Cheap (Value for Money) RC Cars

Moneys tight these days for many people. While some can afford to splash over £1000 on a new RC car the majority of us have to be far more careful. In this post we will look at some of the best value for money vehicles out there covering as many of the top brands as possible. The aim is to make the enjoyment that comes from driving an RC car available to all no matter what your budget.

I was fortunate enough that I learnt I liked driving cars around with my sons car. It wasn’t amazing but it worked. I didn’t even have to pay for it. When I bought him a new car it was a step up but was still a value for money model. I didn’t jump in the deep end.

Why Buy a Cheap Car?

When we say cheap we often thing of low quality. That isn’t always the case. Cheap can also mean affordable or good value for money. Spending a lot doesn’t always mean buying better. There are two things to consider here. Firstly there is always a need for cheaper models. If you are buying a car for a child for their birthday or Christmas then you are not going to want to necessarily spend a fortune. The same goes if you want to dip your toes in the industry. Would you spend £1000 on a petrol truck if you had never owned one before and weren’t sure if radio controlled cars were for you?

There is also the question of what is regarded as cheap. £400 for an electric RC Car would be seen as expensive but if you were buying a petrol powered RC truck it may well be seen as cheap when bigger more powerful models go for £1000 or more. Its all relative.

Where to Buy RC Cars?

The best place that I have found that sells RC Cars that are both of a decent quality (hobby grade) and also affordable is Nitrotek. They have an extensive range of cars from chargeable electric models, nitro models and even petrol models. On top of that they have a number of radio controlled planes, tanks, and helicopters

Best Cheap RC Cars

Below we have constructed a list of the best cheap RC Car categories covering all sorts of categories from those cars for kids right through to adults and many categories in between. Of course that doesn’t mean there is a different car for each category. Some of the categories will be covered by the same vehicle. Scroll down to see a mini review of each one.

  • Cheapest RC Car
  • Radio Control Car for Kids
  • RC Car for Beginners
  • RC Car for Adults
  • Radio Control Truck
  • RC Buggy
  • On-Road RC Car
  • Off-Road RC Car
  • Electric RC Car
  • Nitro RC Car
  • Petrol RC Car


Bigfoot Electric RC Truck

Bigfoot Electric RC Truck - SpiritIt is difficult to suggest a good car for beginners because beginner could mean anything. For this post I am counting a beginner as a teenager or adult and in this case I recommend the Bigfoot Electric RC Truck because it is a good introductory vehicle. You can drive this both inside and out.

It is delivered ready to run, is off road with four wheel drive (4WD). 1:24th scale and a brushed motor help to keep the price down. It has dimensions of 165 mm in length, 128 mm in width and 78 mm in height. It is a fantastic vehicle for giving you a foot in the door of a fantastic hobby without costing you a fortune.

Category: RC Truck, RC Car for Beginners


Condor Nitro RC Buggy

Condor Nitro RC BuggyFor those looking for a cheap introduction to Nitro Cars there is the Condor Nitro RC buggy. This is a wonderfully well price vehicle that offers beginners the chance to practise and improve their skills before moving onto a petrol vehicle. Its great design and large wheels make it perfect for racing either on road or off it.

Although not the cheapest nitro car out there it has been picked because firstly it is not much off of the cheapest model but secondly it is an extremely popular model available from Nitrotek.

The PRO version includes a 2 speed gearbox as well as alloy shocks. It also has a version that has a lot of upgrades installed so if you want to buy this car check with Nitrotek before you make your purchase to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

Made by Acme-Tech this vehicle is1:10 scale, 4WD, off-road and comes with a .18 nitro engine. It has dimensions of 267 mm wide by 155 mm tall and 430 mm in length. Click below for a full specification and a list of features.

Looking for a fantastically cheap nitro RC car? – you have just found it.

Categories: Nitro RC Cars

FS Racing Petrol RC Buggy

FS Racing Petrol Radio Controlled BuggyThis is the amazing FS Racing Petrol RC Buggy which is one of the most affordable of all petrol RC Cars. When you consider that many top of the range RC cars go for over £1000 you begin to realise what great value this buggy is – it sells for under £400.

The buggy itself is capable of speeds in excess of 50 mph and is powered by standard petrol and 2 stroke oil. It is 1:5th scale, delivered ready to run (RTR) and is two wheel drive as standard. Built for off road its 30cc engine is more than powerful enough to cope with almost any terrain.

If you are looking for a cheap petrol RC car that still offers you a powerful vehicle with hard acceleration then the FS Racing Buggy is a great choice.

Categories: Petrol RC Cars, RC Buggy, RC Car for Adults

Bigfoot Electric RC Monster Truck

Bigfoot Electric RC Monster TruckThis is the choice for the best cheap off road vehicle. It is the Bigfoot Electric Radio Controlled Monster Truck that is a 1:24 scale beauty. With a brushed motor helping to keep the price down it is available from Nitrotek for just over £40. It is ready to run (RTR) with 4WD and a 2.4Ghz radio.

