Family Bonding with RC Cars

Family Bonding with RC Cars

A few weeks ago I was on my way into town walking across out local park. My son who has amazing hearing said whats that noise? I listen and could hear what sounded like a lawn mower. I thought for a moment because it was February and that is one seriously weird time of year to mow grass. It was then that I spotted it – a fast moving radio controlled car.

As we walked on across the park I noticed a father and son standing next to each other. The father was racing around what looked to me like a Yama Petrol RC Car. Wow could it move. It was shooting across the grass at great speed before turning and shooting off in a different direction.

What was lovely about this picture is that the little boy who was maybe 8 years old had his own car. Smaller and by no means as fast my guess is that is was a chargeable model of car. I didn’t recognize it but judging by the speed it was nothing as grand as his father. What was great though was they were clearly both enjoying the time together. They were bonding – the father with his car and the son with his. It reminded me a lot of my son and I and how we first got into RC Cars.

My Son and I

First RC CarMy son got his first remote controlled car for his third birthday. We didn’t know at the time that he had Dyspraxia which explains his difficulty in controlling the car. The vehicle itself was nothing special – a Lamborghini. It was cheap and the range for the radio was extremely limited. It couldn’t have been more than a meter or two.

My son enjoyed it and more to the point so did I. I helped him to drive it forwards and backwards and if I were luck round in a circle. He loved it and we ended up spending some nice times together. It was this car that got me into RC Cars in the first place.

A couple of years later he got another Lamborghini. This time it was smaller but had an easier controller. It had simple left and right, forward and back which he found easier than the older controlled with a wheel. Although smaller it was faster and had a much better range. It proves that size isn’t everything.

What is the Point?

What I am getting at is that RC Cars are great for family bonding. There are many benefits to radio controlled cars but family bonding is one of the most special. You don’t have to be eating dinner together or playing board games on a Sunday afternoon to bond. SImply buying a car each and going to the local park to drive around together is more than enough. It is fun, exciting and always good to have a joint interest.

It doesnt have to be father and son either. The interest is for anyone – mum, dad, son, daughter and even a grandparent. With models as cheap as £30 there is no reason everyone cannot have a car. Sure they wont be as powerful as a nitro powered truck or a petrol powered buggy but who cares. If it is about having fun together you can all have a model – just don’t fight over the plug when it comes to recharge them.