Brushed vs Brushless Motors: Whats the difference?

When I first got into radio controlled cars I didn’t know anything. There is still lots that I do not know. I have had to learn it bit by bit over time. One of the things I have had to learn is the difference between a brushed motor and a brushless motor. On the surface the difference is simply that one has a brush in it and the other does not. If however you look deeper into it you can see exactly how this impacts the motors.

Do you really need to know?

The simple truth is that if you are new to RC Cars and you are looking to buy one then you do not need to know the internal workings  of each motor. You simply need to know which one is best and a have a general ideas as to why.

If you do want to know a little more detail of how each one works then i’d recommend you watch this video below. It is less than 2 minutes and I think it will help a great deal.


Pros and Cons of Brushed Motors

PROS: The main pro of the brushed motor is that it is a more affordable motor. This means that it will help keep the price down which is an important consideration to those new to the hobby.

CONS: Brushed motors are not as efficient as a brushless motor so they tend to be on less powerful cars. Saying that there are still some nice electric RC cars that come with brushed motors that are ideal for kids and beginners.

Pros and Cons of Brushless Motors

PROS: The main pro is that the more efficient motor means a faster more powerful vehicle.

CONS: Although the vehicle will be faster it will also cost a bit more.

Examples of Price Difference



Example of Powerful Nitro Car

This is an example of a build your own nitro RC car which as you can see looks amazing. What I wanted to point out with this nitro powered car is that even though it comes with a brushed motor it can still achieve speeds in excess of 40 mph.

BUILD YOUR OWN NITRO RADIO CONTROLLED CAR – brushed – £148.63 – over 40mph

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