It is the only model but wow it’s a good one.

For me this has a real look of a dune buggy with large wheels and roll bars not forgetting the aerofoil at the back. It has a very grey look which could be a bit brighter but overall it does look good.

This 1:5th scale buggy itself has a 30cc engine giving top quality performance. It has dimensions of 800mm in length, 430mm in width and 245mm in height. Most importantly it has a top speed of over 50mph and, that could well be the most important stat.

Other important things to know is that it is two-wheel drive and classed as an off-road vehicle. Ideally, I prefer off road vehicles to be four-wheel drive but it can still get up to over 50 mph so it isn’t suffering to badly. It can also be upgraded to four-wheel drive – I think I’d go for that.

The car is delivered in a ready to run condition but will require fuel and oil and is available from Nitrotek one of the UKs leading online retailers.


FS Racing Petrol RC Truck Reviews

When it comes to RC monster trucks they really do not come better looking than FS Racing models. There is however a lot more to offer from these trucks than just looks. These two 30cc beasts are all the evidence you need. Check out our mini reviews below.


Marauder 1/5 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Desert Truck RTR

Marauder Petrol RC Desert TruckThe Marauder Desert Truck is my all-time favourite RC Car and just a quick look at the picture I think it is easy to see why. I mean just look at those huge wheels and tyres with deep tread.

The simple fact is that this truck is a beast of a radio-controlled vehicle and is the best of three exceptional vehicles that FS Racing offer. All three look amazing but there is something about the Marauder that really appeals to me.

This is a 1:5th scale truck with dimensions of 860mm x 430mm x 300mm and is delivered in a ready to run condition – this means you do not need to screw bits together; you obviously need to add fuel.

It is off road and offers you two-wheel drive which in my opinion is the only slight issue. You can upgrade it though but for a truck with everything else it is a shame if isn’t 4WD as standard.

It needs unleaded and 2 stroke oil to run and will do so for 20 and 30 minutes of run time from a tank. There is also a long list of specifications and features which you can see more of if you look at our Marauder Petrol RC Truck Review.


FS Racing 30CC 1/5th Petrol RC Monster Truck – Hummer 2.4Ghz

FS Racing Petrol RC Monster TruckNow if the Marauder is not quite your cup of tea then how about the FS Racing Hummer Truck. As you can see this truck is also great to look at and is designed unsurprisingly like a Hummer.

This is another truck with the most amazing wheels and the recognizable look of a hummer. This is a 1:5th Scale 30cc ready to run truck that is build for off road adventures. Again, it only has 2WD but it’s performance is still exceptional. (Note: It can also be upgraded)

Imagine for a second turning up at your local race track and getting this beast ready. You would have people over to you like shot asking you all sorts of questions. Anyone who wants to be the best they can be with RC Cars should consider or at least aim to one day own this hummer truck.

Despite coming with 2WD as standard this vehicle can still accelerate to speeds in excess of 50 Mph and with the large deep tread tyres can corner really well.

Finally, it has dimensions of 32” by 21” by 15.75” making it one of the largest radio controlled cars on the market today – not forgetting one of the best.


FS Racing Petrol RC Cars for Sale

The very best place to pick up any one of the three awesome FS Racing designs is Nitrotek – one of the leading (if not the leading) online retailer. We have known about them for over a decade. They are at the very top of the industry selling hundreds of cars and other types of vehicles as well as thousands of spare parts.


FS Racing Parts & Accessories

Nitrotek also have several dozen spare parts and accessories allowing you to repair damaged parts or customize the car as you see fit. This is important because if the car takes a hit at 50+ Mph then damage can happen. Better to buy a new part than a new truck or buggy.