Best RC Monster Truck : The Marauder Petrol RC Truck

We all have our favourite types of radio controlled vehicle. For some it is a RC Helicopter, for some it is a RC buggy but for many it is the Monster Truck. Many know that they like monster trucks they have no idea what one is the best. I get asked all the time what is the best radio control monster truck. Well I want to put forward the case that the best monster truck is the Marauder Petrol Powered Monster Truck and in this post I will explain why.

What makes something ‘The Best’?

There are many thing to take into account when working out what the best of anything is. Price for example could be one consideration. Speed is another. What is a great vehicle for a 5 year old or a teenager may not  be the best vehicle for an adult. When talking about petrol powered vehicles we are naturally talking about adults or at least older teens. You wouldn’t give your 5 year old a petrol car and a can of fuel and expect to be safe. So what makes the ‘best’ vehicle for an adult.

The reason we have chosen the Marauder Petrol RC Monster Truck is because it ticks a number of boxes. Sure there are plenty way more expensive out there but that isn’t everything. Most cannot afford £1000 on one truck. The Marauder is an affordable price but still performs at a high level. Let us look in a little more detail at the Marauder so you can see why we have picked it.

The Marauder Petrol RC Monster Truck

Just one look at the Marauder RC Truck and you can see what makes it so popular. It looks awesome. It almost looks mean with its big wheels and hard looking chassis. While looks aren’t everything it does get your attention as this truck will when you turn up at the tracks.

At less than £500 this monster truck offers real value for money. It is in a much more affordable bracket which makes it available to many more people. It is made by FS Racing a known brand and is available to buy from Nitrotek.

The vehicle is to 1:5th scale, has 2WD, is ready to run and is designed for off road. It is powered by a 30cc engine and can reach some impressive tops speeds. Check out this video below.

As you can see from the video it performs really well, it looks great and is an affordable price. While there are others out there that perform better they are a lot more expensive. Price is a factor in determining if something is the best. It may be but if it is 10x the price would you want to buy it? Combing looks, performance and price together for us the Marauder Petrol RC Desert Truck is the best truck you can get. Do you agree?


  • Manufacturer: FS Racing
  • Scale: 1:5
  • Build: Ready to Run
  • Drive: 2 Wheel Drive
  • Terrain: Off Road
  • Radio: 2.4 GHz
  • Engine: 30cc
  • Run Time: 20-30 Minutes
  • Dimensions: 860 mm x 430 mm x 300 mm


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