We believe that this is the perfect truck for anyone looking to buy for a child that they know well. This model costs a little more than the absolute cheapest but this does offer hobby grade features. It is a great way to take a step into radio controlled cars or to upgrade from an cheap remote control car such as that given to a 5 year old. It is also good for adults id they want to sample the industry.

Category: Off Road

Cyclone Subaru Style Nitro RC Car

Subaru RC CarSubaru’s are always popular so not list would be complete without one. This is a fantastic replica that offers you a nitro car at an affordable price. Again this is hobby grade made by Acme-Tech that is 1:10 scale, RTR and comes with 4WD and a .18 Nitro Engine.

What I like the most from this car is not just what is under the chassis but the actual look of the chassis itself. Some cars while performing well don’t maybe look all that. This Subaru car is stunning both inside and out. It is without doubt a must for anyone who already owns the real thing. My brother who once owned a Subaru would definitely go for this model.

Check out our other post for more on Subaru RC Cars.

Category: Nitro RC Car, On Road

Flying Fish 2 BMW Electric Drift RC Car

Flying Fish 2 BMW Electric Drift RC CarThis is the amazingly priced Flying Fish BMW Drift Car from HSP which is ideal for driving both indoors and out. It comes with high performance wheels and specially deigned compound drift tyres. (also available is the Mazda MRX).

This car is in 1:16 scale with dimensions of 80 mm in height, 265 mm in length and 140 mm in width. It is an on-road, ready to run (RTR), four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle that is amazing for the price.

With a brushed DC380 motor and a 7.2v 1100MaH battery (complete with charger) this vehicle is more than just good looks. It is an ideal starter car for anyone from 10 years upwards.

Category: On Road, Electric RC Car

Flying Fish Lamborghini Electric Drifting RC Car

Flying Fish Lamborghini Electric RC Drift CarThe Flying Fish Lamborghini Drift RC Car from HSP has to be one of the most stunning RC Cars you can get. A stunning replica of the real thing this electrically powered car is perfect for indoors or outdoor drifting. It is 1:10 scale vehicle that is delivered ready to run (RTR) and is designed for on road adventures.

If you are looking for a car that will get noticed then this is most definitely it and at only £95 it has to be classed as amazing value for money.  Its dimensions are 112mm in height, 360mm in length and 200mm in width which with its brushed RC540 motor and its 7.2v 2000Mah battery it will achieve impressive speeds. It also boasts 4WD which helps it grip the road perfectly.

This car is perfect for any teenager looking to impress his friends or for an adult looking to start a radio controlled hobby without spending a fortune.

Category: On Road, Electric RC Car

Meteor Nitro RC Buggy – (with free bottle of fuel)

Meteor Nitro RC BuggyIf you are looking for a good looking way to get yourself into nitro cars then the Meteor Nitro RC Buggy is a good place to start. This 1:16 scale buggy is packed with features you would expect to find on larger models.

It is 110 mm in height by 191 mm in width and 289 mm in length. It is an off road ready to run vehicle that 4WD and a .07 nitro engine.

This buggy also comes with a bottle of nitro fuel included in the price to get you started. If you are looking to stake a step up from electric cars into nitro ones then this is a good place to start.

Category: Off Road, Nitro RC Car, RC Car for Beginners

Marauder Petrol RC Desert Truck

Marauder Petrol RC TruckFor those looking for a cheap petrol powered vehicle the Marauder is a great choice. As you can see from the pictures it is an awesome looking vehicle but offers much more than just looks. This is a 2WD drive truck than can be upgraded to 4WD (personally I would). It is off road, ready to run and can achieve great speeds with its 30cc engine.

It is in the 1:5th scale with dimensions of 860 mm by 430 mm by 300mm and has a run time of up to 30 minutes fuelled on unleaded #93 or #97 petrol mixed with 2 stroke oil which is available from any petrol station. The LED lights actually work which is a lovely feature and the 2.4 GHz transmitter will allow interruption free driving.

Priced at just over £400 it may seem that this is anything but cheap. However as said above it is all relative. A top of the run, superfast, all singing all dancing petrol RC car can go for well over £1000 which is to much for most. This truck offers all the fun with a much lower price tag.

Category: Off Road, Petrol RC Car

In Summary

Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it is no good or doesn’t have a purpose. There are lots of people who want to get into RC Cars and the price shouldn’t stop them. Not everyone will spend a small fortune on a vehicle. Kids and new adults alike will want a cheaper car to test the water and that is what these cars have all been about. We all have to start somewhere and for those starting in the radio control world a cheap RC car is just the thing.

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