RC Cars, Helicopter, Tanks and Planes

Car, Helicopter, Tank, Boat or Plane?

If you are new to the radio control world then you may not know about the many options you have available. Maybe you are looking for a toy for your child or maybe it is something for you. Perhaps you had a radio control car when you were a kid and wonder if you can get a more powerful one now you are an adult? In this article I want to discuss the differences between the various types of radio control vehicles so you can pick the one perfect for you.

Radio Control Vehicle Type

RC Cars

The most common of the radio controlled vehicle the car can come in a number of different sub-types and are powered by an umber of different engines.

If you are looking for a RC car you need to ask yourself what type you want. You can have a buggy, a truck, a monster truck, a replica sports car, a crawler and a drift car. Each are different so be sure to check out exactly what you want.

You also need to choose between the power sources. There are electric, nitro and petrol. Getting the right power source can be the most important part. You do not want a 5 year old fuelling their car up with petrol.

PROS: There are a huge number of models available from a number of top brands. There is something for everyone.


RC Helicopters

Radio Controlled Helicopters are another popular type of vehicle. There are not as many models in the helicopter category but there are enough. You can get a cheap model such as the SYMA F1 3CH metal helicopter from Al’s Hobbies which is only £39.99 right through to the Blade 120 S RTF (A-BLH4100) for £143.99

PROS: They take the excitement to a new level literally. You need to work the vertical as well as horizontal. This can be a challenge but it adds to the fun.

RC Drones (Quadcopters)

A more modern advancement of the RC Helicopter is the RC Drone or RC Quadcopter as it is also called. Quadcopter meaning four bladed helicopter. These work in a similar way to helicopters except you can add cameras to them – see FreeX GPS RC Drone Quadcopter.

These multi blade copters are fantastic. They are the latest trend and for good reason. WHy not check out the ranges available as you may prefer to own one of these than a RC Car.

PROS: Adds an extra dimension to your hobby and can be fitted with a camera to record video.

CONS: They have got some negative press – don’t fly them near anything dangerous like power lines and airports.

RC Tanks

I first saw a radio controlled tank at Amberley Museum in Sussex. Although slow I was impressed with how life like it was. Tanks more than any of the other types of vehicle really give off the look of the real thing. You can get a number of very well known tanks from the Abrams, the Sherman and my favourite all time tank – the British Challenger.

PROS: They are fantastic replicas of the real thing. To many tanks are really cool.

CONS: They are a machine of war and some parents may not like that. They are also a lot slower than RC Cars.

RC Boats

I first saw a radio controlled boat on a lake as I sat drinking a cup of tea and eating a nice slice of flapjack. We had gone out for the day as a family to Weald and Downland Museum and were having a break in outside part of the café. A boat that looked a lot like a frigate came past on the water followed by a speed boat. Until then I didn’t know they existed.

If you have water near you then why not buy a RC boat and take it for a spin. There is something nice about boats.

PROS: It is definitely something different which can be fun

CONS: You need some water to sail them on

RC Planes

Planes are another area of interest to a lot of people. Flying a radio controlled plane is a lot more fun than flying a kite although you do need plenty of space. There are some absolute classics available like the Mustang, The F16, Messerschmidt and a number of different spitfire models. If you like your planes then getting a radio controlled model plane could be really exciting. Prices range from around £40 up to £800 with hundreds of different designs and models available.

PROS: Many models with a price range to accommodate nay budget

CONS: You need a large area in order to fly.

So which one is it?

This post was just a taster of what you can get in the radio controlled world. There are literally thousands of different vehicles available all with different looks, designs and specifications. Only you can decide what you like the best. My advice – try one of each.