Every Age has a Remote Control Car to Match

I have spent a lifetime playing with RC cars so much so that I cannot imagine life without them. I got my first cars when I was only 8 years old. It was one of the old radio controlled cars with the cord that ran between the car and the control unit. I didn’t like that as I had to keep up so it wasn’t long before I got one which was cordless. When I look back now I realise that no matter what your age there is a remote control car for you.

My first car was a cheap remote control car because it was really just a toy. A lot of them are but as you get older they become a lot more powerful and a lot more expensive. This type of car are generally known as hobbyist cars as they have a number of different additional functions; that’s what helps increase the price. At the age of 8 I didn’t really care what the price was I love it for a while. As I said before long I got a little bored. I could only race it as fast as I could keep up. The result was a new no cord car on my Christmas list.

By the age of 10 I had my first cordless RC car which was not only able to go further from me but actually moved a lot faster especially over the kitchen lino. Longer carpets did tend to slow it down but my mind was already focussing on getting outside. This car was powered by standard AA batteries in both the car and the controller. I had some great fun with that.

By the age of 12 I like many of my friends at school had progressed from the battery powered cars to mains chargeable cars. Cheap RC Cars was a thing of the past as we got to start playing with hobbyist style cars with a price tag to match. We could charge these overnight at a minimal cost and race them all day through the holidays. These raced outside which was fantastic as a few of us would race against each other over the local park. With the larger price tag came a faster more powerful car which is pretty much what you would expect. Me being the person I am was just looking to an even bigger car; the petrol remote control car.

Even cheap petrol remote control cars can set you back several hundred pounds but by the time I got one I was seventeen years old and had a part time job. With college and work I didn’t have as much time to race them with my friends but there were still a few hard core racers left who would meet up every few weeks. I brought a fantastically fast petrol RC Car which was quite costly. It took me longer to save up than my friends because it cost a lot more. I had a few weeks when they were racing round with new cars when I was still saving. It was worth it though as when I turned up that first day with my swanky new car they were amazed and probably a little envious.

Looking back now I can see that the RC car was a friend to me throughout my childhood and even now at 38 years old there is nothing more relaxing than driving my latest model round my local dirt track. Through each age of my childhood there was an appropriate car making the remote control hobby one of the best things ever. Perhaps you could benefit much like me. Why not buy your first car today; there is after all a car for all ages.


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