FreeX FPV GPS RC Drone Quadcopter

FreeX FPV GPS RC Drone Quadcopter

One of the more exciting modern hobbies is the radio-controlled drones and with this the FreeX FPV GPS RC Drone Quadcopter it is easy to see why. This radio control drone has GPS and a camera mounted beneath for some really high-tech fun. This model does not need any complicated tweaking before it will fly. It is ready to fly from the moment you pull it from the box after a simple compass calibration and a gyro initialization. Actually, it isn’t ready to fly in my opinion but it is as close as you are going to get.

About the FreeX GPS RC Drone Quadcopter

Whether you call this a RC Quadcopter or and RC Drone what you cannot deny is how easy it is to get ready and to use. It is packed with features that will make it not only easy to use but fun and useful too. Let us look into it in a little more detail so you know exactly what you could be flying.

Note: This drone comes with a optional GoPro high performance light weight gimbal which allows you to take some amazing aerial shots using this quadcopter to get it into position. Fancy an aerial shot of your own house or of anything else then this is perfect.

Please check out below this video supplied by Nitrotek which shows what this radio-controlled quadcopter can do. Its well impressive.

Talking Points from Video

If you haven’t watched the video then we really do strongly suggest that you do because there is some really good footage of this RC Quadcopter in action. If you have not yet see it then please do as we want to discuss a few of the features show.

Easy Controls

Throughout the video in the bottom right hand corner you can see a picture in picture of the person who is controlling the copter. This helps you to see just how easy the controls are. Whether you are looking to buy this drone for personal use or for business use you can see that it is really simple to fly.

Hoover Mode

One of the best features for me is the’GPS Hold’ feature. This allows you to hold position and altitude using GPS. This feature is good it you wish to find a good spot to take some video. Holding the drone in position you can then focus purely on getting quality footage.

Hover when Single Lost

Following on from the GPS Hold feature it will also hold its position if it loses single. This mean that the chances of crashing is greatly reduced.

Tilting the Camera

Once you have your radio control drone just where you want it you can use the GPS hold feature before tilting the camera for the perfect footage. You may need to spin the copter round a little as necessary but the features once mastered make anything possible.

Setting up the FreeX GPS RC Quadcopter

When the quadcopter arrives you need to remove all the parts from the box. If you have ordered the camera then you will simply need to screw this to the main copter. Next you will need to install the batteries and power it up.

It is at this point you need to do the gyro initialization and compass calibration. Once that is complete simply attach the propellers and you are ready to fly. Although it is classed as a ready to fly quadcopter you do need to do a little work but in reality, it isn’t like bolting each and every component together from scratch.

Other Picture

FreeX FPV GPS RC Drone Quadcopter Specification & Features

There is a very long list of specifications and features to the FreeX GPS Radio Control Quadcopter which is available in full by clicking the link at the bottom of this post. For now we have narrowed it down to some of the more important points.

The FreeX FPV GPS RC Drone Quadcopter package Includes

1x FreeX FPV GPS Radio Controlled Quadcopter
A set of CW and CCW blades / propellers
1x USB Cable / Dongle (For upgrades)
A 2.4Ghs transmitter
A 11.1V 2700 Lithium Polymer Battery
A Balance Charger

FreeX RC Drone Specification

Manufacturer:       Skyartec
Build:                      Ready to Fly (RTF)
Radio:                    2.4Ghz
Motor / Eginer:     Brushless
Blades:                   Single Blade
Channels:              6CH

Top FreeX RC Drone Feartures

Delivered Ready to Fly
Easy to Control
GPS Hold
Hoover Mode (When Single Lost)
Tilting Camera

For a more detailed specification, features and the chance to buy click below.