Build Your Own Remote Control Car for Adults

After playing with a couple of battery powered RC cars I decided that I wanted to know more about how they actually work. I felt the best way was to build one for myself so I see what parts there are and how they all fit together. It was going to be a massive challenge to build my own – i did however need to decide first exactly what remote control car I was going to buy.


The Challenge: Build your own remote control car from scratch

Very much like computers using them is very different from building them and setting them up. I am terrible with building computers so I know that building my own car from scratch will be a huge effort. One step at a time though. What car do I want?

There was only one way to decide and that was to research self build cars which like anything else these days was done online. I was looking for the best self build RC car kits that came with detailed instructions. I would be needing them for sure.


Best Self Build RC Car Kits

There are three main types of RC Cars – they are Electric, Nitro and Petrol. Having a look at Nitrotek I quickly worked out that there were no self build petrol powered vehicles. I was left with electric and nitro.


Electric Self Build Models



Nitro Self Build Models



My Choice: Condor Self Build Nitro RC Buggy Kit