Best Remote Control Car for a 10 Year Old

As a father myself I know how hard it can be to find a birthday present for a son or daughter. You want to get something that is both great fun for them without breaking the bank. The more they use it the better value for money it becomes but what do you get them? – How about a remote control car?


Why a Remote Control Car?

The great thing about being 10 is it is a transitional age. They will want to start being more independent although you as a parent may not yet be ready for that. It is therefore a great idea to get them a toy that will offer them more freedom without causing you to much worry.

A radio controlled car is a great gift as they may already have had a cheaper toy version earlier in their childhood. I am talking about a hobby grade car which is more expensive but is also a door towards independence and adulthood.

The remote control car offers the chance to socialize with friends, an excuse to get out of the house and away from the computer and games console. It is also a great way to introduce a little responsibility.


The Perfect RC  Car for a 10 Year Old

A ten year old that is about to head off for secondary school is at that age where they want more independence. This is in part why a radio controlled car is so good. An electric RC Car needs to be charged in the mains socket. This is easy enough to do and if they already have a mobile the chances are they already so this. There is nothing special in charging their car. However a Nitro Car that requires nitro fuel is a step up.

Nitro fuel is available from your local hobby shop and is the bridge between electric cars and petrol powered monsters. It is true to say fueling a petrol powered car is too much for a 10 year old but offering them the chance to fuel a nitro car albeit with your supervision is a nice step forward.


Best RC Car for a 10 Year Old

If you are still reading them perhaps you believe that an RC car could be a great gift and perhaps you are on board with letting your 10 year old fuel their own car. The question remains what is the best car for a 10 year old?

I have had a look through a number of Nitro cars and I believe that there are a few that are good looking, have great performance and are competitively priced. Below i take a quick look at each one giving the pros and cons so that if you do want to get it for your child as a gift you know what you are buying.

Please Note: All of my recommendations are delivered ready to run (RTR) are four wheel drive (4WD) and are off road. I choose off road because they can drive on both on or off road whereas a on road car needs to stay on road.


Meteor 1:16 Scale Nitro RC Buggy – 2.4GHz – WITH FREE BOTTLE OF FUEL WORTH £9.99!

Meteor Nitro RC BuggyThe Meteor Nitro Buggy is a great way to introduce a 10 year old to radio control cars. It looks great which is always going to be important as they head towards teenage years. Officially it is a 1:16 scale ready to run car that offers great speed and with those wheels great cornering.

As mentioned it is an off road buggy because should you not have a track nearby you can still race it on road. With its four wheel drive it is a match for any other car especially if the competition is younger than 10 (only kidding).

This car is well priced at just over £100 which may seem a little steep for a 10 year old but it is hobby grade and should any parts break they can easily be replaced.

Finally it comes with a free bottle of fuel worth £9.99 allowing you to get started right away.


Bundle Special – Conquistador Nitro RC Monster Truck With Free Fuel And Starter Set!


Backwash Nitro Radio Controlled Buggy 2.4Ghz