Radio Control Cars – Buyers Guide

Looking to buy a RC Car but do not know where to start? Well our Best RC Cars Guide will show you the very best models in 10 different categories so you can be sure of buying the very best model for you. There are so many models of remote control car out there it can be hard to know which one is best - that is where this guide comes in. We look at the 10 best radio control cars offering a short review as well as pros and cons of each one. You may also enjoy more specific buyer guides with … [Read more...]

What is the Best Electric RC Car Brand

With so many electric cars available online it can be a real challenge to find the perfect model for you. That is partly why I started to build this site - I want to help answer some of the questions people ask. They are the same questions I once asked. One great question is "what is the best electric RC car brand?".   What makes a good brand? To answer this question I am going to go through four of the most popular brands that build electric models. The question though is what exactly … [Read more...]